Every day the adventure of cutting silage and making repairs |  Product Reports

Every day the adventure of cutting silage and making repairs | Product Reports

Written by Krista Bodani, Verdiger, Neb.

Hello from the small part of the Bohemian Alps near Verdigre. Autumn brings such a busy time. In fact, the farm is always busy. Autumn is just a different kind of busyness.

There was a little rain all around us. We have already blessed and managed to get measurable rain. A little rain made some pastures look a little better. They still have a long way to go.

We’ve had punctured tire rash after punctured tire on our feed trucks and my jeeps, and it always seems to double internally on silage trucks.

We started cutting a little watering for the silage piles. This is a slower process. It cuts very hard because there is more forage and it is greener than we were cutting. When I follow the cutter to open a field, I have to go at the speed of the cutter. I can’t see the floor of the earth nor can I see the mud holes. Of course, if someone is going to get stuck in a watering hole it’s me, and I don’t like that! So we knit together and Karl pulls me in. After that I can keep my own wet spot management.

We’re sure we’re throwing out an abundance of rabbits. One day, a little rabbit flew out, ran into a stalk of corn and did an acrobatic flip. He was a bit dumbfounded but managed to quickly recover himself and kept running for safety. That’s when I wish I had a dash cam.

The swallow presents an imaginary show that takes its place in front of the cutter, pounces and dives with bombs to catch small moths and other insects. Occasionally one will surprise you and hit the windshield of the cutter.

Every day we are in a new place with new adventures. We had a bad breakdown in the packing machine. The slides came out of the auger with my truck trunk in the air, and we finished cutting day in the middle of the afternoon.

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Carl, Tony and Kyle change hats, and now they’re mechanics and I’m the best. We all know our jobs now – to make repair pickups in line to get busy. Air tools blessing. They pull the filling machine auger away to access the slide. Fortunately Carl on the phone called the packing company, and unfortunately they have the part we need on hand. Now to get the road trip to pick them up before the end of their final day. I spent the rest of the evening going home. The men arrived on the field early the next morning and got it all back together. Voila, it works! We cut again and packaged.

Karl also took this time to sharpen his cutting knives. Sharpening knives in a cutter usually requires only one person. Recently in dry fields it takes two. Karl sharpens knives and I wet the blades and the ground and set fire to the grinder’s sparks.

With the packing machine down, I took the opportunity to go to Gretna High School to watch the cheering of our great-granddaughter Camryn. She was also a candidate for the royal family of the homeland.

Fattening cows are sure to love when we cut a few loads at home and mix them with their daily ration. They were almost dancing on the bed line.

It appears that there have been a lot of cows and calves in the barn sale reports in the past two weeks. The price is very good, many have a shortage of feed for the winter, so decisions were made.

I’d hear an owl in the morning when I’m bottle-feeding the calves and releasing the chickens. I sure hope they leave my chickens alone. The upper doors were closed so that the chickens could escape in the event of a pounce. I have noticed a decrease in the number of kittens, and it makes me sad.

Travis put deer game cameras to try to get a look at what we have in the wooded areas. We are excited to see what the camera sees. The excitement of cyclist season also began.

I never thought I had a favorite season. They all have their own beauty. Autumn is the time when everything explodes with its last beauty, as if nature has been saving up all year for the grand finale.

As always, be safe and keep an eye on the larger equipment on the road at odd times of the day. Many older farmers like to come and park their cars on the road to watch the fields harvest. Blessings from the house of Dobias to you. Happy harvest, keep smiling!

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