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Welcome back, TJR readers! Did you spend all Friday deciphering bunnies and miss WWE Smackdown? You probably spent all of Mondays freezing your ass after you kicked a soccer ball in the face and missed the raw.

Don’t worry because I’m back with another top ten wrestling story of the week.

10. Sasha Banks Changes Her Twitter Handle

The Sasha Banks saga continued this week. After intense rumors circulated about Banks’ return to WWE, it is currently unknown when or if she will return. Banks this week changed her Twitter account from @SashaBanksWWE to her real name, MercedesVarnado. Banks has not been seen in WWE since she left with partner Naomi on the May 16 issue of Raw. We’ll all have to keep waiting and see if Banks returns to WWE, but I have a feeling it’s going to depend a lot on the impact it can have on her bank statement. (TJR Wrestling)

9. Braun Bricker defends the NXT Championship in a Triple Threat match

Bron Breakker’s chances of leaving NXT Halloween Havoc on October 22 with the NXT World Championship are down 33.3% this week. Last Tuesday on NXT, former NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov came to the ring to challenge Breakker to a match. Then number one contender J.D. McDonagh came out to remind everyone that he was next in line for a key shot. Breakker then joined the party, and did some Steiner math to let Dragunev and McDonagh know they’d both face off at Halloween Havoc. For those unaware, Steiner Math is just like regular math but more confusing, like the Metric System. (TJR Wrestling)

8. Sami Zayn Honorary Designation Uce

After tagging the band for weeks, Sami Zayn is finally an official member of The Bloodline. Last Friday on Smackdown, Zayn and The Bloodline gave a promo in the ring. Zayn kicked off the promotion by showing his gratitude to The Bloodline and publicly recognizing Roman Reigns as a tribal chief. Reigns would then respond by asking Zayn to take off The Bloodline Shirt, with Jey Uso eventually ripping the shirt off of it. Then Reigns told Zayn that he would never wear that shirt again, because he had gotten a new one. He then gave Reigns a new T-shirt that read “Honorary Uce”. Cheerful Zayn then hugged Reigns, while Ji Uso looked visibly upset. Getting that excited about the shirt usually sounds weird, but you have to remember that it cost $35 in the ring. (TJR Wrestling)

7. Candice LeRae returns to WWE

Johnny Gargano’s wife didn’t take long to follow him to WWE. Last Monday on Raw, Candice LeRae made a shocking comeback. LeRae would go on to defeat Nikki ASH in less than two minutes, causing ASH to tear off her mask in frustration. LeRae has not been seen on WWE television since competing for NXT in July of 2021. LeRae was forced to stop wrestling shortly thereafter, due to pregnancy with her and Gargano’s first child (their child Quill was born in February 2022). LeRae’s contract would then expire while she was out, with her decision at the time not to re-sign. Upon seeing LeRae’s return, Gisele Bundchen immediately called the Tampa Bay Buccaneers front office to inquire about the play center. (TJR Wrestling)

6. Chris Jericho to face Bryan Danielson at the ROH . World Championships

For the first time in 13 years, Brian Danielson will compete for the ROH World Championship. Last Wednesday at Dynamite, Jericho successfully defended the ROH Championship against former champion Bandido. After the match, Jericho proceeded to perform a promotion and challenge Danielson to a ROH Championship match on the October 12 episode of Dynamite in Toronto. Jericho then claimed that he was about to destroy everything associated with the Ring of Honor, before attacking broadcaster Bobby Cruz. If Jericho really wants to destroy everything associated with ROH, I’d recommend that he suggest Tony Kahn get more media after the show. (TJR Wrestling)

5. Drew McIntyre and Carrion Cross to compete in a belt match at Strict Rules

Both Drew McIntyre and Carrion Cross will be tied down on October 8th. Last Friday at Smackdown, Drew McIntyre came to the ring and announced that he would face Karrion Kross in a belt match at Extreme Rules. Scarlett then came down to the ring, while Cross proceeded to attack McIntyre from behind. McIntyre started to gain an advantage over Kross however, hitting Kross with the belt several times. This led to Scarlett entering the ring and trying to hit McIntyre with a fireball, but she was missing by a mile. He then hit Scarlett McIntyre with a low blow, causing Cross to sleep McIntyre with Crossover’s sleeping jacket. Kroes should have an advantage at Extreme Rules, since after hooking up to the stunt Vince McMahon gave him, this should be a walk in the park. (TJR Wrestling)

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4. Bayley vs Bianca Belair in a ladder match at Strict Rules

WWE Extreme Rules will live up to its name this year. After already announcing strict rules, bar, Fight Pit and I Quit Match for the premium live event, WWE has decided to add Ladder Match as well. Last Monday on Raw, Bayley challenged Bianca Beller to a ladder match at Strict Rules for the Raw Women’s Championship. This match in addition to Straub, Donnybrook, Extreme Rules, I left and pit-fighter match that was already announced for the show. This is a stark contrast to last year’s Extreme Rules event which only had one match on the show. Triple H is clearly trying to bring Extreme to the ring, while Vince McMahon has been more focused on getting “extreme” outside the ring. (TJR Wrestling)

3. The Great Death Saves Sting in AEW Revolution

Sting got some help from an old competitor last Friday at the AEW Rampage Grand Slam. Sting and Darby Allen were facing House of Black members Brody King and Buddy Matthews at the event, when House of Blacks manager Julia Hart handcuffed Sting’s hands behind his back. The House of Black then continued the attack on Sting and Allin, before the lights went out and The Great Muta shockingly entered. Then Motta easily beat the House of Black, helping Sting take the win. Later in the week, Pro Wrestling Noah announced that Sting would be part of the Mota retirement match in Yokohama, Japan on January 22, 2023. This will be the first time in 25 years that Sting has competed in Japan. This would be Motta’s last match of his legendary career, unless of course he is offered a tag match in Nashville, Tennessee. (TJR Wrestling)

2. More raises the white rabbit

WWE has continued to speculate about who the mysterious White Rabbit is this week. Last Friday at Smackdown, there was another QR code that led to the “White Rabbit” game that gave the coordinates to Edmonton, Alberta, where Rao was on Monday. Smackdown fans also received leaflets with the “White Rabbit” on their cars. The hints then continued in Raw, with another QR code appearing. This code led to a 16-second video that showed WWE Superstars from past and present, as well as the coordinates that led to a giant pink rabbit. Interestingly enough, the video also showed the zip code for Corbin, Kentucky. Corbin, Kentucky is famous for being the birthplace of Kentucky, and that probably means that no matter who the white rabbit is, it will cause you diarrhea. (TJR Wrestling)

1. Edge to Face Finn Bálor in I Quit at Extreme Rules

The R-rated star is back on Monday Night Raw. On Monday Raw, Priest Damian lost at Judgment Day to Matt Riddle. After the match, Priest and fellow Doomsday members Finn Balor, Dominic Mysterio, and Rhea Ripley attacked Riddle. This would lead to Edge’s sudden return, to help fight Judgment Day. Edge then continues to challenge Bálor to an I Quit match at Extreme Rules on October 8. It should be noted that to win an I Quit Match, you must make your opponent click or submit, not reveal millions of dollars in silent money payments. (TJR Wrestling)

This concludes another edition of the top ten wrestling stories of the week. Although I often joke, I recently started judging New York City And the loosen upIt respects more than ever what wrestlers do each week. I wrote an article about everything here. If you like what I do, though, my jokes were as bad as living in gangsta paradise. Then follow me on Twitter Tweet embed Thank you for taking the time to read this every week.

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