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20 pet rabbit breeds for beginners and families

While dogs and cats are always tried and true pets in the household, just as much care should be taken in getting a rabbit. Let’s count the reasons why we love these fur balls of fluff! They are cuddly (of course), very social, smaller than most dogs, require no outdoor exercise, and live longer than many “little pocket animals,” points out Dr. Joe Myers, DVM. Since there are over 50 domestic rabbit breeds, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. If your head spins when you see information about Rabbits, hares and rabbitsWe’re here to make rabbit breeds sense. Deciding which breed of pet rabbit is right for you depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences.

If you want a rabbit that stays relatively healthy throughout its life, Myers explains that rabbits that look a lot like hares (short hair, no excessive skin folds, erect, medium-sized ears), would be expected to be healthier. This, of course, also depends on what do you feed them. If you are looking for a family pet, there are a few breeds that excel in carrying and handling. Some breeds do better with babies than others, such as Mini Lobs and Himalayans. Small to medium breeds with short, sleek hair generally require less maintenance. long fur Or curly fur, as cute as it sounds, will require regular brushing.

Regardless of the breed you choose, keep in mind that spaying or neutering your rabbit can help them be friendlier and smoother. And to keep your rabbit happy, learn how to do it Feed them properly And keep them out of the cage whenever possible — Myers says pet rabbits are happiest when they’re not in a cage and She is allowed to move Generally in at least some areas of the home.

For the rabbit that fits your family perfectly, learn about the top 20 best pet rabbit breeds.

1. Flemish Giant

Known for their unique, oversized appearance and gentle personalities, the Flemish Giants are some of the largest domesticated rabbits in the world. It handles easily (good news if you have young children) but requires a lot of space due to its large size.

2. Mini Rex

little rex rabbit on green grass

Sweet, cute, and best of all, tiny (usually under five pounds), the Mini Rex Rabbit is a great choice for a family with young children. They tend to be somewhat relaxed, but also very sociable.

3. Mini Lube

Small Pet Lop Rabbit Breeds

At a maximum of 6.5 pounds, baby rabbits are on the small side. They tend to be calm, a trait they share with other droopy rabbits, or rabbits with ears that drop to the sides of their face rather than standing up straight.

4. Dutch

black and white dutch rabbit

Showing their distinct black and white colours, Dutch rabbits are very soft, and ideal if you are looking for a pet cuddling rabbit. People consider them very friendly, and they are great with children.

5. French lob

French lob pet rabbit breeds

Small French rabbits come in at a slightly larger size of 10 to 15 pounds. These rabbits are known for their calm temperament and can easily make friends with other pets in the house.

6. Lionhead

Lion head rabbit sitting on the worktop

If you are need to A very fuzzy rabbit, you are in luck with the Lionhead breed. Much like a lion’s mane, these fluffy rabbits are lively and playful, which means they may do better with older children than younger children.

7. Florida White

Florida white pet rabbit breeds

White Florida rabbits, which are distinguished by their reddish-pink eyes, are considered one of the healthiest breeds. Recommended for novice rabbit owners, they are usually calm and relaxed.

8. Holland Lob

Holland lop rabbit on the grass

While they are certainly quiet, Holland Lop rabbits enjoy people’s attention, which makes them the perfect family pet. After all, it’s better to have a rabbit that wants to be around you!

9. Holland Dwarf

Holland rabbit breeds black pet rabbit

With their little faces and tiny ears, who could resist the Dutch Dwarf Rabbit? They get the cute bonus points for being so small, they only weigh a pound or two. They are known for being well-behaved, kind and energetic.

10. Dwarf Hotot

Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Breeds

That’s some cute eyeliner! With those black-rimmed eyes, you can’t miss the Elf Hot Haute, which doesn’t require much grooming thanks to its small size. This rabbit tends to be on the active and inquisitive side, which makes it a good choice for older children.

11. Mini Satin

Mini satin bunny on a green background

Little Satin Rabbits look very soft and sweet, they are frequent hoppers, love their toys, and enjoy being around people and other animals. If your kids screamed when they saw a rabbit jump, they will surely appreciate this little guy because of his energetic personality.

12. Belgian Hair

Belgian rabbit breed

Although the Belgian sponge rabbit, for example, lacks the Flemish Giant, it is a slender breed that appears athletic when compared to other rabbits. If you are looking for a highly intelligent companion who enjoys toys and games, then this rabbit is right up your alley.

13. Giant Angora

Baby Giant Angora Pet Rabbit Breeds

So…a lot…fur! A very fuzzy Giant Angora rabbit certainly makes an adorable bunny, but keep in mind that they will need a lot of grooming. But they are quiet with sweet personalities, which makes them the perfect family pet.

14. Rex

Rex rabbit on a blue carpet

With large and cute eyes, Rex rabbits are warm, love being around others and they also have fine hair, which means they are low maintenance. This can also reduce the amount of fur in the home, making this breed good for allergy sufferers.

15. Harlequin

clown rabbit pet breeds

Displaying very distinct markings and colours, the clown rabbit is definitely aesthetically pleasing. To boot, they are calm and maintain their best manners, which makes them suitable for youngsters.

16. English Spot

English spot rabbit breed

You can call these rabbits the name Dalmatians Rabbit World! Displaying cute black spots, English spot rabbits, playful personalities and love to be friendly.

17. California

California rabbit breed

Known for their striking black noses, and weighing no more than 10 pounds, Californian rabbits are sweet and relaxed, but may require more care than a rabbit with very fine hair.

18. Thryanta

Therianta rabbit is born

You can’t miss Therianta Rabbit’s orange fur! Cool, calm and collected, these rabbits are considered to be medium-weight rabbits of four to six pounds.

19. Chinchilla

Chinchilla is a pet rabbit

It’s hard not to love Chinchilla plush rabbits, given how soft they are. They are known for their kindness and thoroughly enjoy their gaming sessions.

20. Havana

Havana pet rabbit breed

Havana rabbits, black with white eyes, are often regarded as one of the quietest breeds available today. If you are hoping for a brooding rabbit that will love being around your family, then a cuddly Havana might be for you.

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