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15 Best Places to Set Traps in the Long Dark

There are plenty of ways to stave off starvation in The Long Dark, including stone-throwing rabbits and squeezing their necks. However, if this is all a little too violent for you and perching downwind for hours isn’t your cup of tea, there are always traps.

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Made using a single piece of reclaimed wood and treated gut, the decoys are invaluable in the negative buildup of calories. However, it cannot be placed anywhere. For maximum efficiency, it is important to know that the most fruitful rabbits run near your base. There are great places to set traps on every map; Some can be found near places you might call home.

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15th Trapper Cabin, Mystery Lake

With that apt name, it’s no surprise that you’ll spawn a trap-ready on the workbench in the Trapper Cabin in the most challenging settings. This building is the perfect place for hunters because of the diverse wildlife that will roam in front of you. There is a slope full of trees and small yellow grass right behind the cabin. Set up two or three companies along the hills for the best chance at dinner.

14 Crystal Lake, Mount TimberwolfLong Dark Timberwolf Mountain Sunset Lake Crystal Clouds

Another great place to spot wildlife is the Mountaineer Hut in Timberwolf Mountain, the only building on the map. From here, the entire Crystal Lake can be seen, and deer, wolves, moose, and bears often spawn.

On less dramatic days, there is a steep hill opposite the fishing hut on the south side of the lake, where tufts of grass can be seen. Three or more rabbits can spawn here, and even more so in the west of the hut near Landing Gear; However, this area can include a surprise moose.

13 Molly Barn, Pleasant ValleyClear Weather Tractor Long Dark Pleasant Valley Molly Barn

A common base is Pleasant Valley Farmhouse due to its loot and roving wolf packs (a sustainable food source after Level 5 cooking). If you’re not confident there’s a gun, there’s Molly’s Barn on the side of the road at the edge of the property.

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The little orchard here is a great place to set traps. Take care if you carry smelly rabbit carcasses, as the bear often crosses the road to patrol the farm.

12 Fishing inn, broken railSunset at Long Dark Broken Railway Hunter's Inn

A small map at the end of the railroad tracks, Hunting Lodge is a comfortable place to navigate or as a vacation home for long-term gamers. The plateau The Lodge is on the edge of two wolves and rarely two deer, and you often have to climb under the rope to hunt at a lower level. In the meantime, the grassy knoll on top of the house (pictured) has the best source of rabbit meat, just check back every twelve hours or so.

11 Misanthrop Island, Coastal HighwayLong dark coastal road Misanthrop Island Clear weather

In the middle of the frozen sea is a very secluded island, on the foundations of which lives a bear. Fortunately, there is a clear view of any dangerous creatures from outside your hilltop home, weather permitting. Every time you leave the house, head straight through your front door, down the hill toward the coast, set up at least three traps as you flatten them, and pick up your dinner when you get back.

10 Stone Church, ruin pointStone Church Long Dark Desolation Point

There are a few places to set up shop in Desolation Point, and the stone church may not be possible in Interloper due to lack of shelter. However, the nearby mines provide safe shelter when the weather turns, and you’ll never have cabin fever here.

The huge number of rabbits hopping around the trees outside is another attraction, although the population can still be depleted if you bring the rabbits home daily. If you are unlucky somewhere that previously worked, do not set up the traps for a few days to allow more to breed.

9 Katie’s lonely corner, ruin pointSecluded angled ruin point rabbit in Katy's long area

The Lighthouse is one of the most popular bases in Desolation Point, although there’s only one way to get to it, and it’s far from a useful resource. The closest rabbit grove is in a hidden space called Katie’s Secluded Corner.

It appears on maps and often has a lifebow and arrows already placed, as well as the carcass of deer and rabbits. With snares here and in the church, it’s possible to take a day trip back and forth for up to six rabbits. That’s between 2,100 and 5,400 negative calories for little effort.

8 Paradise Meadows Farm, Mountain TownThe Long Dark Paradise Meadow Farm Mountain Town Milton Rabbit Shed Barn

Here in Mountain Town, wildlife and sanctuaries are abundant, with a less inhabited part of town being the farm. There are fewer places for wolves to sneak up on you here and wide open spaces for deer hunting. The barn outside has a workbench and room for a fire while you do your crafts. Opposite the entrance to the barn there is a nice dip teeming with rabbits. Check the traps after half a day and when you leave the area at least once.

7 Cave, Hashid River ValleyHashid River Valley Long Dark Cleaning Brush

There are a lot of caves in the Hushed River Valley, and to be more specific, this relates to the cave just north of Bear Cave I when entering the area. There will be scrub bushes in front of the entrance, and at the top of the small hill in front of it is a rabbit race.

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Another great cave for gamers who don’t mind living in the fresh air is North Offset Falls, backing up the edge of the map. There are rabbits, wolves, and a bear right in front of this cave, so light a fire in the mouth to ward off predators.

6 Lake Monolith, Hashid River ValleyThe twin sister of the Long Dark Hashed River Valley drops a double rainbow

Beneath Watchful Falls at its northernmost point is Lake Monolith. Lake Cave is a great place to get away from the noise of deserted towns, as moose roam the lake regularly. The slope covered with reishi mushrooms is a great place for your pride in this area. And if you can climb up the monolith, it’s easy to hunt down larger prey from there.

5 Marsh Ridge, Forlorn MuskLong Dark Forlorn Muskeg Marsh Ridge Cave Map

Often considered a transition area or nearest blacksmith’s place, Forlorn Muskeg’s only indoor space is a cavern between Marsh Ridge and Shortwave Tower. It is near the road to Mountain Town Basin, there are no predators on the hills. The worst thing you may come across is deer, but as long as you stick to central orchard rabbit hunting and the occasional deer, you should be fine.

4 Washed trailers, dreary entranceLong dark dark washed hallway trailers frozen rabbit pond

At the estuary’s edge, a group of Washed Out trailers is the last resort before the freezing delta. To catch your breath after packing up Timberwolf in Cannery, you might want to set up camp here and set some traps on the hill just behind the trailers.

3 Old Substation, Black RockLong Dark Long Frozen Lake Rabbit

Black Rock Prison is a harsh place to call home, with mobile groups of wolves and tricky paths to safety.

The nearby Old Substation is a safer place, with better views of any Timberwolf packs.

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There is a small frozen pond between the substation and the cave to the south. If the wolves haven’t eaten all of them yet, this is the place to hunt rabbits.

2 Aren Angler, Ash CanyonLong Dark Angler's Den Ash Canyon

Most only venture to Ash Canyon for the Tactical Backpack and Crampons, but it’s a fun place to explore for the more powerful players. On the hard ground opposite Angler’s Den, just below Foreman’s Retreat, is a rabbit orchard and deer spawning area. Wolves regularly patrol up and down the river, so take care when carrying smelly carcasses.

1 Mining Camp, Ash Canyon

If you want to live at the top of the world, then Ash Canyon Summit Mining Camp is the place for you. No wolves can get you here, nor any moose, bear, or even deer. The only other organism is rabbits that jump near a mountaineering rope. This might not be a great place to stick around, but for a bit of peace and quiet, it’s the perfect spot.

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