'Easy to grow and maintain' plants that require little effort - 'perfect for beginners'

‘Easy to grow and maintain’ plants that require little effort – ‘perfect for beginners’

Houseplants provide many benefits including improving your mood and purifying the air indoors. With so many types of indoor plants on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose, and how much care each one requires. One expert shared a variety of different plants that are “easy to grow and maintain” as well as being “almost indestructible.”

Zack Morgan, horticultural expert and horticulturist at Fantastic Services, explained: “These are some of the best plants you can’t kill even if you wanted to. They basically thrive on neglect.

“Mother of thousands… It is very easy to grow and maintain. This drought tolerant plant is very adaptable to various environments and adverse moisture conditions.

“In their natural environment, they are a type of weed. It is a very amazing plant that only requires bright light.

“They produce little baby plants that are offsets to the main plant, and that is how they reproduce. They will fall into the soil and grow on their own.”

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“The ZZ plant is drought tolerant and only needs bright light and occasional watering – every other day or even once a week.

“You can put it in the darkest corners of your house and you’ll be fine.”

Another popular houseplant is golden lament, known for its green, heart-shaped leaves with yellow tinting. The expert said they handle a range of “extreme conditions” without complaint.

Of all the houseplants, Zach said, the golden potho is the one that tolerates the most neglect. They can go a long time without being watered, and they like high and low light levels.

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The horticulturist continued, “An air plant, too. They get their nutrients from the air using only their leaves rather than the roots. They’re hardy, low-maintenance, and perfect for beginners and forgetful gardeners.”

Household jade plants are said to attract wealth and fortune and are very popular due to their low maintenance qualities. These are difficult to kill and can “live for decades,” the expert said.

The sago palm, known for its dark green fronts on almost ornamental stems, is among the toughest houseplants on the market. According to the expert, they perform well in “all conditions”.

Aloe vera, succulents, as well as aloe vera are very hardy plants that can withstand many different conditions as well as very little watering.

“It’s hard to kill cacti and succulents unless you overwater them,” Zach said. “No matter what type you’re planting, you’ll just need to keep them in bright light.”

“Aloe vera is nearly indestructible by nature and does well in harsh conditions. Its fleshy leaves store water like sap, and you don’t have to worry about wearing them too often.”

According to the expert, it is impossible to kill an orchid cactus because it is quite tolerant of neglect. Zach added, “They can be watered a little every day, but they bloom best when watered once every ten days.”

Gardeners looking for low-maintenance houseplants should choose the lucky yucca or bamboo plant. The yucca plant is often known as a “waterless plant” because it thrives with minimal care.

Lucky bamboo is ideal for those who don’t get a lot of natural light indoors, but it should be kept on a cobblestone tray to increase humidity.

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