A collection of personalized articles designed to heal hearts and break stigmas

Bowles opens real conversations amid Emotional Awareness Month, LGBTQ History Month, National Book Month, and National Mental Illness Awareness Month

Mammoth Lakes, California.And the September 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Let’s face it – while mental health awareness may be “trendy” on social media, real conversations creating sustainable change are messy, pain-ridden, and require tremendous vulnerability. It is very difficult to have these real conversations for fear of judgment, embarrassment, and the constant stigmas surrounding mental health issues. However, one author takes readers behind the scenes to facilitate these initial conversations with grace, wit, and wisdom.

Stacy Bowles is proud to announce the release of empty wheels, a collection of personalized articles designed to help heal hearts and break down the stigmas that prevent many from seeking help. It took her years to dissect the pieces of the dysfunctional puzzle, confirming that it wasn’t just one event, but several that sent her down the rabbit hole. Ranked #1 on Amazon for New Releases/Mid-Life, empty wheels She dives into the most difficult and sometimes embarrassing moments in Bowles’ life, reflects on the challenges, embraces her mental health journey and inspires others in solidarity.

Oftentimes those who struggle feel a deep sense of loneliness and isolation. empty wheels is an open letter of love to anyone with mental health issues, letting them know that they are not alone and that asking for help is not only OK – it’s admirable. Bowles opens up about solo parenting, balancing work and family, transitional issues, confused romance, and more to inspire a broad audience that will resonate with their own struggles.

“In Empty Cupboards, Stacey Powells addresses one of the toughest topics – major depression – with wisdom and intelligence. Written in compelling prose and fresh insights, this book is a must for all who are looking to understand their mental health and the decisions that make us who we are.” — Debra Landwer Engel, author of The Only Little Prayer You Need

Through proof of concept, dedication to the profession, and unwavering commitment to authenticity, Stacy Bowles’ purpose-based vision came to fruition with the release of empty wheels – Now available on Amazon, #1 in new releases/midlife.

Learn more about Stacey Powells and empty wheelsplease visit: or call [email protected] or 661-433-9800.

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About Stacy Bowles

Stacey Bowles is a published writer and author of Empty Cupboards, a collection of personal essays that tackle the issues of single parenting, chaos and burnout, and the knowledge that even the strongest of us can hold back. She has been a weekly columnist for the Mammoth Times since 1996 and a full-time and on-and-off journalist since 2007, covering stories on everything from water wars, local Native Americans, government, the skateboarding industry, and human interest stories. Stacey Powells is a 2020 Writers Society graduate and Jeff Arch Fellow at Story Summit 2020, and has several other writing projects in various stages of completion and development.

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Stacy Bowles 661-433-9800

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