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The NFT market is constantly growing, there is a wide variety of NFT kits on the market, and every artist believes in the opportunity to become famous, but it is very difficult to reach this goal. As reported by blockchain analytics firm Nansen, one in three NFT blocks has essentially expired, with little or no trading activity. They analyzed around 8,400 blocks of 19.3 million individual NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Yes, you are talented and talented, and your artwork is exceptional, but sometimes it is not enough to attract attention. So, how do you succeed in NFT markets? It can be a real challenge for your NFT project to gain attention if you don’t do extensive promotion. No matter how attractive your group is, a solid NFT marketing strategy is bases in attracting buyers.

Marketing is very difficult if you do not have the required knowledge and skills. Today, Vlad Pevnev, CEO of Icuda The marketing agency, which has a great background in the field of NFT promotion and cryptocurrency, will reveal the most useful hacks that you should definitely consider. Let’s dig!

A few words about the most successful NFT

Some participants say this madness will soon dissipate when someone else is excited and involved in this growing trend. The NFT industry impresses the world, inducing a new era in art, culture, and the world in general. In addition, this is a great opportunity for many artists to stand out in the spotlight and drastically change their lives.

For example, the most expensive NFT in history is actually a series of NFTs, selling for $91.8 million in December of last year. The Merge was created by the NFT artist, whose business has grossed over $350 million, and 28,983 customers purchased this piece to grab a total of 312,000 shares (each an NFT) for approximately $92 million.

That’s impressive, considering the starting price per piece was $575, only to increase to $25 every six hours. Therefore, The Merge made Buck the most valuable living artist in history, surpassing Jeff Kohn’s 1986 painting Rabbit, which sold for $91 million.

Following the path of successful NFT groups: What should be prepared in advance?

However, an NFT marketing strategy is not enough to make your project heard. Some things you should cover even before launching the campaign. Here I’ve covered some tried-and-true tips for taking the first steps and setting up your NFT kit for success:

  • Show your unique style to attract art lovers, make your NFT virtual treasure hunt. Remember that the most unique pieces of art catch the eye of art galleries and folk art aesthetics. Like the 20-year hunt for a stolen Picasso artwork, Buste de Femme. They were ready to take part in this complex and interesting journey.
  • It should be an adaptation of the offline world of art and collectibles. Therefore, if your customer owns a digital copy of original art created by a well-known artist, the market value of that artwork depends on the owner’s ability to prove its sincerity.
  • NFT Markets are good platforms for famous artists. Therefore, you will be able to expand the list of your loyal customers.
  • First impressions are important! Whether you’re creating unique designs, sending out surprise perks, and having top-notch customer service, there are great ways to impress and entice your customers.
  • Watching your art is the first hands-on experience that many buyers will have with your brand, so make it exciting and memorable. Give them something to talk about! Taking the time to create a unique, eye-catching page that makes your customers feel much more valuable. Take a look at the way other artists make their pages.

NFT Marketing Strategy: Here are some helpful tips for promoting your NFT art

#1 Public Relations Activities for NFT Projects

NFT will definitely change the world of artwork as we know it. However, in order to do this, creative individuals have to build and integrate a solid PR strategy to launch and build, create and establish brand awareness.

The main tool in NFT marketing is media publishing. The most successful NFT groups take promotions seriously. They know how to leverage the media to their advantage in marketing, public relations, and strengthening NFT communities.

Since NFT has been identified as a new technology, NFT artists have to use public relations tactics to outsmart their competitors. They have to adopt less formal methods of interacting with the target audience, and look for easy and more reliable types of engagement.

NFT artists must choose crypto-oriented platforms such as Forklog, Cointelegraph, and Yahoo News to get their message out there. Furthermore, NFT projects should also capture and use different types of content such as guest blog posts, press releases, and interviews to create backlinks and build a good reputation. Submitting PR articles to the NFT communities gives you a greater opportunity to expand your reach.

Developing a unique NFT marketing strategy can enhance the visibility of your NFT project and allow you to stand out from the crowd, generating revenue from your artwork.

Yes, the hard work still has to be completed. You can hire a marketing firm to use your budget effectively, save your time, boost confidence in your NFT, and get the best out of your PR strategy. Of all the NFT marketing agencies, you should contact the crypto PR agency ICODA. It provides Public Relations Consulting And the most viable solutions to take care of your connections and networks in the NFT space.

#2 Insert your NFT

In the crypto world, there are actually many markets where various NFT projects can sell their tokens. Try to find several platforms that will relate to the features of your NFT project.

They have a variety of options accessible there, so try to choose the ones that fit your NFT project’s features and strategy. NFTs are spread across a wide variety of platforms:


NFT Markets

These platforms are great resources for NFT collectors who don’t need to rush from one market to another to discover the greatest releases.

All you have to do is fill out the form with all the details of your NFT collection and mention everything your potential audience should know about you and your artwork. You need a few minutes to create it. Therefore, your information encourages search engines to show your website to visitors more often.

Motivate your potential audience on these platforms with airdrops and giveaways. They will love and add to their favorites and spread the word about your NFT art.

Create a video to promote yourself and your artwork to build a loyal group of followers and buyers.

#3 Conferences and NFT Events

The past year has seen more online events than ever before. Some of them are 2-hour webinars. Others are multi-day virtual conferences.

You can follow the latest events of artists and investors. So, you can join a creative community and find like-minded participants and investors:

Social Networking for NFT Marketing Strategy

#4 SMM: Let Your NFT Hear

Make sure to work on your social networks. It would be ideal to do it in a way that makes some posts go viral. NFT is not only about people who are savvy in cryptocurrency but also the general public. Create various media posts so that NFT fans understand why they are paying something for some digital photo/piece and what it is really worth.

#5 Create a Twitter account and invest in social media promotion

Sales are based on links to the following widely shared auctions and direct people to the fair – using ‘link in bio’ isn’t effective enough. As Twitter allows people to share links, it has become the go-to platform for spreading the word about NFT art sales.

While, previously, the art world did not consider Twitter a highly visual platform, many have since discovered that it can provide a better way to view business than Instagram.

Twitter is working wonders to offer a thread, a format that seems to be well received in the current NFT market.

Another option is that Twitter offers the ability to comment, retweet, and spread the word about the work of other NFT creators. Therefore, it is possible to create a loyal community and fruitful cooperation.

#6 Collaborate with YouTube influencers

The easiest way to stay connected in the blockchain and NFT community is to follow and support NFT influencers on YouTube.

YouTube provides a space for NFT influencers to delve into topics such as NFT analysis and give detailed reviews on the latest trends. All we can say is that YouTube is a huge hub for NFT related content. It is crammed with an increasing number of channels discussing this topic. The leaders have created highly active and loyal communities based on their YouTube channels.

These content creators are always pumping out great videos to entertain and educate investors.

These influencers can influence a serious change in the NFT market. When the votes are prominent, they can induce followers to participate in the auctions. As the clip is expanding every day, there will likely be more YouTube channels to choose from in the near future. Therefore, it is very important to add this media channel to your strategy to make your NFT art popular.

Many NFT projects fall into the trap of choosing “big name” influencers, celebrities or social media personalities to promote their group. Unfortunately, this does not always go according to plan and can lead to a loss of budget and even a bad reputation.

It is very important to cooperate with reputable influencers who are reputable, without fake views, and should not be involved in supporting scams.

Are you looking for the best NFT YouTube channels? Here are examples of several influencers you should pay close attention to:

You can rely on ICODA and its expertise to select the right opinion leaders for your NFT marketing strategy.

#7 ads

While you are busy promoting your NFT, think in parallel about your promotion strategy to make it more successful than a competitor. A good online NFT marketing strategy with clear and open communication can do wonders and help set you apart in the jungle of thousands of NFT art creators.

You will have to work to find some vital steps to catalyze your NFT purchase. Whether your art is attractive enough, you will need a strong promotion tactic.

Digital advertising is a useful solution today to monetize your resources. Feel free to include it in your NFT marketing strategy. Therefore, it will greatly help you to find investors for your art and bring up to 5 thousand daily interacting users to your NFT suite of major platforms with paid advertising and media.

The more potential clients, as well as investors, have about you, the more likely they are to invest in your NFT projects.

Your NFT Marketing Authorization

As you may have noticed, to get ahead of your competition and make your NFT popular, you need innovative NFT marketing strategies that engage your audience and take advantage of the impressive leaps of technology offered by the NFT space. It’s much easier said than done, and if you’re not very familiar with the marketing of NFTs and NFTs, it can be a real challenge. In order to avoid obstacles and save time and money, you should choose an NFT marketing agency.

With the support of the brightest minds, top agencies can lead all aspects of Marketing Strategies By preparing disruptive technologies and solutions according to the objectives and characteristics of your NFT projects.

book a Free Consultation on ICODA. With powerful solutions accessible out there and a strong NFT marketing strategy, you’ll show up on the biggest crypto sites and let the world hear about your digital artwork.

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