336 Bunny Ratings: Ibuki Doji (5 * Berserker) |  Fate of the grand system wiki

336 Bunny Ratings: Ibuki Doji (5 * Berserker) | Fate of the grand system wiki

Well, there is a lot to unpack here. Let’s start with farming, shall we?

With doubled Castoria, Ibuki recovers 25% for each enemy. With Mana loaded, Ibuki has an unplugged loop for standard nodes (using 2004 Mystic Code). It works without any exaggeration as well, which means it probably works against Assassins and Berserkers as well, with a bit of overkill for gameplay. On the first turn, all but one of Castoria’s skills use a 20% battery, then also the 2004 NP increase. This allows Ibuki to recover 80%, so for the second turn, she uses up the remaining Castoria battery. On the third turn, Ibuki recovers 75%, causing her battery to end the loop. Technically, this also works for 3/2/x nodes, since Ibuki only needs a 50% total recovery in the second turn for its battery to do the rest.

With the Oberon plug, Ibuki can tie up 1/2/x or 2/1/x nodes as well, with a similar strategy. You can use the same skills as Castoria to start the fight, use the Ibuki battery on Turn 2 and Oberon on Turn 3, and add the remaining 20% ​​of Castoria and Oberon batteries when needed. It’s very simple, but don’t let that overshadow how powerful this is. Ibuki basically solves anything but 1/1/x contract, provided you have the support you need, and they can dump lower NP levels than anyone else.

You can also replace Oberon with another 50% charger, such as Reines or Waver, although this adds another enemy of requirements – ie you need 3/1/x, 1/3/x, or 2/2/x. It still wasn’t bad, though, considering that a lot of the former Super Servants needed at least four enemies across the first two waves. with Oberon before Ibuki.

If you don’t have an Oberon, though, Ibuki can also loop 1/2/x and 2/1/x knots with another surprising setup: the Koyanskaya double. With Koyanskaya / Ibuki / Castoria / Koyanskaya, Ibuki can use her battery in both first and second turns. Because of how skills work, Ibuki only has to recover 30% on the first turn or second turn, and then the different batteries do the rest. This isn’t a particularly large damage loss for Castoria’s squad double, as Ibuki gets to double her buffs – meaning Ibuki gets specialized damage bonuses against both Man and Earth, allowing her to hit the majority of the cast for massively amplified damage.

That’s all assuming Ibuki doesn’t get a startup cost, of course. Even with a 30% charge of CE (and Mana loading), Ibuki solves everything in Team Koyanskaya above, no questions asked, for the usual reasons that Koyan rings work. Oberon teams work, too – one of Kastoria uses its batteries on the first turn; On the second turn it uses the Ibuki battery, the other Castoria battery at 20%, and the Oberon battery at 20%; On the third turn, you use 30% in Kastoria and 50% in Oberon. Oberon’s setup could theoretically fail against low-gain NP classes, but the exaggeration should compensate for the payback loss in most cases.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that since Ibuki charges 50% off, all you need for NP once is 30% charging from anywhere. This makes it a great choice for over 90 cultivations in dual DPS settings, which Ibuki NP can with only the occasional charge of Castoria focusing buffs on another damage dealer. Ibuki can also cast her second skill to the damage dealer, which can be useful in nodes with extremely high HP single-target waves. Ibuki/Hephaestion/Castoria/Castoria should be a nearly global team of 90+ knots that includes at least one target wave, you can give Castoria batteries to whoever needs NP twice, give buffs flexibly whichever DPS needs more. That’s just one example too – with the Hephaestion selected due to how flexible its battery is – many ST damage dealers can operate in similar settings.

It is also important to note that Ibuki is now also part of the best Mutt The farming team in the game. Arc really wanted new support that gave a role to CDR along with some better improvements than what Edison provides. It just so happens that Ibuki brings just that, pairing the CDR with a total of 50% damage buffs. This mostly solves Arc’s damage issues per se, but Ibuki’s true silliness on this team goes beyond that. See, Ark gives 30% fee to its allies. This means, in a Koyan/Arc/Koyan/Ibuki setup, Ibuki NP can be free in wave 2 or 3. NP1 Ibuki deals about 30K damage in this context, and this can increase if paired with an Arc defense patch or Suit plugs increase damage. This gives Arc teams a lot of flexibility to face damage checks wherever they fall into a node, and this makes Ibuki the third best support for Arc.

Speaking of Ibuki’s support ability, it’s not just limited to Arc. The number of outcast maids who benefit more from Ibuki in perfect teams than Reines is very small – at the SSR level they are OG Abby, Summer BB, Dark Koyan and Arc – but it is very ridiculous that there be Situations where it’s the third best support for Team Buster, considering it’s the best DPS in the arts in the game. It also still works well as an alternate third support for Arts and Buster units in general, if you don’t have many in your chest. 50% activating plus reduced lag plus good damage output is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, Ibuki is really powerful as a semi-support, due to the fact that her buffs are extremely powerful and her damage output remains good even if she’s not the center of attention. The fact that she can be so powerful even though she doesn’t specialize in a DPS or support role, in a game where her specialty is king, tells you how ridiculously good she is.

It’s also worth noting that Ibuki’s additional CDR makes it ostensibly useful for Buster’s very powerful skill units in 5-turn cooldowns, with Arjuna Alter and Avenger Nobu being the biggest beneficiaries. Buster teams sometimes struggle with taking out first-round damage, and being able to stack Anti-Evil or Nobu with themselves out of the gate pretty much solves that. Ibuki are squishy enough that they can reliably die with CE mocking, reducing disruption to your support lineup even when used in this way.

In order to fire CQs with Ibuki as a DPS, you can do all the same things listed for cultivation, but since you have access to the card, you can prioritize damage a little more. Tamamo would generally be a better choice than Oberon as a third support for this reason, but broadly speaking, you just want to load up Ibuki with buffs and let it go crazy. Art booth fixtures will also work. Really, Ibuki is so strong overall that any half-decent technical team you get into it would be great.

At the lower end, all the usual arts supports are great. With Ibuki’s better-than-average cash potential, Lanling and Sherlock have some unusually nice synergies, as do budget options like Mozart and Barti. Mash and Waver can stack defense buffs while lowering Ibuki’s innate damage to give her some extra bulk as well. Honestly, just pair Ibuki with as many supports as you can, and you’ll be fine.

Assuming you’re not running a CE event, Black Grail is your best damage option. CEs like Mark on a Smiling Face, Summer Painting, etc. are also good options if you don’t want to put up with the shortage. Meeting the Heirs is also an interesting option, as it gives Ibuki some extra stars for somewhat more reliable cash, and another ending of Ibuki’s damage increases NP damage.

Critical damage to CCs is much appreciated on Ibuki, since her critical damage is high but her actual enhancers are relatively low, which means it has a huge impact on her CQ’s performance, at least relative to how she performs on most servants.

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