Izzie Eaton at her Clinton home holds three guinea pigs from the Guinea Pig Sanctuary (from left), Hazel, Bunny, and Sophie.

Clinton residents volunteer at the shelter

Jocelyn Eaton and her daughter Izzie commute to volunteer at the guinea pig sanctuary in Salisbury – it’s an hour from Clinton with no traffic – but they think it’s worth it.

“I love how cute and smart guinea pigs are. They are wonderful little pets,” said Jocelyn Eaton.

On average, there are 250-300 guinea pigs in the reserve, most of them waiting for adoption, after receiving a clean bill of health from a vet.

Eaton helps with adoption.

“It feels great to match the pig with the adopter. The family gets a great new companion, and the pig gets a forever loving home.” “Especially watching those who have been there for a long time being adopted.”

Eaton had guinea pigs as a child, but did not return to them until earlier this year. Eaton said she and 15-year-old Izzie decided in February to visit the guinea pig sanctuary. We brought a bunch of vegetables to feed the pigs, and we wanted to volunteer for the day.”

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