A local couple launches a pet service in Northwest Tennessee

A local couple launches a pet service in Northwest Tennessee

Jeff and April Wilson

We are excited to be able to introduce Pet Wants products to our community and to help people understand what is in pet food so they can make the best decision for their pets. – April Wilson

Jeff and April Wilson are excited to serve their hometown of Mackenzie and the surrounding area by launching their fresh and fresh pet food and supplies company, Pet Wants Jackson.

Pet Wants’ specially designed and specially designed pet food formulas are made in small batches with fresh, natural ingredients fortified with vitamins and minerals for a complete, balanced diet in every bowl. All made in the USA, Pet Wants Jackson has a natural blend of dog and cat food formulas, treats, and chews, plus healing ointment, soothing balm, anti-itch spray, footwax, and more. Pets want Jackson is a mobile company with convenient delivery services throughout most of Northwest Tennessee. The service area includes Jackson and Paris, including McKenzie, Paris, Martin, Dresden, Milan, Huntingdon, Camden and Lexington.

Both April and Jeff grew up at Mackenzie, went to the same school and had the same friends, but lost contact when Jeff left for college and didn’t return until 2020. In 2021, Jeff and April reconnect at an event that was work. Fortunately, they realize that they live only half a mile away and share a love for animals. Now, as a couple, they are excited to take this love of animals to the next level with their new business.

“Jeff has a Doberman and I have chickens, rabbits, chihuahuas, cats and chinchillas. I have also rescued and raised baby deer and squirrels. Whether you have a 75lb dog or a 1lb squirrel, proper nutrition is essential. We are excited to be able to offer pet products you want for our community and to help people understand what is in pet food so they can make the best decision for their pets,” April said.

Pet Wants Jackson has a money-back guarantee on the freshness and quality of the food, and the company exports only the finest quality salmon, chicken, lamb, brown rice, and other ingredients available. There is no added sugar, no fillers, no animal by-products and Pet Wants never uses corn, wheat, soy or dyes, making it a great food for allergic animals.

Jeff has over 25 years of experience in the logistics and transportation industry, specifically in packet transport. He worked for FedEx for 22 years and the US Postal Service for 4 years before returning to his hometown of McKenzie. Meanwhile, April has pursued a career in cosmetology and owned her own salon for 20 years. When she was ready for something new, she put her love of marketing and helping businesses succeed to work as a marketing consultant for Forever Communications, which sells radio and digital advertising. Their journey into Pet Wants began when Jeff’s Doberman began acting uninterested in the “excellent” food she had been eating all her life.

“I had two bags of food and noticed one of them didn’t smell good. It still had six months to go to expiration, but then I realized the dog food had an 18-month expiration timeline, so the food was already over a year old. This is when I started doing some serious research into the pet food industry and even took a class on pet nutrition.When I did a taste test with Pet Wants and a couple of other premium brands, my dog ​​chose Pet Wants! Special, April and I decided to bring it pets want to our hometown so that people in this area have a better option to feed their pets,” Jeff said.

To learn more about Pet Wants Jackson, call 731-991-3087, email [email protected], or visit http://www.PetWantsJackson.com.

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