Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to feed the creatures and their favorite foods

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to feed the creatures and their favorite foods

Disney Dreamlight Valley isn’t just about living your best life as a farmer, miner, and general peacekeeper among your favorite Disney characters. In fact, the game is full of small and charming activities to take part in. One of them is feeding creatures around town!

You can watch the demo for an overview of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s gameplay here, and see how much you can do!

The creatures are the wilderness of Dreamlight Valley, and they are all wide-eyed and gorgeous as they are. From squirrels, to raccoons, to arctic foxes, you have plenty of people – and animals – to lean on throughout this game. However, it should be noted that some of these creatures are more difficult to approach and make friends with than others.

With this in mind, we explained How to find and what to feed each creature in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How do I feed the creatures in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Well, it is important to note first the restrictions that exist when feeding the creatures, so as not to waste time chasing them all over the plaza and elsewhere. Two of each creature will spawn each day in the area they normally inhabit. For example, Valor Forest will have two raccoons each day, and the Plaza will have two squirrels and rabbits.

Plus, you can only feed each creature once a day, and you’ll need to feed them their favorite food if you’re hoping they drop a Dream Shard or something else good. You can also unlock Critters as companions, a type of pet, by feeding them for two days!

As for what every furry friend wants, we’ve explained it below!


These guys can be found in the Plaza and come in five different variants: classic, grey, black, white, and red. They do not need any pimping, and can be approached simply by running to them. Their favorite food is peanuts.


These adorable little guys—honestly, one of the best animals in existence if you ask me—are at Peaceful Meadows. Their types are classic, calico, black, brown, and white and they are clearly a big fan of carrots.

When it comes to getting close to them, walk towards them, and eventually they will bounce back a bit before they run away again. You will want to do this three times before the rabbit actually allows you to feed them.

sea ​​turtle

You can expect to find these guys near the water at Dazzle Beach, who are big fans of seaweed. You’ll find them in classic, black, brown, purple, and white variants.

You will notice that the sea turtle will retreat into its shell the closer you get to it. Simply stand still and wait for his head to pop out again, and you will then be able to feed him.


Raccoons are some of the most mischievous creatures in the lot, and they made me do a lot of running around Valor Forest before I finally realized how to get on their good side. These creatures are like blueberries, and will appear in classic, black, red, blue, and white variants.

Get close to the raccoon, and eventually they will sit on their hind legs like meerkats. When they do, stand still, and as soon as they are temporarily bent, take a step forward. Keep repeating this, and eventually you will be close enough to the raccoon to be able to feed it.

Player looking at a raccoon in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Crocodiles are in the Glade of Trust, and they are much smaller than you might think. These little guys appear in classic, blue, pink, red, white and gold variants, like lobster.

Approaching them is very similar to the way you would approach raccoons. Wait for the crocodile to stand still and look down, then crawl closer. Stand still whenever they search. Eventually, you’ll be close enough to interact with them.

sun birds

Sunbirds, while not a favorite animal so to speak, certainly stand out as one of the most beautiful creatures in Dreamlight Valley. They can be found on the Sunlit Plateau, in orchid, red, emerald, turquoise and gold hues. As for snacks, their favorite is the bromeliad flower.

These guys can be approached whenever you can get close, although they will speed up very quickly.

A player looking at a sunbird in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Foxes are found in Frosted Heights, and they love to snack on white sturgeon. Their shapes are classic, red, black, white, and brown, and these guys behave similarly to rabbits.

You’ll need to chase foxes a few times before you can actually interact with them, just as you did with the Peaceful Meadows rabbits.

Crows are another animal expected to be in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but we haven’t encountered them yet. We’ll be sure to update this space when we learn more about the mysterious bird.

That’s it for feeding the creatures across Disney Dreamlight Valley. To learn more about the game, check out how to find several important resources such as Iron Ore and Clay, and how you can quickly settle your friendships.

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