🌱 Public Budget Hearing + Large Versatile Development Proposal

🌱 Public Budget Hearing + Large Versatile Development Proposal

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First, the weather on the weekend:

  • Saturday: Showers and a thunderstorm. moist. High: 77 Low: 70.
  • Sunday: Cloudy with a thunderstorm. moist. High: 83 Low: 70.

Here are the top three floors of Lake Woodstock Town today:

  1. On September 20 at 6 p.m., the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing to consider the proposed $361.4 million budget for the upcoming fiscal year.. can find the budget Online Entirely, but a few memorandum items β€” $138.2 million has been proposed for the General Fund, $45.5 million for fire, $15.8 million for emergency medical services and $6.9 million for E-911. The budget is based on current Cherokee multimillionaire rates passed in July. (Subscribe: Cherokee Tribune & Ledger-News)
  2. A proposal for a mixed-use development was presented to Holly Springs City Council by WSE Development, LLC, on Thursday. Development plans include 270 apartments, 24 townhouses, 5,000 square feet of restaurant space, 17,500 square feet of retail space, and 2,500 square feet of space for a bank at Holly Springs Parkway. The site is located near the intersection of Sixes Road and Holly Springs Parkway. The planning commission and city employees recommend approval of the proposal, but no residents have considered the plan. A vote on the proposal will be held on September 26 at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 3235 Holly Springs Parkway. (Subscribe: Cherokee Tribune & Ledger-News)
  3. The Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce is holding a free virtual workshop on CV Writing and Interviewing Skills. Subject matter experts will be available to help job seekers refine their job searches and hone their skills. The event, “Getting Ready for Work Wednesday,” will take place on September 14 at 10 a.m., a major liaison with the Cherokee Office of Economic Development’s Career Fair later this month. Excuse me Online registration Or call the room at 770-345-0400 for more details. (Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce press release)

This weekend in Lake Woodstock Town:

  • “Ben Jammin Live on the Rooftop” at Rootstock, 8558 Main Street (the noon)
  • “Makers Mash,” Check out and shop local artists and makers at Reformation Brewery, 105 Elm Street. (1 pm)
  • “Wine Tasting BINGO” in The Gifted Ferret, 1910 Eagle Drive, Suite 400. (15:00)
  • 9/11 Commemoration Day 9/11 Commemorates 9/11 at the Park in City Center. (7 pm)
  • MadLife Grill patio stage:

From my notebook:

  • If you’re looking for a new pet, be sure to check out the adoption event at the Cherokee County Animal Shelter at 10 a.m. today. Please scan the QR code on the front door of the shelter to enter the “default font”. For more information see the web page. As of Friday, there are also two rabbits and a female pig Available for adoption. (Cherokee County Animal Shelter)
  • Taste of Woodstock is Thursday 15th September. You can purchase tickets in advance at the Woodstock Visitors Center in the Historic Dean’s Store. (Visit Woodstock via Facebook)
  • The regular meeting of the mayor and the council will be held on Monday 12th September at 7 pm The agenda They can be found online, and there is a scheduled time during the meeting for public comment. The meeting will be held at The Chambers at City Centre, 8534 Main Street. (Woodstock meeting web portal)
  • Next neighbour, Hickory’s apartment: β€œHello everyone! My name is Abraham, and I am an IICRC certified water and mold technician. I offer free water damage and mold inspections. During the inspection, I will share helpful tips. For a free inspection, please call or text me at 678-748-9651.” (next door)
  • On a personal levelWe’ve received a lot of feedback on our newsletter through our feedback feed and comments. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, and I hope to see you around town.

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