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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to befriend crows

It’s easy to get close to and befriend crows in Disney Dreamlight Valley as long as the player has experience cooking five-star meals.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A recent update has not only added new content and characters, but also the crows that are expected as companion creatures. There are currently eight types of animal companions in Dreamlight Valley Players can make friends with them as a companion who will follow them as they improve the valley. Each of these eight species has different color variations that only appear at a specific time and day.

crows friendship in Disney Dreamlight Valley Different from any creature other players have seen. Players can easily befriend squirrels and sunbirds by getting close to them, rabbits and foxes by playing the card game. Raccoons, crocodiles and sea turtles require more patience and care before the player can approach them. All creatures require the player to feed them their favorite food if they also want a reward.

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How to unlock crows as companions in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

While all the other creatures are in the valley You have favorite foods too Crops you can grow Dreamlight Valley, the fish they can catch, or the items they can feed on, crows are a little more famous. Crows’ favorite food is a five-star meal. Players need to know the recipe for a five-star meal and get the ingredients, whether they are raised, hunted or foraged. Once players have brought their meal, they can head to the Forgotten Lands to get close to the crows.

Approaching crows in Disney Dreamlight Valley It is fairly obvious once the player has identified them. You will see crows fly around the forgotten lands, like sunbirds in the sunlit plateau. However, it can be difficult to see, given the dark and crowded landscape. Once the player finds a crow, he must approach it and stop moving. The crow will slide in a circle, after which the player will be able to easily approach. Like other creatures, crows will need to be fed several times before they are officially opened as companions. Players should note that there are five different shapes of the crow inside Disney Dreamlight Valley.

With the addition of crows to the latest update of Disney Dreamlight ValleyPlayers now have a variety of creatures that they can be companions. In addition, the update included a file Dreamlight Valley Halloween event And the A new interaction with his companions where the player can now pet his loyal creature. whether players will see new companions or new interactions in subsequent updates; However, the game is still only in early release and is expected to be free in 2023.

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