A snapshot of the suburb - Winchelsea - Surf Coast Times

A snapshot of the suburb – Winchelsea – Surf Coast Times

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Winchelsea has a size of about 247.5 square kilometers with the population of Winchelsea recorded at 1944 in 2016 and by the 2021 census the population was 2,456 showing a population increase of 26% in the area during that time.

Winchelsea has been a standout performer in the regional real estate market as the median home price has jumped more than 114% in five years, most of it in the last two years.

The latest prices have surprised many, including those in the industry.

Winch has been slow to move forward, but now people are following along because this rural community has so much more to offer than others.

With a city train station, and first-class healthcare, education, and sports facilities along with a pool, bowls, and golf clubs, it’s no wonder this small, provincial village has taken off.

New condominiums such as The Green and Rivers Edge and newer properties are attracting newcomers and investors with more properties in the pipeline making Winch a city worth seeing.

Located where the Barron River crosses the highway, the area originally attracted shepherds in the 1830s, some of whom later became notable landowners.

Two years after settling in Melbourne, the Austin Brothers took their pastoral course at Barron Park, Thomas Gesteig took the Inglican path, and Henry Hopkins took the Wormbete race in the Winchelsea area.

The town was surveyed in the 1850s, and given the name Winchelsea, likely after the coastal harbor in Sussex, England.

More important things happened in Austin Barron Park when he imported hares to acclimatize in 1859.

They became particularly successful ancestors of some Australian rabbit plague.

The prevailing age range in Winchelsea is between 55 and 65 with Winchelsea families being primarily childless couples and, more recently, younger families, likely to make an average of about $1,560 per month in mortgage payments.

Generally speaking, people at Winchelsea are engaged in a commercial profession.

Agent’s point of view:

“2022 has once again demonstrated the popularity and resilience of the Winchelsea and county markets. Capital growth has continued to date, and rental yields have increased accordingly. Vacancy rates remain historically low despite the addition of several residential properties in new properties.

“Overall, Winch remains a very popular and affordable destination for those seeking a relaxed rural town lifestyle but close to major centres, the surf coast and the increasingly attractive Otway Ranges.”

Jeff Bennett – McCartney Estates – Winchelsea

A three-bedroom Winch home on five acres recently sold for $1150,000


A town was surveyed in the 1850s, and named Winchelsea, likely after the coastal port of Sussex, England

Population: 2,456 people

Males: 49%

Female: 51%

Average age: 41

5-year population change: 26%

Median home value: $726,500

Change in average price: (5 years) 114%

Average rent per week: $400

Average tenure of ownership: 11 years

Owner occupants: 76%

Tenants: 24%

Average home sale price:

July 2022: $670,000

July 2021: $495,000

July 2020: $462,500

July 2019: $392,500

July 2018: $386,500

Annual home sales:

Period ending July 2022: 42

Period ending July 2021: 49

Average selling price of land:

July 2022: $405,000

July 2021: $321,000

Land sales per year:

Period ending July 2022: 8

Period ending July 2021: 6

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