Disney Dreamlight Valley Creatures: Their favorite foods and how to feed them

Disney Dreamlight Valley Creatures: Their favorite foods and how to feed them

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers plenty of friendships to develop with classic Disney and Pixar characters, but there are a variety of other creatures that want your attention — or more specifically, your food. Creatures are scattered around each of the game’s biomes that you can feed, and doing so will earn you rewards like cosmetic items and Dream Shards. Every creature is a little different, although they all have a certain way of making them sit still and a favorite food that offers better rewards. Here’s all this information in one place for you.

How do you approach each creature and what do you feed them?


Squirrels are found in Plaza. Unlike some animals in later biomes, these little creatures will generally run into you and wait for you to feed them when they are hungry.

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Favorite food: Peanuts


Rabbits are found in peaceful meadow. When they are interested in food, they will run away from you a bit and jump up and down. Follow them and you will notice that they run away and do it again. Keep following them and let them bounce three times and they will finally let you feed them on the fourth stop.

Favorite food: Carrots

sea ​​turtle

Sea turtles are found in Dazzle Beach. If they are hungry, you will be able to get close to them, at which point they will hide inside their shell. Just stand there for a while until she comes out and lets you feed her.

Favorite food: seaweed


Raccoon is found in Forest of Courage. These creatures are fast-moving and hard to keep up, but when they’re hungry, they’ll just sit in one place and stare at you from afar. This is your chance to approach them calmly and slowly, walking forward only when they seem comfortable. If their heads are raised and you look around cautiously, they will run away from you again. Eventually, you’ll get close enough to get a claim to feed the little ones.

Favorite food: blueberry


Crocodiles are found in joy of confidence. They move around a lot, but like raccoons, they will stop and watch you from afar when they are hungry. When you see them standing motionless and meditating warily, this is your seriousness. Slowly move toward them when their heads are low, then stop once they start looking around again. Eventually, they will fall to the ground and wait for some food.

Favorite food: crab

Sunbirds are found in sunlit plateau. They flutter around the area quickly, but nothing special is required to get close to them as long as you can keep up.

Favorite food: At the time of this writing, the Orange Houseleek was a favorite food of one Sunbird but not another. We are continuing to test this.


Foxes are found in Frosted Heights. They are social creatures when they are hungry, so they will run up to you and bark at you to follow them. Chasing them wherever they take you the longest will eventually allow you to give them some grub.

Favorite food: white sturgeon


Crows are found in Forgotten Lands. Despite going up to the area and looking around, we haven’t encountered anything yet.

Favorite food: We haven’t found this animal’s favorite food yet.

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