Adopt the Potter League’s Savior Bunny Month Tips, Middletown

Hello friends – Toki is coming to you from my spot in the Potter League. Did you know that July is the month of bunnies to the rescue? I didn’t do that until I heard some of the staff talking about it. We have some cute and cuddly bunnies for adoption here in the Potter League, so if you’re interested, come see them. Of course, there are a few things you should know about rabbits before adopting them.

Rescued rabbits are different from those you see outside in your garden. Pet rabbits are inner creatures. If kept outside, they can become easy prey for wolves and other wild animals. It also does not work well when it is hot or when the temperature is below freezing. Rabbits live about 9 to 12 years, so if you want to adopt one, prepare for a long-term relationship with your rabbit!

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