At $12,000, is this 1984 Volkswagen Jetta a coupe coupe?

At $12,000, is this 1984 Volkswagen Jetta a coupe coupe?

Nice price or no dice: 1984 Volkswagen Jetta

at same time, It was a Volkswagen JettaThe best selling car in the United Stateswo-door releases like today Good price or no dice The car didn’t contribute much to these numbers. Let’s see if it’s rare and his condition, can make this one Deserves Requests.

There was a lot of disagreement about last Friday 1964 sand dunes Its price is 8500 dollars. A few of you confirmed that it looks like a well-designed game for the price of the game. However, others demanded more cars for that kind of money. Finally, the dune buggy pulled out squeak with yesoutscore outs in 53 good price percent win over.

Now, Friday’s Dune Buggy may be Volkswagen-powered but we wouldn’t really call him a member of the VW clan. Today we’re going to look at a car that’s definitely part of the family, even if its two-door body shape means some of the owner The fam has to be very agile to get in and out of it Rear seat.

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this is 1984 Volkswagen Jetta 2-Door It represents the lesser-known version of what was once the most popular Volkswagen line. in early time The 1980s proved to be a difficult time for Volkswagen in the US rabbit sales, as they were declining sharply, while the Quantum, Sirocco and Fanagon were not sold in large numbers. The Jetta was the only bright spot in the rapidly dimmed Volkswagen sales picture.

This “Rabbit with a Trunk” hit was a bit of a hit here in the States as its combination of size, price, and big booty resonated with the car-buying audience. Elsewhere in the world, sales of the Golf (the bunny here) have outpaced the Jetta by three to one. Here in America, that ratio has been reversed. Most of those sales were a four-door saloon. this It is somewhat less practical but also two doors lighter.

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According to the ad, the car comes with a clear title and a clean bill of health for its emissions. The Craigslist ad doesn’t give much background, but there is another ad for the car Facebook Market It provides the following information:

This beautiful classic car is the 1984 Volkswagen Jetta Deluxe Coupe. This car is extremely rare. I’ve owned it for about 5 years now. I recently decided to move to another country due to life circumstances and I am selling my beloved Jetta. It has a clean California title along with a current smog check (passed with flying colors). It has a 1.7 liter single cam with a 5-speed manual transmission. The car and fuel dispenser was rebuilt by a local convenience store in the valley prior to my ownership. This car also has a working and updated air conditioning system, very cool. I had H&R Lowing Springs installed. The car is aligned and running straight (most low-end cars don’t). Euro Small fenders were installed during my ownership as well. This vehicle is a super steering tool for the enthusiast who knows what a vehicle actually is.

There have been plenty of updates to the car, most of which have been taken from the Golf GTI (i.e. wheels, seats and gearshift knob) but while the car has the GLI badge on its trunk lid, as shown in the ad, it has a 74 horsepower 1.7 under its hood, not 90 horsepower hottest 1.8. It has a five-speed stick for that scanty stable The ponies should be fun to pay.

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While you might feel sorry for the lesser engine, it’s worth noting that Volkswagen never brought the two-door GLI to the States. Gita this is kind of “what could have been” Sentences. Oh, and the GLI drive will fit in here just fine.

The car looks very beautiful also. The US market’s huge, plastic-covered bumpers have had the distinction of favoring a pair of smaller European-style units. As mentioned, the car rolls on the GTI/GLI BBS alloy, and looks like it’s in a fair position decent shape. The cabin looks great with sport cloth upholstery Seats and door insets. There is a little crack in the vinyl on the door covers, but other than that, everything looks very tidy and in good condition. Plus two glove boxes!

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According to the seller, it has 20,000 miles on the clock. I guess that You know? Since the car has flipped, broken or the car has been extensively rebuilt. This may be a point to bring up with a potential buyer.

Another car would be $12,000. This is again half the cost of a new car. Of course, the seller claims it’s in new condition now, so considering inflation, this is probably a bargain.

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What do you think, does $12,000 seem a fair price for this fun and well presented Jetta? Or will that not be very popular?

It’s your decision!

Los Angeles, California craigslistor go over here If the ad disappears.

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