Three alternate versions of Link from The Legend of Zelda - Fierce Deity Link, Dark Link, and Ravio.

Each alternate version of the link is arranged

the legend of zelda Spanning dozens of titles, and while Link has always appeared as the hero, alternate versions of him appear as friends and foes throughout the series. As Link’s adventures through Hyrule shape and transform the Earth, the magic he encounters on his travels often changes him as well. Link has had his fair share of setbacks through the ages, but these alternate connections are often some of the most adorable characters in the franchise.

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There have been dozens of iterations of Link, Hylia’s Chosen Hero, many of them playing the mainline player character. Zelda Game. However, Zelda’s timeline is also filled with plenty of doppelgangers, clones, and featured characters. transformations the legend of zeldaEngagement that appear in every age. While Link’s more outlandish forms tend to be related to their respective game plots and mechanics, some are seen to play more significant roles in the game’s overall narrative. Zelda series as well.

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Regardless of their influence on Zelda However, each alternative version of Link has a lot of unique traits that make it stand out from the rest. Some of them carry God-like power and strength, while others bring the darkness of a hero’s heart. From scary to fierce, here’s every alternate version of Link – and how they’re arranged.

Bunny Link appears as A link to the past, and while she’s gorgeous, she’s become pretty helpless in that form. When Link first arrives in the Dark World, he transforms into a pink rabbit instead of a demon. ZeldaIt is said that the dark world of Link and others to reflect their true nature, but unfortunately Link can’t use his weapons or armor like that. Switching to a Bunny Link is often a punishment when a player bumps into certain objects or enemies, putting this link at the bottom of the list.

Green, blue, red, and purple links for four swords And the Four swords adventures It is a group of clones that split up by drawing four aptly named swords. While these Links are technically the heroes of their era, each version has its own quirks, characters, and styles. These different versions are suitable for four swords Games like this replica links allow players to form a team and enjoy unique multiplayer Zelda experience together. However, aside from their unique color schemes, there isn’t much that makes the four links stand out from the rest of the links on this list.

while the Triforce split in the legend of zelda Giving a link to the piece related to bravery, the parallel selves in the kingdom of Lorule have a unique quest for bravery in A link between worlds. Ravio, a rabbit merchant, appears at Link’s house and establishes a merchandise shop early in the game. However, it is later revealed that he is a purple-haired hero in an alternate universe.

But without the Triforce, the kingdom of Lorule falls into ruin, causing Princess Hilda to unite with the evil Yuga to steal the Triforce of Hyrule. Despite his incredible fear, Ravio escapes to Hyrule to help her hero save the kingdom. Although a coward, Ravio is truly a brave hero – although he can at least offer his stuff for free for rent.

Twilight Princess Transforms hero into Wolf Link when he enters twilight. Wolf Link brings a unique and aesthetic makeover to Twilight PrincessSlow and dreary gameplay, but also has a number of unique abilities in this format that change the way players interact with the world around them. Wolf Link’s senses allow him to track scents and see hidden secrets, and he has a unique set of attacks that give players a break from sword-slashing. Medina is also able to twist it across the area when in this shape, allowing the player to travel quickly.

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However, Wolf Link’s best abilities in Twilight Princess communication. Wolf Link can summon a golden wolf by howl, which will teach him new skills. This version of Link is also able to talk to animals, such as the cats and dogs that inhabit Hyrule Castle Town. Even Epona can hold a conversation with a Wolf Link, making this alternate model one of the series’ coolest variations.

Dark Link is one of the . files Zelda series’ The most famous enemies, this little boss often appears as a reflection of the shadow in the heart of the hero. This fearsome enemy often mirrors Link’s moves, requiring the player to use both skill and strategy to defeat him. Dark Link’s unforgettable appearance as a sub-chief of ocarina of timeThe infamous Water Temple forced players to encounter it in a reflective pool of water, leaning heavily on the avatars of the scene.

While the health, skills, and appearance of the Dark Link are all nearly identical to that of Link himself, theories and lore regarding the origins and intentions of the dark doppelganger have inspired more intrigues among fans than any other alternative version of Link. Dark Link appears as a representation of Twili Interlopers in the format Twilight PrincessWhich raised a number of questions about Hyrule’s history that still need to be answered. The linker can also get a file Dark Link is set in Breath of the wild To increase his movement speed at night, but the people he meets will treat him as a monster while he carries the demonic appearance of the Dark Link.

The ferocious deity is a mysterious entity that appears at the end of Majora mask If Link can collect all 20 masks in the game. This alien being is said to represent everyone’s feelings in Termina, which are supported by the somewhat emotional tasks that Link must complete to obtain each mask. However, despite his incredible strength and striking aesthetic, little is known about the ferocious deity, which has led to much fan speculation.

Regardless of his unknown origins, the power of a ferocious deity makes him among the most powerful versions of Link in the entire series. Double helix blade The Fierce Divine Sword allows it to bind To deal more damage in the game’s final boss battle, putting him on a par with Majora’s own power. Compared to other alternative versions of Link, Fierce Deity is by far the most powerful, ranking first in this The the legend of zelda List of levels.

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