All the animal locations and their favorite foods in Disney's Dreamlight Valley

All the animal locations and their favorite foods in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

You’d think Mickey Mouse and Goofy were the only animals roaming around Disney Dreamlight Valley Globalism? Well, think again.

The game not only allows you to interact with the lovable anthropomorphic animals in the franchise, but also allows you to interact with real animals. These animals are also known as “creatures” in Disney Dreamlight Valley They can be encountered in the different areas in the game. As soon as you come across an animal in its habitat, an “approach” prompt should appear before it, allowing you to feed it.

Feeding creatures can reward you with Dream Shards, but only if you feed the animal its favorite food. Other than collecting Dream Shards, feeding them animals can make your companions. For this, you will need to feed an animal for two days in a row. Keep in mind that you can only feed each creature once a day, which means it will take at least two days to make the creature your companion.

However, not every animal is friendly, and many will run away or approach them discreetly if you want to successfully feed them. So there is a lot of knowledge and effort involved in feeding the animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

We are here to ease this burden on you. Below is a list of all the animals, their locations, variants, favorite foods, and how to treat them Disney Dreamlight Valley.

All animal locations, variants, favorite foods and how to deal with them Disney Dreamlight Valley


Screengrab via Disney
  • Site: Forest of Courage
  • Variables: classic raccoon, white raccoon, black raccoon, red raccoon, blue raccoon
  • Favorite food: blueberry

Feeding a raccoon will take time and effort. You cannot use uncomplicated tactics such as direct charging of a shy animal at full speed. Instead, you need to approach them when they are looking down. Other times, raccoons sit on their hind legs with their heads held high in the air. If you move when their heads are up and they are alert, they will immediately flee the scene.

Take your time and wait patiently when the raccoon is on the alert, and you’ll be able to get close to them feeding them their favorite food before you know it.


Screengrab via Disney
  • Site: a peaceful meadow
  • Variables: classic rabbit, white rabbit, black rabbit, brown rabbit, calico rabbit
  • Favorite food: Carrots

These boys can jump their way across the meadows they find in no time, which they will usually do when you come across them. Once you get close to the rabbit, they will jump in place and run a short distance, then begin to jump up and down again.

However, don’t be fooled by their fickle behavior, that’s how the rabbit does Disney Dreamlight Valley He usually acts when he is hungry. Keep persevering and follow the rabbit wherever it leads you, as it will run away from you three times before it stops and allows you to feed it.


Screengrab via Disney
  • Site: Frosted Heights
  • Variables: Classic Fox, White Fox, Black Fox, Red Fox, Blue Fox
  • Favorite food: white sturgeon

When you come across a fox, if it happens to be hungry, it will run into you itself and shriek. They are friendly little dogs, but they also love to be chased before you can feed them.

Just like rabbits, foxes will run away from you when you try to feed them and you will need to chase them first. Running after them about three to four times will finally make them accept to be fed.


Screengrab via Disney
  • Site: Plaza
  • Variables: classic squirrel, white squirrel, black squirrel, gray squirrel, red squirrel
  • favorite food: Peanuts

These deceptive animals are probably the first creatures you must come across Disney Dreamlight Valley. Squirrels are also incredibly easy to feed, as they are so friendly. Once they befriend, they will happily eat their favorite food.

Unless they have actually been fed within the past 24 hours, squirrels will never run away from you. Indeed, if the squirrel is hungry, then in reality he will run into you and wait for him to be fed.

sun birds

Screengrab via Disney
  • Site: a sunlit plateau
  • Variations and favorite food: Orchid Sunbird (Orange Houseleek), Golden Sunbird (Sunflower), Red Sunbird (Red Bromeliad), Emerald Sunbird (Green Passion Lily), Turquoise Sunbird (Pink Houseleek)

These amazing creatures are perhaps the most beautiful creatures in the world Disney Dreamlight Valley. Sunbirds are incredibly fast but deceptively friendly creatures, so you won’t have much trouble feeding them. They are a bit excessive, so you may have to chase them for a while while they zoom around the area only to finally stop.

Sunbirds are also the only animal in the game that has different favorite foods based on different sunbird variants.

sea ‚Äč‚Äčturtle

Screengrab via Disney
  • Site: Dazzle Beach
  • Variables: classic turtle, white turtle, black turtle, brown turtle, purple turtle
  • favorite food: seaweed

Sea turtles are definitely shy little creatures, but that doesn’t mean they’re unfriendly. You can find these hard-shell amphibians swimming along the shores of Dazzle Beach. Approach them with caution and watch the sea turtles retreat into their shells after your spotting.

Be patient and stay there and the little guy will have to stick his head out. This means your sea turtle is ready to feed, so make sure you have seaweed on hand.


Screengrab via Disney
  • Site: happy of trust
  • Variables: Classic Alligator, White Alligator, Black Alligator, Red Alligator, Blue Alligator, Pink Alligator, Golden Alligator
  • Favorite food: crab

Alligators can be very active on their feet as they can be seen running a lot. You will know when the crocodile is hungry, though, as they tend to stand still and look around the area a safe distance away from you.

Just as with raccoons, crocodiles are alert when their heads are in the air. Your time to sneak up on the crocodile is when his head is low. They will be looking back soon, so be sure to stop moving in time. Repeat this process several times until you get close enough to the crocodile to feed it.


  • Site: Forgotten Lands
  • Variables: classic raven, white raven, brown raven, red raven, blue raven
  • Favorite food: Unknown

Despite knowing their spawn point, crows are the only animal in the game that no player has encountered yet. We will make sure to update this space as more information becomes available.

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