EFSA weighs the safety and efficacy of cinnamon bark, leaf oil, and sources of L-lysine

EFSA weighs the safety and efficacy of cinnamon bark, leaf oil, and sources of L-lysine

Three forms of L-lysine are effective for non-ruminants

Liquid L-lysine Concentrate, L-lysine HCl and Concentrated Liquid L-lysine HCl are an effective source of the essential amino acid L-lysine for non-ruminant animal species, as found by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

“For supplemental L-lysine to be as effective in ruminants as it is in non-ruminant species, it requires protection against decomposition in the rumen,”He said the FEEDAP panel of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

The European Union Commission asked experts to provide a scientific opinion on the efficacy and safety of additives consisting of three forms of lysine, liquid L-lysine concentrate (minimum 50% L-lysine), solid L-lysine monohydrochloride (minimum 78% L-lysine). lysine), and L-lysine monohydrochloride (at least 22.4% L-lysine), produced by Escherichia coli NITE BP-02917, for all animal species.

The three forms of the additive are produced by the French company Metex NoovistaGo.

It is intended for use in the feeding of all kinds of animals as food and as a sensory additive in terms of flavour. The European Food Safety Authority determined that all three were effective as feed flavoring compounds under the proposed conditions of use.


FEEDAP Panel have foundThe production strain did not carry antimicrobial resistance genes and no viable cells from the production strain were detected in the final products. They said that because there were no worrisome sequences in the production strain, the potential presence of this DNA did not raise safety concerns.

Experts have concluded that using the three forms of L lysine in feed is safe for the target species. The EFSA team said that this finding will also cover sensory applications. Products used in animal feed are safe for consumers and the environment.

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