Jeffrey Shaver-Moskowitz, an executive portfolio producer at Disneyland Resort, stands in front of a scale model of Toontown at the D23 Expo in Anaheim (Spectrum News/Joseph Pimentel)

Disney unveils revamped Disneyland Town

Anaheim, California – When Mickies’ Toontown reopens sometime early next year, visitors will see a newly reimagined area of ​​Disneyland.

What you need to know

  • Disney brings a new attraction and revamps Toontown at Disneyland
  • The new Toontown reimagines several attractions including Goofy’s House, Donald’s Boat and many other areas
  • Disney Imagineers said the new Toontown would be an inclusive area for all kids and families
  • The new Mickey Ride and Toontown will reopen in early 2023

The moment visitors walk under the Disneyland train platform that separates Fantasyland and Towntown, they will first encounter Centennial Park.

There, they’ll see a large manicured lawn, and in the center, a Dream Tree modeled after the same tree Walt Disney used to sit under in his hometown of Marceline, Missouri, Jeffrey Schaefer Moskovitz, executive portfolio producer, said. At the Disneyland Resort.

There are large protruding roots around the tree where children can explore, climb and hang on.

Walking further, visitors will see a water fountain with a statue of Mickey and Minnie. Unlike other water fountains in the theme park, this water fountain is interactive and invites park goers to touch, play with, and spray the water on its base.

“We want you to play,” Shaver-Moskowitz told Spectrum News during the weekend Earth preview at the D23 Expo. “We want this to be an interactive and inclusive experience for everyone of all abilities.”

A scale model of Toontown is on display at Exhibit D23 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim (Spectrum News/Joseph Pimentel)

Disney showcased one of its most anticipated grounds, and rides, during last weekend’s biennial fan festival at the Anaheim Convention Center.

A pair of Toontown miniatures shown at the conference show what the newly reimagined area might look like once it’s completely renovated and opens sometime early next year.

Disney closed Toontown, the land themed from the 1988 movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” Earlier this year for renovations.

The focal point of the new Toontown, and the catalyst for significant renovations, will be Disney’s new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Rail ride, an attraction that brings riders inside Mickey’s latest short film, “Perfect Picnic.” ride ahead For the first time in Walt Disney Worldto Disneyland in early 2023.

Visitors will line up inside the lobby of the new El Capitoon Theater, where they will watch performances of Mickey’s animator career in props called “Mickey Through the Years.”

“Experience the entire queue so you can see the pre-show of ‘Perfect Picnic’ that is unique to Disneyland and something we’re really excited to bring to life here,” Shaver-Moskowitz said. “Bringing in that allure gives us the opportunity to reimagine Toontown, a land that is amazingly beloved.”

Some of the other major changes coming to Toontown include a re-imagining of Goofy’s House and a Donald Duck boat.

Go Coaster has been renamed from Gadget to Chip and Dale’s Gadget Coaster. Meanwhile, Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin, which underwent a makeover last year, is still part of the land.

Inside Goofy’s house, Goofy makes candy for his friends. It helps sort that candy.

“It’s a whole new kinetic experience,” Shaver-Moskowitz said. He warned that cuteness is not a sweet shop and that children will not eat sweets.

Runaway railroad ride show Mickey and Minnie. (Image credits to Disney)

Meanwhile, nearby, Donald’s boat zips from the inside out. Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby are seen through the hatches for help. Streams of water will flow from the small holes in the boat, and children and visitors can flock around the wading area outside the boat.

Shaver-Moskowitz added that there are other places around Toontown where kids can play and explore. The land will also house new restaurants and shopping experiences.

“What we wanted to do was provide a place for families and youngsters to have new adventures and new experiences, as well as for parents and adults to have a more relaxing and enjoyable stay in Toontown while their children run and play,” he said.

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