Five ex-shelter youngsters prove that grooming can change lives

Five ex-shelter youngsters prove that grooming can change lives


September 19th marks the start of National Least Adoptable Pets Week, a holiday meant to raise awareness of sheltering often overlooked dogs. pet grooming company and welcome He knows about this problem very well. Over the past decade, the annual Dirty Dog Contest has shed light on shelter dogs that have been overlooked by adoptive families — simply because of their looks. Ahead of this year’s Dirty Dogs competition (which kicks off in October), Wahl celebrates ‘Adoption of Least Adopted Pets Week’ by highlighting five previous contest winners and finalists who now live largely with families Wonderful took the opportunity. .

Good grooming can change a dog’s life. Not only do they look better, they feel healthier and happier so that their true personality shines through, all of which greatly increases their chances of adoption. Donate Dirty Dog Contest pet grooming supplies to the shelters, and the shelters, in turn, share adorable before-and-after photos of the makeover. The audience then votes on their favorite Dirty Dog makeover, and Wahl awards $15,000 in grants to the top three winning shelters. the following

Five dogs are perfect representations of the transformative power of grooming:

1. Scruffy – 2020 Dirty Dogs 1st Place Winner:

A passing driver found Scruffy on the side of the road and took him to a rescue organization. The extent of Scruffy’s carelessness was revealed when under his shiny fur shell he found belts, sticks, and other debris. Once cleaned up, his transformation into a handsome little guy with a big heart was truly amazing. Scruffy no longer resembles its name; In fact, his mother thought Teddy would suit him better. Teddy and his mom are good friends and she thinks the world revolves around him. His mother says his past doesn’t stop him. He lets his personality shine through, and makes it his mission to befriend everyone in the neighborhood.

2. Olivia – 2021 Dirty Dogs Runner-up:

Olivia’s journey to recovery began when she was found drinking from a gutter in a very busy neighborhood. A good Samaritan alerted her of her whereabouts to a shelter and she was immediately brought. There it was discovered that Olivia suffered from severe scabies. After months of care and recovery, she has turned into an amazing girl. Olivia then spent time with her savior as a foster dog. Her adoptive family soon realized that she was a protector and could not give up on her. Olivia now spends her days lounging on the family sofa. And although she is still wary of new people, Olivia has formed a special bond with other dogs and helped welcome many other foster dogs into the family barn.

3. Dorothy – Finalist for Dirty Dogs 2018:

Dorothy is found wandering on a deserted dirt road. She was so intertwined that her ears almost touched the ground, and her hind legs were stuck together making walking difficult. Rescuers believed she was used to breeding and had been abused. But luckily, there was hope for Dorothy somewhere over the rainbow. Dorothy was adopted into a new home, and given a new name, Abbey Road. It took Abby about six months before she was completely comfortable with her new family, but for the past several years she has been living her best life, and her family wouldn’t change anything about their own addition.

4. Toko – Final 2020 Dirty Dogs:

Toko was handed over to his rescue in a rabbit cage, after years of neglect. He could barely walk because of the horrible mats that would pull on his red, rough skin. While he needed relief from good grooming, he was afraid to let anyone touch him. Fortunately, a dedicated groomer worked wonders and Toko immediately became a different dog to run and play in the shop. In fact, his new bubbly personality won the care worker’s heart. Toko’s owner said she took one look in his eyes and knew they needed each other. Toko likes to prove it in front of strangers, either showing off new tricks or rambling on something new from his wardrobe. He loves to snuggle up and play with his feline siblings, and he’s happier than ever.

5. Truman – 2020 Dirty Dogs Final:

Truman’s shocking rescue saved him from a criminal abuse case. He was so neglected that his coat was a shell of matte fur and feces, and he was unable to move without feeling excruciating pain. After shaving nearly five pounds of fur, Truman had to regain use of his legs. But luckily, it wasn’t long before he got up and running again. Truman’s new family spoils his extra time, determined to give him a future that is brighter than his dark past. They say his shy and reserved nature quickly faded and he came out of his shell ready to soak up all the love and attention he was given. Truman is truly the king of the house, with his dog car seat and stroller. Love brings back a greeting every morning, and a meal with enthusiasm.

The Dirty Dogs Contest 2022 is coming soon

On October 4, 2022, Wahl will announce his Top 10 Dirty Dog Mods of 2022. This is when a public vote can decide which three dogs will make it to the top. Organizations affiliated with these dogs will receive a total of $15,000 in cash grants to further support their efforts – including $10,000 for the first place winner.

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