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🌱 Immediate Shutdown Pink Energy + $1 Billion Pilot Project

Weekend is around the corner and this weekend is sure to be a great one with today’s high at 77, and many amazing events! Today’s news has a lot of information you might want to know to help you start your weekend off right, including:

  • New zoning law helps entrepreneurs
  • Aid farm return
  • The coolest things about the Triangle are made in North Carolina

But first, today’s weather:

Mostly sunny and fun. High: 77 Low: 59.

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Here are the top five floors of Raleigh today:

  1. Morrisville-based Pink Energy Solar has closed its doors “completely and immediately.” An email was sent to nearly all 2,100 employees on Wednesday, September 21, announcing that they would all be laid off, effective immediately. Pink Energy faced thousands of complaints and supply chain issues that forced the decision to close. The company blames problems surrounding Generac’s equipment and lower overall sales, but Generac issued a statement ensuring that any customers who have experienced problems with their products can contact them directly. Employees affected by the mass layoffs sued in federal court under the Workers’ Adjustment and Retraining Notice Act because the company failed to provide the legally required 60 days’ notice. (14 newsAnd the abc11And the FOX2And the WECTAnd the WRAL)
  2. The City of Raleigh has approved a new zoning law that will make it easier for entrepreneurs to obtain permits to operate businesses outside their homes. The law went into effect in early September 2022 and removed the special use permit from the City Amendment Board for Business from Home. The new process will reduce the time and money required to start a home business. (abc11)
  3. A billion dollar mixed-use project started Thursday. The 1000th Social Building off St. Alban’s Drive many families, seniors residences, retail, hotels, and offices. Developers are excited to bring new stores and restaurants to the area, but neighbors in the area are concerned as construction surrounds them and looming traffic congestion. The project is expected to be completed during the first quarter of 2024.CBS17)
  4. Around 12:30 on Friday, a pedestrian was killed in a crash on Capital Boulevard. A preliminary police investigation said Ricky Mackie Maybury was walking near a fog line in the northbound lanes on Capital Boulevard when he was hit by a Range Rover SUV in 2011. Police do not believe alcohol or speed was a factor in the accident. The driver remained at the scene. Mayberry was taken to hospital, where he died. (CBS17And the legal lawyerAnd the WRAL) With the increase in traffic collisions and pedestrian accidents, North Carolina leaders are beginning to come together to address these problems. (abc11)
  5. There was an increased police presence at Enloe High School after an “unreliable” threat to the school. Principal Jackie Jordan said a threatening letter was written on the bathroom wall on Wednesday. The threat was reported to security officials with the Wake County Public School System and School Resources Officer. An investigation was found to be unreliable, but additional law enforcement authorities remained on campus until Friday. (CBS17)

Today in Raleigh:

Sunday in Raleigh:

bonus: Best Bets of the Weekend (WRAL), 11 things to do with children (WRAL), 33 things to do this week (Rally Mag)

From my notebook:

  • it’s a world rabbit day And as a former bunny mom, today it hits my heart so soon. When I first got my Roger bunny, it was because my lease didn’t allow dogs and I was defiant. Sadly after eight years, he passed away last month, but rabbits are wonderful, lovable pets! If you are thinking of getting one, triangle rabbits It has all the resources you need!
  • Governor Roy Cooper and North Carolina First Lady Kristen Cooper participated in hunger month By touring a food bank in Central and Eastern North Carolina on Friday. (abc11)
  • Five Triangle companies are among the 10 finalists for ‘The coolest thing made in North Carolina‘ Competition. (CBS17)
  • Carrie’s family is finally getting some closure after Remains of loved ones killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor Have been found. (WRAL)

Thanks for following up and staying informed. See you around!

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