Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy Quests

Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy Task Guide

Goofy is one of the oldest characters you will find in Dreamlight Valley. Unlike many others, it is already in the valley and you do not need to search for it. However, this does not mean that he does not need your help. You can help Goofy complete his quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley and improve friendship with him.

How to open jovi

To access Goofy, you will first need to go to Plaza and get pick. Now you have to make your way to peaceful meadow.

Dark and giant boulders will block your way, so you’ll need to use your pickaxe to beat it.

Once everything is cleared, you will see a house on your left. This is Goofy’s house! Just go home and talk to Goofy.

Jovi will tell you two problems that you need to solve. His stall needs repair and has lost his fishing rod. You can choose the problem you want to solve first.

It is recommended to fix his booth first. Talk to Scrooge McDuck to fix the Goofy booth. He will do it for free. And then the fishing rod will be next to the stall.

Take the fishing rod and give it to Goofy. He will be surprised and will give you the rod for fishing purposes. From there, Goofy will present you with the tasks you need to complete to keep going.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy Quests

There are a total of 6 missions for Goofy in Disney Dreamlight Valley shown below:

fishing trip

Now that you have a Goofy fishing rod, go to him and ask him how he fishes? After he gives you the instructions, head to any nearby body of water and prepare your fishing rod.

You won’t end up catching anything but seaweed. Go to Goofy again and show him what you got. He would be very happy to see this effort.

Then he will take you to the kiosk again. When you get there, just talk to him. It will tell you that you need to sign a contract with Scrooge McDuck to repair the kiosk.

McDuck will do it for free. Once you’re done, talk to Goofy and your task will be complete. It will give you some rewards as well.

warm welcome

Now you will cook with Goofy. You need to get it 3 basil and 3 oregano To help him cook.

Basil was found in Meadow and Oregano was found near the Plaza. Once you collect 3 of them, go to Goofy and then go to your house and use the stove.

You are free to cook anything with the things you have collected. Once you’re done, talk to Goofy and you’re done.

photographic memory

Goofy wants to help you with the scrapbook. He wants you to take some pictures. First of all, you will take pictures of a file Banana tree, apple tree and mulberry tree.

Just go out and find these easily. Take pictures and get back to Goofy. You will then be asked to take pictures Squirrels and rabbits. Go to Meadow and Plaza to find them respectively.

Go back to Goofy and then he will tell you he needs pictures of Dandelion, red chrysanthemum, green pen upward, white and pink falling Penstemon. Return to Goofy and the task will be completed.

Mysterious wreck

There is an island with this shaft covered in shade right when you pass an underground booth. There is also a paddle in the sand to the far end of the island. You have to pick it up and go to Goofy.

Goofy will ask you to find the following things to fix the raft:

  • 7x rope
  • 25x Clay
  • 10x iron ingots
  • 30x solid wood

After collecting the mentioned items, you have to go back to Goofy and they will give you another task to create your raft repair kit. You can create this group in crafting station.

Get your kit and go back to Goofy. Approach the raft and you will be given the option of using a repair kit to repair the raft. Once the raft is fixed, talk to Goofy and your mission will be complete.

Dinner with a friend

Mickey is a friend of Goofy and will come to dinner with Goofy. Goofy will ask you to bring him some seafood; 2 scallops, 2 clams and 2 shrimp.

Goofy will then ask you to cook the Bouillabaisse. Use the recipe book and go to the stove. You need to cook the same dish twice for both.

Once done, go to Goofy to complete the task.

photo fervor

Goofy will ask you to add more photos to the scrapbook. Once you agree, it will tell you that you need to take pictures of the following things again:

  1. Giant willow tree in the swamp
  2. Elephant cemetery in the plateau
  3. Scrooge’s store
  4. Remy Restaurant
  5. dream castle

Now once you are done taking these pictures, go to Goofy and it will give you another task to take pictures of the following pillars:

  1. Pillar of Friendship, located in the meadow area.
  2. Power shaft, located at Dazzle Beach.
  3. Trust column, located in the Glade of Trust.
  4. The Pillar of Courage, located in the Forest of Courage.

Finally, Goofy wants you to put on the hat in your inventory and take a selfie. Snap that final photo and you’re done.

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