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Episode 5 of ‘Bad Sisters’: Synopsis and Ending, Explained – Will Pepe Succeed in Shooting John Paul?

When it comes to Apple’s “Bad Sisters” show, we’ve always known that things were a far cry from what they seem. In the fifth episode of Bad Sisters, an eye for an eye, we may just begin to reveal what they actually look like. Somewhat deceptively, it comes as a filler ring, but the devil is in the details. Unlike the past few weeks, this week was a little slower in pace, with some subplots that were definitely unnecessary. But it could lead to something in the future. Let’s take a look at how episode 5 of “Bad Sisters” plays.

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What happens in the current day story?

We now know that the story intersects between the events that led to John Paul’s death and the present day. Like previous episodes, this one begins with Tom and Matt appearing to meet Bebe. During the conversation, they asked her how she feels about losing her eye because of John Paul. Bebe is not interested in being diplomatic like her sisters and says she is even with JB after he got a hole in his head. We need to find out what that means. After that, Nora, Bibi’s wife, comes home. She looks prettier than Bibi, after learning that the two men were insurance agents, asked them in blank when they would give Grace her money. She also went so far as to tell them that she hates JB because he took no responsibility for what happened to Bibi. But before she says more, Becca enters the house. Tom and Matt prepare to leave, and there is a brief moment of courtship between them, which is caught by both Matt and Pepe. They warn their siblings to end it for the better. But things take a big turn for Matt. Tom’s wife takes his case and asks him to solve this problem once and for all, as she is unable to see her husband under so much pressure. I told him where Tom keeps his files as well as the password for his computer.

Matt listens to it and checks the computer but finds no record of John Paul. He also found a letter from his father, Liam Claflin, revealing that this was the reason for their father’s suicide. Matt confronts Tom about it, the latter admitting that their father was a fraud and did not submit any insurance claims to his clients. He kept taking their money to live his life and leaving a big mess for him to clean up. They don’t have the money to claim John Paul’s insurance claim, and if they have to pay it, they’ll go to jail. Matt is angry and wonders why he wasn’t told this before. He also shouts at his brother that he has absolutely no need to cover their father. He could only let him fall. But Tom does not agree. In pure anger and frustration, Matt makes his way to Becca’s house, and the two end up sleeping together. Let’s remember that Matt not only told Becca, but also told Tom that the door to love was closed in his heart. We feel very sad coming in Becca’s way in future episodes.

What happens in the flashback story?

Let’s start with a small subplot that makes us more comfortable. In “Bad Sisters” Episode 4, we saw that John Paul started impersonating a 10-year-old boy named Oscar on the Internet who was trying to get Roger into trouble. It keeps up with the charade but thank God Roger is as fit as we imagined, because he doesn’t host an Oscar at all. But, knowing the sadistic manipulator that John Paul is, the situation may still remain in his favour. For her part, Eva goes on a date with Ben. While they were at an art gallery, the duo met her ex-Ciaran. Saeed is married with two children and a third child is on the way. Upon leaving after exchanging pleasantries, Ben asks Eva if Ciaran means a lot to her. She revealed that about a decade ago, they were about to start a family together, but couldn’t when Eva found out she wasn’t fertile. Ben tells her that they should go ahead and celebrate. They both return to Ben’s boat, and when things are about to get serious, he tells her he’s gay. She’s naturally angry about driving for so long, but Ben claims it’s all a misunderstanding. While she was initially off, she’s back, and they’re both laughing well.

In the fifth episode of Bad Sisters, it’s the Grace and Bebe arcs that cause us the most grief. Given everything her daughter had said to her in the previous episode, Grace decided to attend some dance classes as a way to find something to do. But she is completely lost in class. A dance lesson requires that one abandon oneself and embrace the inner joy and brutality of abandoning oneself. She did not find grace from within. Let’s take a moment to note that JB calls his wife “Mami” more than he calls her Grace. He has turned her into a shell for a woman whom he considers nothing more than the mother of his child. And Grace’s whole world revolves around that. Therefore, when she is asked to communicate with herself for the lesson, she is unable to do so because she simply lost herself somewhere. The day gets worse for her as she is blamed for killing her daughter’s cat, which was actually JP’s fault, but he let his wife take the fall for it. That night, when she tries to sympathize with her husband, he refuses what she offers, seriously affecting her self-esteem. There may still be some merit to our theory that it is Grace who eventually ends up uprooting and killing her husband, or at least joining their plan for it.

When it comes to Baby, she comes up with a plan that can be implemented for JB’s birthday. They’re all going paintball, and she decides to shoot the back of his head with her pistol. She’s practicing the big day with watermelon but it didn’t work out. Bibi Jabib refuses to believe that her life has been “destroyed”, as others have consistently said, after she lost her eye. The reason JB was responsible was because they were in his car with him while he was driving. The parents of two Garvey sisters died in a similar car accident, and she was having an anxiety attack. I ask JP to stop, and he refuses to do so. Out of desperation, she takes the steering wheel in her hand, causing the car to skid, resulting in an accident where she loses her eye. There is a look of pity in everyone’s eyes when they see it Bibi finds it hard to bear. I wince when Nora says JP ruined her life. Bibi believes that her life is complete with or without the extra eye, and she wants to get more than the sympathy of her loved one. This is why she takes it somewhat personally when she’s unable to get the right shot. Perhaps her last straw was when her son seemed embarrassed of her for having only one eye. And in her clever way, she convinces him that she’s still his super mom, and that she’s perfect at shooting in the next scene. Now is the time to see their plan come to light.

Bad Sisters Episode 5: Ending Explained – Can Bibi Succeed in Shooting John Paul?

In paintball, JP changes the rules. Instead of two teams trying to eliminate each other, he decided that the team that put the rabbit’s foot in his pocket would be the goal. They will have to move from one end of the Earth to the other, without being shot at. The sisters decided to improvise with their plan to shoot John Paul in the head. While Grace tries to escape from the guns, she is captured by JP. Being sadistic, he does not content himself with hitting her once and continues to shoot her with the rifle. The sisters see this, and they start shooting him. Hiding to escape, then Bibi aimed at him. At that moment, you remember the past and do not shoot as soon as possible. To encourage her, Becca gave her a slight nudge, but alas, that was the moment she caught a bullet, misaligning her and injuring the coordinator’s eye. Bibi is physically sick from what she did and slaps Becca for causing this to happen. Once again, John Paul is safe, and the sisters’ plan has failed.

Final Thoughts: What can we expect from the sixth episode of Bad Sisters?

We finally have Bibi’s backstory, the one we’ve been waiting for so long. Many of our questions were answered. But we remember that Eva said the Claflin brothers were too far from reality with their suspicions that the sisters had anything to do with JB’s death. We also see that Grace is getting closer and closer to falling off the ledge. We suspect she’s more than just a wife who fell into an abusive marriage, and we look forward to seeing her character’s future. In the current story, things definitely got more complicated with Matt and Becka, so it remains to be seen what happens with them. Now, we just want to know how John Paul died. We’re just being patient because it’s a great show, but it’s time to see how this despicable guy came to meet his end. I hope to see that in Episode 6.

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