Arranging House of the Dragon characters after the wedding dinner

Arranging House of the Dragon characters after the wedding dinner

Because weddings always go well in the Game Of Thrones universe…

Hello and welcome (again) to the weekly Power Ranking for the first season of Dragon House.

Need a quick reminder of this earlier game 200 years before Game Of Thrones? click here.

Each week, we’ll be listing all the main characters who died – OUT! – as well as ranking them from least likely to make it to the next episode, all the way down to who is most likely to rule Westeros as we know will come the end of the series.

Here we go, the power rating for the fifth episode of House Of The Dragon, titled Narrow Sea King

Outside! Ray Royce (Rachel Redford)

At the top of the episode, we finally get to know the wife of the Demon Prince, who he claims is less attractive than some of the cattle in the area. She seems to be well aware of the prince’s opinion of her, and is more than happy to live the life of kick-ass, rambling on horseback, killing deer and rabbits at dinner.

She looked really cool and smart. She discovers too late that Daemon reappears in her life only to kill her, scaring her horse enough to collapse backwards on top of her. As the deaths go, it’s definitely original.

Outside! Sir Geoffrey Lonmouth (Sulley MacLeod)

Another character that’s mostly brand new (we got a glimpse of him in the prequel to Battle With the Crabfedders), but King Lenore’s secret gay lover Valerion looks like he’d be a fun addition to the mix.

But playing his hand too soon, he blackmailed a mutual destruction with Sir Creston, acknowledging that he knew both were sides to the rulers of the kingdom. That didn’t sit well with Kriston, he proceeded to punch Joffrey’s face in meatloaf.

Outside? – King Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine)

After you’ve been slowly decomposing through almost the entire episode – watching Viserys during this episode would make you feel unwell – the final shot shows the King finally turning over. He may not be dead yet, but if he hasn’t already succumbed to this already carious disease, he is right at death’s door.

Nine – Sir Creston Cole (Fabian Frankl)

Did a character go from likable to unlikable so quickly? Kriston was radiantly in love with the princess, but didn’t want to be her secret side, which is totally fine. But responding violently to Joffrey’s conversation was hugely problematic. Apparently he thought so too, just moments away from falling on his blade, but the Queen called him.

Which way his loyalties will decline going forward is anyone’s guess, but we’re definitely not rooting for Kriston to be on top. We don’t love you anymore, Kriston!

Eight – Lord Corliss Philaerion (Steve Toussaint).

He knows all too clearly that his son is gay – although he seems to think it’s something he’s going to get out of it – and consumes more with his family being in a prime position of power to really care a lot about how dangerous it is. It is actually close to power. His ego and sense of self are so inflated that he likely won’t see how much trouble his family is in until it’s too late.

VII – Various Lords and Grand Maesters in the Council

Lionel Strong has been promoted to King’s Hand and would likely be very good at the job, but his son Larys turns into Little Finger, being a completely shaded Beech, filling the Queen’s ear with poisonous (albeit accurate) rumors.

Plus news is circulating about the next morning’s Maester tea, so all in all, a mixed bag for this group this week.

SIX – Prince Damon Targaryen (Matt Smith)

There was a moment, towards the end of the wedding, when we were sure the princess had had enough of the demonic drama queen’s actions and decided to kill him there and then. But Daemon is so much fun that he can’t be killed this way, plus he was courting the king’s future sister Laena Valeryon, so we’ll definitely be watching this pairing.

Five – Sir Auto Hightower (Race Evans)

He’s basically expelled and banished from the kingdom, but not before he tells his daughter that her children are in danger from her stepsister/best friend’s daughter. It seems unlikely that this will be the last time we see Ser Otto, he will most likely return for the King’s impending funeral, but for now…we ask him to say goodbye. Which means he is at least out of danger.

Fourth – Princess Raines Targaryen (Best Eve)

Welcome back, we missed you so much! She can see that her cousin the King is on his way out, and she is well aware that her son marrying the heir will draw a huge target on his back.

Back in this episode, we’re reminded that 99.999999% of this crap could have been nipped in the bud if Rhaenys had made a ruler instead of Viserys.

Three – Lenore Villarion (John McMillan)

Poor Lenore. His secret friend was violently murdered during his arranged marriage, so the only thing that was possible – MIGHT – would have helped him endure a few decades of marriage to a woman he doesn’t care about, and he is dead. Not a good week to be a gay character in Westeros.

But he will certainly “do his homework” with his wife and he will have some children, cementing their position as the legitimate bases of the kingdom.

Two – Princess Rhinera Targaryen (Mille Alcock)

This seems to be the first time we’ve felt appropriately scared for Princess Rhaenyra. We know, in our souls, that she’ll be safe (mostly because she’s already been picked up by a great actress in future episodes/seasons), but during the struggle at the wedding, it really felt like the crowd would break up and which one of the lead characters would be found in a puddle of their blood.

But, as usual, the princess proved her resolve, even if she eventually ended up crying during her wedding. And it’s not really ideal for anyone.

One – Aliscent Hightower (Emily Carey)

All that naivety, all that innocence, all faded away by the revelations after the revelations in this episode. At first it was her father with his truth bombs, then Larrys with his inaccurate gossip spread, then Sir Creston admitted to communicating, over and over again. So I arrived at the wedding dinner, dressed in battle colours, in the middle of the king’s speech. I’m done playing nice with everyone.

She learns the ability to keep her friends close, and those who are close to her friends. Hence she didn’t get over Creston, and his suicide almost stopped in those last moments.

Knowing that her circle of confidence is smaller than she had imagined, Queen Hightour is about to enter into a circle of her own.

House of the Dragon: Episode Five – Titled The princess and the queen It will be available to watch on NOW and Sky starting Monday, September 26th.

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