5 tips to get out of the rabbit hole

5 tips to get out of the rabbit hole

We get caught up in relationship triggers, work stress, health problems (physical and mental), big life changes, and other stressful life situations.

Written by Dilna Mistry Anand

Posted: Thursday, July 21, 2022, 6:01 pm

Little Alice fell into the hole, hit her head and bruised her soul. Lately, I’ve found myself using this phrase a lot. There are bright, beautiful days, and then suddenly something is trying to push us down the rabbit hole. Some upsetting news, a deal that falters at work, an early illness, a canceled vacation plan – we’ve all been there. Those who are familiar with Lewis Carroll’s great work will recognize this phrase from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, where she literally falls into the hole that follows the White Rabbit. But over the years, it has become a metaphor for getting caught up in a situation or situation that is deep, dark, or even silly.

The rabbit hole is not a place we would like to be. We immerse ourselves in relationship triggers, work stress, health issues (physical and mental), big life changes and other traumatic life situations. No matter how dangerous the hole, deep or shallow, we need all our coping skills to navigate our way out.

It has been said, “Often, a rabbit hole is as deep as I dug it.” And if we know the way, we also know the way out, then what is the way out? Try the ABCDE secret code.

consciousness: Inner awareness is always the first step. Find a solution and ask yourself: What triggered you? Remind yourself to get out of the “victim” mode and ask – what can you control and what is not?

What can you do about this? Who else can help?

split it up: Once you have the answers to the above questions, you can start detailing them on your own, taking one step before the other. It can be very difficult to see the entire path ahead, so train yourself to only look at the next actionable step. Select that first actionable step.

Commitment to change: To do something you haven’t done before, you have to change or let go of something you’ve been holding on to. What needs to be changed so that you can lift yourself up again?

Do your job: Once you’ve decided what to change, get to work. Seek help, take responsibility, make changes one by one, create a new lifestyle, break debilitating habits, stop harsh self-talk, be kind to yourself, journal, meditate, find a support system, and do whatever it takes to move forward. straight ahead.

every day: Getting out of the rabbit hole and staying outside is a daily chore. Write down your triggers and build up your resistance muscles so that you can identify when you’re attracted – and thus be able to get out of them quickly.

“When you go down the rabbit hole or read about our history, you realize that there are many things the history books have not taught us about ourselves.”

The choice is always yours. Use every stumble to learn something new, build a new skill and emerge stronger than ever.

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