MultiVersus Bugs Bunny character guide

Bugs Bunny Character Guide (Best Tips & Strategies)

The most famous Looney Tunes character of all time, the lonely Bugs Bunny, is available to play in the new platform fighting game, MultiVersus.

Bugs Bunny is one of sixteen original playable characters that players can unlock in the new platformer fighting game, MultiVersus. With Acme squares full of tricks, Bugs Bunny is a versatile specialist who does well in 2×2 matches when paired with a melee character, like fellow Looney Tunes fighter Taz.

Bugs Bunny is not available at the beginning of the game but it can be unlocked in three ways: by spending 2000 gold and 700 MultiVersus Gleamium, or a personal ticket. Players will collect gold by playing through the campaign, completing missions, and completing challenges. Gleamium is a premium in-game currency that can only be purchased with real money. Character tickets are distributed when players purchase founder packs for the game.

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Players who want to specialize in a fighter with a long-range ability MultiVersus Or partner with a melee character for 2×2 matches you should take Bugs Bunny into account. He has a set of projectile attacks that will help in combat.

Best Bugs Bunny Strategies and Moves for MultiVersus

Similar to how Bugs Bunny appears in his cartoons, the character pulls weapons from the Acme chest to throw at his opponents. As with most movements, there is a cool-down period for many Bug Bunny’s MultiVersus Special attacks, so players must learn multiple moves to make the most of waiting times. The best Bugs Bunny moves are:

  • safe investment, Neutral + Special – This attack makes Bugs Bunny fall gracefully from the sky. Not only will it deal damage to the opponent it lands on, but players can hit the safe to send it flying, which can deal more damage if it hits another target.
  • Not magic IA, Side + Special on the ground – This move makes Bugs Bunny send a kiss towards the opponent. If you hit him, it causes a witch bug that stuns the enemy, leaving him vulnerable to attacks. Participate with a powerful attacker in the melee MultiVersusLike Taz with Taz-Nado, this can be a deadly combination.
  • missile rider, Side + Special in Air – Performing the same attack but in the air instead will cause Bugs Bunny to sit on a giant Acme missile flying across the stage, attacking enemies. Allies have a few seconds to jump on the missile before launching it, which will do more damage to any opponents on the flight path.
  • Special Deliver Missile, Up + Special – This is a rocket just like the last movie, but instead of pushing Bugs Bunny across the stage, it will be launched into the air and then collapse again; It can cause damage to opponents who bump into it on the way up and down.
  • burr rabbit, Down + Special – Bugs Bunny will hide underground, then go out and damage anyone under him. While underground, Bugs Bunny was in MultiVersus can not be damaged.

Bugs Bunny also has special perks, which are special abilities. Players can get four active perks at a time. There are two types of privileges: signature privileges, which are MultiVersus Character-specific, and general perks that any character can use. Each character has two distinct features that unlock at levels 8 and 10. Bugs Bunny’s perks are Comin’ Through Doc, which will release a shock wave as soon as it leaves the Bunny Burrow tunnel, and Lingering Love, who will leave a heart behind after performing a kiss, the charming and amazing enemies that crash into it.

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MultiVersus It will be released on July 26 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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