Penelope the sleeping, barking dog.

Adorable Rescue Dog That “Only Barks When You Sleep” Delights the Internet

rescue operation dog It is undeniable that the sweet sleep habit generates a lot of “Awwws” on the Internet.

Sarah Jane Ward said NEWSWEEK Penelope adopted, Who is the Labrador mix?From OttawaC., Canada, rescue group back in fall 2016. She’s been a lovable part of the family ever since, though Ward soon noticed her pet dog’s unusual tendency to bark in her sleep rather than during her waking hours.

Keen to showcase the phenomenon to her fellow dog lovers, Ward shared a clip of Penelope, mid-nap, Social media, commented: “Our rescued dog only barks when she is asleep, and never barks when she is awake!” The result reddit The post, shared under the handle snazarella, proved popular to say the least, with footage of the sleeping pup barking softly and garnering more than 8,000 upvotes.

Penelope, sleeping and barking dog – The Labrador mix tends to reserve her barking when she is asleep.

It has also led to speculation about what Penelope might be dreaming of, with a number of theories circulating on the internet. While much is not known about what happens inside a dog’s brain while they sleep, studies have indicated that canines are capable of dreaming.

In 2001, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted a series of experiments to study neurons in the rat’s hippocampus, the area of ​​the brain responsible for memory and learning, to see if there was any pattern in neural activity during REM sleep.

The mice They were put through a series of behavioral tasks that involved things like running around a circular path to get a food reward. These tests are known to produce significant brain activity over a long period of time. The patterns of neurons seen during these tasks were then compared to readings of neurons taken during REM sleep to try to identify the patterns.

Mice have been found to remember certain experiences while sleeping, and essentially, they dreamed about experiencing them on the track. Based on these findings and the results of similar studies in mice and cats, the researchers felt it was reasonable to conclude that dogs also experience visual dreams of this type.

Ward doesn’t know for sure what Penelope dreams about when she barks, but she has a very good idea.

“I think it’s chasing prey,” she said. “She will do that little bark and sometimes her whole body, including her paws and hips, will move.” “I like to think she dreams about chasing squirrels, rabbits, etc.”

Penelope has plenty of real-world experience to draw from, too. “She has very high prey when she’s awake,” Ward said. “I once pulled a rabbit out of my hand and chased a rabbit into the street. She didn’t get the rabbit but she did Sentences Caused $2000 damage to the car! She was fine, thankfully, but the auto shop said she did more damage than some deer! “

The rescue group Ward adopted Penelope and told her she was five years old, but her owner suspects she might be a little younger. When I first arrived at the family home, Penelope made company for Ward’s other dogwho was 12 years old and tended to dominate the roost in the house.

“When we adopted her, her sister barked whenever she felt like it, she was talking regularly, so Penelope didn’t need to say much,” she said. “She doesn’t seem to consider barking her job.”

While Penelope’s companion dog has since passed away, The Labrador mix formed a strong bond With owners during closing and since.

Ward: “She’s a superfood enthusiast, and she’s an expert at cuddling and total sucking, so her lab genes are strong! She basically runs our house these days and makes us do her orders.” “The pandemic has pushed us home to work/school, so she loves to have people on at all times.”

Best of all, Penelope now has another foster dog to keep her company and keep up with the barking.

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