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Every Easter Egg Explained in WWE’s White Rabbit Vignette

One of the coolest things about wrestling is the good, vague vignette that evokes the emergence or comeback of a wrestler. WWE He did so back in 2007 with the “Save Us Y2J” thriller and even earlier, when he amplified Chris Jericho’s company debut with “Countdown to the Millennium Clock.” While Jericho didn’t participate this time around, WWE certainly managed to re-create the magic with their recent “White Rabbit” vignette.

Recently, WWE has been playing Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit during live events and the arena will light up red. Many fans felt they were just testing out a new entry song, but since then it’s become clear that it’s more than just that, with the newly released cryptic vignette. Filled with Easter eggs, it has sent the wrestling world into a frenzy to say the least, as fans try to figure out who’s all about it.

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What do all the Easter eggs in the vignette “white rabbit” mean?

The most fun thing about a cryptic vignette like this is trying to figure out what it means and to whom the company is referring. In this case, there are two standout candidates, unless things take a turn in the future.

Obviously the first is Bray White. His return had been expected for a while now. The second is Carrion Cross, who recently returned to the company.

The vignette begins with a white rabbit playing the game of hangman, by asking “Who killed the world?” There is also an hourglass in the corner of the screen circled in red. The first five letters crossed out by the rabbit spell “demon,” and in the end, the answer turns out to be “you did.”

Then the rabbit jumps into a black hole and the screen shows “9.23” which then turns blue and becomes “9:23”. This could mean that a comeback or debut will take place on Friday in a SmackDown at 9:23 PM. Or it could mean that this is when the next vignette is dropped and this will be an ongoing thing.

The Carrion Cross theory gives a little sense

Many people think the vignette sparks a stunt change for Cross. This is based on two things. The first is based on the trick The White Rabbit owned for a short period of time in Lucha Underground. The second is the hourglass in the lower right corner of the vignette, which has become synonymous with Kroos since his return.

While these two Easter eggs refer to Kroos, it doesn’t make much sense on the part of WWE for you to go that route. First, he recently came back with Scarlett and in a stunt similar to the one he had in NXT. Cross is also involved in a major feud with Drew McIntyre at the moment. Thus, it would be a shock if WWE decides to put him back in his Lucha Underground stunt, which frankly, very few people know about. Instead, what is more likely is that these are red herrings.

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All signs point to Bray Wyatt returning to WWE

While there may be a couple of Easter eggs in the vignette referring to Cross, there is a long list of them referring to Wyatt, who was released last year but has been rumored to be back for a while.

First, the fully encoded style of video fits Wyatt better than anyone else. Also, the font of the words used in Hangman is exactly the same as that used in the Wyatt T-Shirt that WWE released years ago. The first five letters of the rabbit in the game are crossed out to spell “demon”, something that can be associated with The Fiend’s character.

Many fans have associated ‘White Rabbit’ with Kross’ Lucha Underground trick, but it could be a reference to the Rambling Rabbit from the sectors of Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House, which was literally a dummy rabbit.

The phrase “Who killed the world?” related to the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. Interestingly, White has referred to the “Mad Max community” in a tweet back in 2020.

Next, there’s the hourglass, which may just be their goal to get rid of the fans. What a lot of people ignore is that it is circled in red. There is a red circle in the White stream Twitter Biography like that.

Finally, the song “White Rabbit” and the vignette itself are inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Interestingly, during the Tea Party segment at the Firefly Fun House featuring Wyatt and Alexa Bliss, several references were made to Alice in Wonderland. Thus, with so many tags pointing to it, it would be surprising if the White Rabbit article had nothing to do with bot.

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