As St. George's Rabbit Rescue Heads toward Lockdown, Dozens of Rabbits Need a Home - St. George's News

As St. George’s Rabbit Rescue Heads toward Lockdown, Dozens of Rabbits Need a Home – St. George’s News

Street. George – The impending closure of a domestic rabbit rescue operation has prompted the need for dozens of house rabbits to find a new home.

(LR): Volunteers Heather Timo and Tessa Sheen, founder of Hunny-Bunns Rabbit Rescue, Hope to Adopt Many Domestic Rabbits Under Their Care, St. George, Utah, August 26, 2022 | Photo by Stephanie DeGreau, St. George News

Twenty-six pairs of bonded rabbits should find homes by September 20, which is when Tessa Shean, founder of Hunny-Bunns Bunny RescueShe is heading to Florida to be with her sick husband who is undergoing treatment for cancer. The couple will not return to Utah.

Rabbits up for adoption are spayed/neutered, litter box trained and meticulously trimmed. And all the animals are rescued from homes they can no longer take care of.

Xian said she hopes to educate people about rabbits as well as find homes for rabbits, as they cannot survive in the wild, and should not be left in a backyard hut, as this environment is not ideal for rabbits and can shorten their lives.

“These are just house rabbits. I get questions from people who say, ‘Oh, yeah, we can take two rabbits.’ We have a huge backyard. And I just tell them, “I’m sorry, no,” Sheyan said. “I explain to them that the rabbit has to be indoors and somewhere where they can be around the action.”

Similar to companion animals such as cats or dogs, rabbits are curious and social creatures that want to be near their humans. If allowed to roam the house, she said, some rabbits would jump on a lap or sit and watch TV with their owner, adding that they are loyal, loving and intelligent.

Rabbits also need an area that feels safe and allows them to jump, run and stretch. Many people house their rabbits in their cellars and some rabbits are allowed to run out of the house.

One of the bunnies from the Hunny-Bunns bunny rescue, St. George, Utah, August 26, 2022 | Photo by Stephanie DeGreau, St. George News

As prey animals, rabbits do not like to be startled. Loud noises can cause a rabbit to panic and nervous, which is another reason why people should keep pet rabbits indoors at all times.

“They are a prey animal, so they expect someone to come and kill them,” she said. “So, the car door slams, kids are playing loudly, or a bird is flying overhead – it will scare them. And she can’t live like that… She deteriorates her body. Pet rabbits don’t live outdoors like house rabbits do.”

She added that many people don’t realize that rabbits need to be adopted in pairs, because rabbits bond for life. It will take five to seven days for the rabbits to bond. People who adopt need to understand that it is a huge commitment to rabbits, with some living up to 12 years.

They will need to be taken to a vet for tests and any other treatment they may need in the future. Owners must be willing to clean their pet’s enclosure and provide an environment that allows rabbits to explore.

The rabbit’s diet includes fresh hay, pellets, fresh vegetables, and fresh water. Chianne recommends 1/8 cup of pellets per rabbit each morning and evening. She uses oxbow pellets that are full of vitamins and minerals to help rabbits live long.

according to Best4Bunny’s website. Pet owners should be aware that some fruits and vegetables are not safe for rabbits. And that vegetables should be introduced gradually into their diet one by one. Otherwise, the pet can develop an upset stomach that causes diarrhea.

Rabbit owners should also be wary of giving rabbits too many carrots, as carrots are high in sugar and can cause health problems. Most rabbits love dark leafy greens and a variety of vegetables.

To adopt a pair of rabbits, contact Chianne by email or meet her at Petco in Washington City on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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