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23 of the best beauty accounts on TikTok to follow

here in rush Team, we are TikTok fans. We love the rabbit holes they fall into and the copious distraction they bring – video content rules, as we all learned in 2022! Of course, one of the best parts of TikTok is connecting creators to a larger audience, allowing creators to share their talents and visions with the world. Fortunately, the beauty industry is no different, it is home to some of the best TikTok accounts we follow. Among some of the best beauty hacks known to man and crafting trends galore – hello French Bob, Jellyfish and Wolf Haircuts – TikTok’s beauty space is one of our favorite communities on the app. Here, we’ve rounded up 23 of the best beauty accounts on TikTok to follow for inspiration and musings.

1. Vinalia Ryan

Tweet embedsilly idiot mood♬ Original sound – Yo Momma

From Finlea Ryan, you can expect content drops of experimental eye makeup, bowl rules, and non-standard beauty tips and tricks.

2. Elle makeup artist

Tweet embed I’m whores #Beauty expert #makeuptutorial #Make-up ♬ original sound – ifeofℓiz✺uderkirk

For those who have an affinity with sleek winged eyeliner (including), Ellie is your girl. Whether it’s smoky, exaggerated, or retro to the core, it’s the fluttery content we deserve.

3. Samira’s art

Tweet embed A little something 🥳💜🚣🏻 ♂️# a smile # makeup #fyp #foryoupage ♬ Flex – Savo

SamirArtistrysrty is all about colour, vibrancy and an OTT look. There’s hardly makeup in sight, and we’re thankful for that.

4. Soro and Newish

Tweet embedWait a minute… 🖤♬ Original sound – Niana Guerrero

Suru and Newish is one of our favorite accounts for all things hair care and styling, her hypnotic “wash day” routines to watch through our devices.

5. Hana English

Tweet embedDon’t forget the sunscreen! Here are five sunscreens reviewed 🫶🏻🧴♬ original sound – Hana English (leather + flag)

From transfers to hacks, Hannah English’s Essence is a screen feast for eyes and ears. She takes us through her latest buys, if they were worth all the hype and often shows hacks for products we didn’t know we needed.

6. Rose Gallagher

Tweet embed Lilac Dinner Makeup 💜 (Advertising info: No paid/sponsored content, includes some former AD partners) #redness #pink count #hhhhhhhhhhh #charity # and eyes #before and after #beforeandaftermakeup # makeup #cartoon # you know #benefit # Hahaha # Hahaha # Hahaha #Bride_beauty #bubipronuk # clinic # nudestics #purple # Layla #y2kaesthetic #y2k #2000s #2000 aesthetic ♬ Lazy Sunday – Official Sound Studio

Similar to Hannah English, Rosie Gallagher is another beauty from TikTokker who does God’s work. It offers tricks and tips on how to bring out your best features with a hassle-free approach.

7. Cut creaser

Tweet embedThis look was very therapeutic♬ Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

What’s in the name, right? With Cut Creaser, expect abundant eye makeup that, while not easy to replicate at home, is satisfying to watch in action, leaving you stunned after application.

8. Ashley Keyrose

MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen Reply to @getthatba0 even better 😮‍💨 feeling like TJ ♬ Pescochetto – Rosal

Ashley Kerose knows how to make lavish glamor seem the simplest feat that can be achieved, and it’s something to envy. Her videos are an escape from her brow, mascara, and concealer routine.

9. Shar Parker

Tweet embed 3 Sets of Simple Summer Eye and Lip Kits 👁💋 All Under £10!!! The quality is just that, you just have to try these!!! All cosmetics from 17bootsuk # beauty ♬ Original sound – Char Barker

Monochromatic moments, pops of glam and the beauty of the action are Char Parker’s specialty, and each video is sure to give a fresh look to inspire us on our next trip.

10. Margie Zank

Tweet embed Reply to @luv4miiaa ♬ original sound – Esteve

Margie Zank’s TikTok content is all about honest reviews and comments on some of the cult beauty purchases on the planet, and he’s a helpful person to follow in our eyes.

11. Eligibility Michele

Tweet embed Foundation powder in two ways that will upgrade your makeup! ✨ ft.onesize Turn Up The Base Versatile Foundation Powder //fentybeauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation Powder #powder foundation # beauty #They made_the picture ♬ original sound – Ahliyah | beauty elevator

In the name of simple and effective tricks, Alia Michele is the girl you should know! She’s here to tell us about her nighttime routine, and how to get the most out of your must-know powders and products.

12. Caitlin Rain

Tweet embed ❤️ Color Series: Red ❤️ And this is the last one!! The series is finished 🙂 # makeup # makeup # retweet #eyemakeuptutorial #makeuptutorial Thotgoth Anthem by Killboy Grillz Misery Business – twatmonkey5000

With a touch of cottagecore and whims, Caitlin Raine’s beauty TikTok account brims with femininity and pastel charm.

13. Arty lighting

Tweet embed milanreddydevlin I did my makeup and the transformation is unreal #Make-up # Make the shift #fyp #transition #Beauty expert ♬ original sound – mclyq

Brief Illumin Arty is color, color and more color. There is no place for Sutbelty in this feed – it is a place for those with an affinity for more.

14. Elise Pete

elpltt_ Red lips are always fun 👁👄👁 # makeup #lipstick #for you ♬ original sound – <3

Elise Pete is the guardian of red lips and winged eyeliner. Two aesthetic looks that can be difficult to achieve unless you have straight hands for sure, her videos will help you accentuate the look every time.

15. Ayla

Tweet embed Easy smokey eye! # your friends # O Lord # makeup ♬ Die Hard – Kendrick Lamar & Blxst & Amanda Reifer

The bio reads “Obsessed with makeup and skincare.” Enough said in our eyes, because Aaliyah takes us on an immersive look inside our regular beauty routines and after-day skincare applications.

16. Stupid Makeup

Tweet embed This shine will make me act big # ForzaHorizon5GO # O Lord #fyp #Make-up ♬ wink –

There is nothing stupid about Dumb Makeup’s account, her tips and tricks are actually pretty clever. By adding pops of color to her eyeliner or using said eyeliner as part of her brow routine, you never know what you might be getting.

17. Alexandra Anil

Tweet embed Last night my bf took me to NFL honors and we left early for a barbecue 🍖 but this is the look I wore 🙃💚 # Aesthetics_beauty #fyp #Make-up #fashion ♬ Good thing – Elaine again

Alexandra Anele’s videos are crisp, clean and often take you through step-by-step guides on how to achieve the look.

18. Dacia Jane

Tweet embed GRWM: Easter Sunday 🌸🌷🌼 # groom # relaxation #Make-up ♬ original sound- 🙂

Dasia Janae’s content varies from hair care, makeup and skin care tips to full application videos that have a hypnotic quality in their making.

19. Daniel McCarran

Tweet embed #Make-up #beauty ♬ ORIGINAL SOUND – DANIELLE

We can admit that one of our favorite things about Danielle McCarran’s account is how she blends her makeup in the videos. There are even videos created specifically for mixing it, just like the video above. Trust us.

20. Alice T

Tweet embed I cut! @bare metal ♬ Original sound – Alice T

Not only does Alice T show us how to apply her look, but she’ll also interact with followers through Q&A videos, allowing her personality to shine even more.

21. Elie Addis

Tweet embed AD Celebrate Christmas with Florence by Mills The new 12-Day Advent Calendar and London Fog Gift Set will be the perfect gift for skincare and makeup enthusiasts All products are ingredient conscious, vegan and cruelty free! Available for purchase at BEAUTYBAY in bio🎄# retweet ♬ Original sound – ✰ Christmas sounds ✰

Combining her sense of vintage with an exotic beauty look, Emily Addis’ account on TikTok is one that we can easily fall into a rabbit hole in a sea of ​​content.

22. Gabxxrielle

Tweet embed The hair is lush 🍷 it’s better theblondebaraz ✨unitehair ♬ Original sound – Ian Asher

It’s all about the hair! Not only does Gabxxxriele showcase her makeup ideas and concepts, but she sparks serious hair envy with frequent videos of how to tame her mane.

23. Sabrina Alexander

Tweet embed I look hot in it 🔥tiestocharlixcx #HotInIt ♬ Hot In It – Tiësto & Charli XCX

All about eyes account for those who find heavenly eye makeup application.

If you’re still on analog (read: Instagram user), never fear because we’ve also searched Instagram for the best beauty accounts to follow and post your feed with sharp wings, cut wrinkles and a dumpling skin glow.

Stay inspired, follow us.

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