Bighorn news: Conservation areas support FFA

Bighorn news: Conservation areas support FFA

Oasis students, Faith Torres May, left, and Phoenix Mathis pictured with George Pomeroy.

Oasis FFA has received donations from the Lahontan Conservation Area and Still Water Conservation Area. Both groups donated $500 to support students traveling to the FFA National Convention.

“This year young Hunter McNab ranked in the top ten in agricultural sciences. He is the only student in Nevada to qualify for Nationals in this field. This is a huge achievement. It would be great to have Oasis and Fallon represented,” said Jacky Bogdanovic, an NFL consultant. on the National Theatre.

According to Bogdanovic, the donations will help Hunter and another Oasis student attend the national convention.

“The farming community in Fallon continues to go even further with their support for FFA and students,” she added.

John Anthony Hallberg

Top Spotlight: John Anthony Hallberg

Senior John Anthony Hallberg has attended Oasis Academy since the school opened in 2011 as a first grader. He will finish his career at Oasis in May with not only a high school diploma but also an Associate of Arts and Welder certification from Western Nevada College.

“I came to Oasis the first year I opened as a first grader,” Hallberg said. “Over the years I’ve seen the school grow and expand with me as I get older. Now that I’m in my final year as an Oasis student, I’ve not only grown as a person, but an oasis with me has grown from a single old Walmart hallway into a highly respected school with no There are countless programs and opportunities available to students.

His longevity at Oasis also means that he had very influential teachers in the school.

“I would like to thank Mr. (Evan) Brandt for being one of the few teachers who has been able to explain mathematics to me where I have enjoyed it. I have struggled all my life with mathematics more than any other subject to the point of hating all mathematics classes. But Mr. Brandt is one of the only teachers I could To explain things to them in a way that I not only learned and kept, but wanted to learn more. This is something I will always appreciate. His lessons have always had a good time and I will always remember that.”

“Another teacher I would like to give a big thank you to is Mrs. Janet Renfrew. She was our 8th grade class teacher and always did her best to have a fun and engaging class. Not only was her patience through the roof with us, but I remember whenever a student looked sad or Nervous, she would pull them aside when she had the opportunity and talk to them one-on-one about how they were and if they wanted to. To talk about anything. This extra care of a student’s health is something I found really impressive and showed me that she really cares about all of us.

“One of the main tips I will give the students is to have fun all the time,” he said. “Go out with your friends on the weekend, joke with the teachers when the times are right, don’t hold a grudge with your classmates and remember the good times. High school doesn’t last forever, so enjoy the day now.”

After graduation, Hallberg plans to attend the University of Nevada, Reno and study criminal justice while being part of the ROTC program. His plan is to commission as a 21-year-old officer.

High Desert Feed brings food to school rabbits

George Pomeroy surprised with his High Desert Feed the oasis rabbits Milo and Blue with hay and pellets. Rabbits have been part of the Oasis herd for nearly a year now. Both Milo and Blue are located in Mrs. Angela Vera’s room, which is a treat for the students who come to visit them.

“Mello and Blue receive a lot of visitors during the day. Students will stop at the break or break to say hello and offer them a snack. Teachers and administrators will use rabbits as a reward for students and to help draw a smiley face for a child who needs refreshment,” said Vieira.

“We are so grateful for the generosity of Mr. Pomeroy and the High Desert Feed Company for bringing the food and pellets. It’s great to get this kind of support from a local company. We have two very happy bunnies.”

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