DIY Jobs: Five Low-Cost Jobs to "Increase the Value of Your Home" on a Budget

DIY Jobs: Five Low-Cost Jobs to “Increase the Value of Your Home” on a Budget

With many of the home working and others continuing to spend more time indoors, those looking to purchase have more attention to detail and high expectations for their living space. Whether you’re looking to list a property in the near future or you just want to enhance your space, there are many low-cost DIY ways to do it. According to research conducted by gadget rental company fastOne in five Britons says that increasing the value of their home is the most important consideration when deciding whether to prioritize renovations.

Within this, homeowners also said that kitchens, bathrooms, and gardens were the ones most in need of improvement. Typically, these areas of the home are the ones that can add the most value to a property when renovated to a high standard.

Matthew Clague of Speedy shared tips on DIY fireplaces that will “boost your home’s value” while on a budget.

1. Shaping your own outer shape

The expert told “A first impression is very important and the first photo on the list is almost always the outside of a property, which is why a nice exterior should be the priority.

Bringing a new touch of paint to your home is a simple and inexpensive way to make your home appear more attractive at first glance to potential buyers.

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“This includes renewing any paint on exterior walls, as well as painting fences, garden walls, and garden gates.”

When painting a home’s facade and exterior walls, the expert recommends taking the time to fill in any imperfections, remove loose paint with sandpaper, and use masking tape to cover windows and door frames. To save time and ensure a good finish, the British can always choose a paint sprayer.

2. Rethink your flooring

“People are looking for traditional features and original wood floors are especially popular with buyers,” Matthew said. “If you live in an older home and have a tired or unfinished laminate rug, consider pulling it up and polishing your wood floors to their former glory.”

“For this, you’ll need a floor sander, an edge sander, and a free weekend. Before you start, make sure you remove any nails or screws from your floorboards that could pick up and tear the paper, and sand diagonally across your floorboards as this will to remove any protrusions in the floor.

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4. Create a home office

Matthew continued: “With more people working from home than ever before, a good home office space is a must. In fact, research has shown that adding a home office can add between eight to 10 percent to the value of your property.

“If you have a spare room in the house that you can make more of, de-clutter and transform it with a desk, chair, and simple shelving.

“You can even take advantage of the space under the stairs and set it up in the corner of an office on a budget. To do this, buy a file cabinet that can fit under the stairs and source wood for a table top and use as a wall bracket.”

Measure the width of the space and cut a piece of wood that size for the stand. Then the expert recommended that you mount it to the wall with a drill, screws and screws so that the table is level when the filing cabinet is on the other side, opposite the stairs.

After following these DIY tips, you should have a home office space to work with, ideal for all types of work.

5.Tip top tiling

The expert noted, “The bathroom is the other room in the house that gets the most wear and tear. There are ways to improve an old bathroom before you sell your property, no matter how tight your budget is.”

“In addition to bringing a touch of neutral paint to the space, a smart touch of bathroom accessories, including curtains, shower curtains, toothbrush holders and storage baskets, will make a big impact.

“If you’re willing to invest a little more, remodeling the room or parts of it will make all the difference.”

Before applying anything, the expert recommended making sure the surface is clean, dry and flat. To calculate the number of tiles you need, measure the length and width of the tiles and the area and leave about 15 percent of the extra waste.

Matthew added, “It’s best to hire a tile cutter to cut the tiles into the correct shape. Apply your chosen adhesive to the wall and press the tiles into the adhesive, one at a time, placing tile spacers between the tiles.”

Allow at least 24 hours for the adhesive to dry, then fill in the gaps with a mortar and a rubber edge squeegee, before cleaning the tiles with a damp sponge.

Before starting any DIY business, it is important for Brits to have the right tools to give them a professional touch.

More than half (54 percent) of people surveyed by Speedy said they don’t know if they have the tools to tackle different manual jobs.

Speedy has a collection of over 3,500 tools and pieces of equipment for hire to ensure families get the best out of their work.

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