Elrow brings a new theme to Miami for Art Basel

Elrow brings a new theme to Miami for Art Basel

The world’s most famous brand of immersive events, Hello Excited to reveal the lineup of their most epic themes to date, Delusionville– A 12-hour journey into the collaborative minds of the legendary street artist and “Art Phenomenon”And the Ron EnglishThe Arnau familyAnd the Link Miami Rebels (CLUB SPACE, SPACE PARK). Held in the sprawling New Miami Factory City place, Delusionville The first and only show in the USA will be performed during the award ceremony Basel art A week in Miami on the 1st of December. Dubbed an XXL version, Delusionville will feature some of the most requested DJs from Underground House and Tech in an immersive explosion of surreal artistic color, blending folk art and stunning production. .

“It’s weird that Elrow and my team would create the Delusionville universe in a real life scale. I couldn’t imagine a more impactful way to bring my universe to the public.”Ron English

“This is our best theme so far, the brand continues to evolve, this time doing so with the help of Ron English, to recreate his world in a very unique and realistic way. I feel we have outgrown ourselves in blending art, music and party. We have opened up new creative horizons.”Juan Arnao (Founder of Elrow)

Connecting line:

Presenting Delusionville’s unique mini-fest soundtrack from sunset to sunrise from the world’s most recognizable DJs. As Elrow spreads happiness, with her fun, positive, and beautiful rhythmic choices, there is no one more fitting than the avant-garde artist and activist. Blonde: the nest To create the all-encompassing ambiance that will take the entourage into the happy world of Delusionville. Joining her is vocally detailed, always adventurous, Baku Osuna An essential name in the Elrow family. In addition to the catering house disco DombreskyPetsmith, United Kingdom Clooney, Spanish sensation de la swingdazzling Manda Moore, Plus the sexy B2B-resident of the elrow Tenny Geisler And the Bastian Box.

Hosting the second stage is naming Beef, The prestigious imprint of the widely acclaimed Dutch-Indonesian artist, rip. Joining him will be one of the most beloved emerging talents on the scene, who is an Amsterdam native to a man, And the queens of the groove Mrs. Mada And the Natalia Roth.

What exactly is Delusionville?

Delusionville at Elrow is a lively reinterpretation of celebrities Bubaganda An artistic movement, the fruit of the imagination of the creator and founder of Bubaganda, Ron English. Delusionville is one of the largest modern urban art galleries, featuring a cast of characters who live in an upside-down underground world where everyone’s social standing is respected. Delusionville is a world where characters are animals, not people, who have their own religions, politics, and customs.

At Elrow, we are fascinated by creative minds and bold visionaries. We are always working to break the limits of our software. Now we want to impress our fans once again, nothing more, nothing less, with a tailor-made collaboration with Ron English, “the godfather of street art”. – Juan Arnau

(Photo: Tony Flynn)

what are you expecting?

After the closing ceremony of Ibiza was recently sold out in memory loss, With over 6000 hours of work, with more than 135 workers and more than 80 pieces of art, the world’s wildest party brand is now excited to offer its newest immersive experience to date, Delusionville, from the White Isle to America. Ron English, distinguished by his own style and unusual interpretation of the most extreme, satirical and humorous art, will be reflected in this journey into pop culture in ELO.

Like all elrow gatherings, attendees can expect reality to be left behind as they enter this new world that has its own rules and existence. On December 1, Factory Town will transform into an upside-down underground world with morphing landscapes inhabited by anthropomorphic animals wrestling with delusions of ecstasy and heartbreak as music pulsates from sunset to sunrise from the scene’s most dynamic DJs. Think of it as if Aesop’s legends meet Animal Farm. Delusionville’s characters span history’s social hierarchies, from mighty hawks to humble wolves, earnest sheep to adventurous pigs, giving voice to the greatest illusion!

“We are thrilled to be back in Miami for Art Basel and collaborating with famous artist Ron English. This will be the only opportunity in the US to experience his world from Delusionville in Elrow. It surpasses anything we have done before. We are excited to collaborate with our new partners at Space Miami and bring the experience of Epic XXL Ero for Miami at Art Basel!– Michael Julian, Special Adviser to Elo

History of Elrow & Art Basel:

Delusionville is a continuation of Elrow’s collaboration with the most famous contemporary artists to create a unique and multi-sensory experience in Miami at Art Basel. 2019 show Theme “Kaos Garden”, which premiered the collaboration between Elo and the multidisciplinary artist, Okuda San Miguelwhich – which The New York Times called Elrow and “The splendor of art and music…a roving party part Cirque du Soleil, part Alice in Wonderland” And the Forbes described as “A mysterious and imaginary world full of colours.And now, Elrow takes it a step further, inviting attendees to step into the mind-blowing world of Ron English and indulge him in a trick-or-treat party during one of the country’s most exclusive art gatherings.

This unique blend of Elrow and Ron English promises to be an unforgettable journey through the whimsical-looking glass of two creative superstars at the top of their games, and a sensory artistic experience never before seen in America. Before.

Get ready to go down the rabbit hole with Elrow and Ron in this 12-hour special amid the beautiful mayhem that represents Delusionville…

With his characters, history, and narration, no other artist fits Elrow’s concept better. This is Elrow’s strongest theme so far.

(Photo: Tony Flynn)

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About Elrow:

Elrow was created in 2010 by Cruz and Juan Arnau, the sixth generation of entrepreneurs from the Arnau family, who also founded the legendary Monegros Festival and Club Florida 135 in Fraga, Aragon. In 2017, Elrow entered into an investment and partnership agreement with Superstruct Entertainment, a live entertainment platform powered by Providence Equity Partners. Elrow is the all-encompassing brand of a series of fully immersive shows, which has become a global reference point in the circus-inspired party scene thanks to its perfect blend of the best electronic music with unimaginable scenarios, frenzied shows and weird characters.

Regarded as the premiere party in Ibiza, Elrow also holds prestigious residencies in Madrid, London, Dubai and Amsterdam to name a few. In addition, the ElrowTown Great Travel Festival has expanded to four cities, including Antwerp, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and London throughout 2019. Elrow has consistently broken attendance records with more than 2 million people attending 134 shows hosted in 65 cities in 33 international regions.

Elrow has taken the world by storm with the wildest and most hilarious environments in their shows, which is a huge factor in their rapid growth from a small Spanish party based in Barcelona into a global entertainment powerhouse that has now won over 80 cities on 6 continents with global residencies.

About Ron English:

Ron English is one of the most influential street artists of all time. Born in Illinois (USA) and lived in New York, his unique universe has inspired urban artists all over the world. The English, known as the “godfather of street art”, got their start in the art industry as the founder of Bhaganda, an era he devised to describe the amalgamation of themes and the mixture of pop art and message. Ron’s work includes weird and surreal characters ranging from three-eyed bunnies to crazy clowns, featuring references from pop culture, the advertising industry, and animation that includes plenty of famous icons from Western culture like The Flinstones, Tony The Tiger, and more.

We are facing one of the most prolific and vibrant artists recognized today. Ron bombarded the world scene with unforgettable photos, in the streets, museums, movies, books and TV.

About Delusionville:

Delusionville at elrow is a vivid reinterpretation of the popular POPaganda art movement, the fruit of the imagination of POPaganda creator and founder, Ron English. Directly inspired by the legend Andy Warhol, English fuses American iconography with art history to create social and political statements about contemporary American society. From Ronald MacDonald to Mickey Mouse, no cultural icon is sacred. Ron speaks to Delusionville’s leitmotif, “I think life is more interesting if you do things your way, even if it’s not in the way or in the order that everyone expects.”

Delusionville is one of the largest modern urban art galleries, featuring a cast of characters who live in an upside-down underground world where everyone’s social standing is respected. Delusionville is a world where the characters are animals, not people, who have their own religions, politics, and customs.

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