Fossey Arora stirs up British quirkiness in London apartments

Fossey Arora stirs up British quirkiness in London apartments

Fossey Aurora evokes exoticism in Robinsons apartments

British irony, satire, and eccentricity take center stage in interior design studio Fossie Arora’s funky homes in LondonAnd the England. titled The Robinsons, and residential A building in Wembley Park by Quinton Living is the most unusual building to date from the company known for its innovative and inspiring residences. Throughout, the London-based interior design studio offers an eclectic blend of intimacy and the unexpected to create a premium interactive social and entertainment living experience. The space includes a variety of elements, details, and activities, from Paul Smith-style striped mailboxes perched atop columns by Dr Martens and a rotating mirror ball above the reception desk, to an outdoor steel slide that connects the rooftop to the lower patio and Mad Hatter tea party garden.

London taxi-inspired coffee shop and fridge inspired by Damien Hirst | All images courtesy of the author

An eclectic mix of the familiar and the unexpected in London

A strange mixture of familiarity and surprise grips the residents the moment they enter The Robinson. We knew from the start that The Robinson would never be traditional. With the graduate as our inspiration, we took the residents out of the rabbit hole to create their own wonderland. From the common areas to the apartments themselves, we blended familiarity and comfort with quirkiness and polite disrespect. This sense of contradiction is at the core of Robinson’s design concept,” The team gets stuck in Fossey Arora.

The Robinson contains a broad and eclectic mix of social spaces. The largest of the rooftop terraces houses a row of sunbeds and is rumored to be the tallest in London at 50 metres, while plants in brightly painted oil casks and an orange-shaped juice bar add liveliness. The 7 meter high stainless steel slide leads to a small courtyard below which is located in the middle of the large residents’ lounge. With a multi-layered art wall, a wide range of brightly colored seating, a dining room and kitchen, work booths and private phone booths, residents can work, play and relax all at once. Arched Fireplace, 19The tenthCentury-style Rococo mirror in the glass wall, which residents can look through to see London spread below. Next door is a London cafĂ© bar inspired by Damien Hirst’s taxi, complete with a refrigerated section in the hood.

The inclusion of a painted London taxi within the residents’ lounge upstairs fits the character of The Robinson perfectly, as it does to create an ambiance that means the space can be used for multiple purposes. This is something we’ve extended to the outdoors as well. The lines between home, work, and community have been greatly blurred in recent years, which means that multifunctional spaces need to fit a wide range of uses and needs’And the note the Interior designers.

Fossey Arora stirs up British satire and eccentricity in a London apartment complex
Paul Smith-style mailboxes perched on Dr. Martins columns

Interactive outdoor spaces enhance community communication

The multi-purpose platform garden features a John Lennon-inspired Peace Garden for moments of calm and reflection, with dense foliage surrounding the circular benches and creating a sense of safety and serenity. A wooden children’s playground with swings for adults, located beside a safe dog park, a spacious lawn area with sunbeds and a caravan filled with flowers. Moreover, the Mad Hatter’s tea party garden includes tables folded under a wooden frame with a retractable roof, with climbing plants making their way to the top of the frame. Above tables, faux crystal chandeliers and festoon lights hang from the wooden beams, while an oil drum and bright pink kitchenette remain hidden behind elegant wood paneling. Giant, brightly colored flower pots add an extra touch to the unexpected.

Robinson also includes work-from-home campers surrounded by picnic tables and lounge chairs with uninterrupted views of London, and a rooftop spa caravan complete with its own relaxing hot tub, providing a sense of community and social connection. “It’s glory that culminates in a building full of creativity and fun, as Quentin Living once again takes the rental experience to the next level,” Fossey Arora comments.

Fossey Arora stirs up British satire and eccentricity in a London apartment complex
multi layer wall art

Vibrant interior

In the grand foyer, Fossey Arora includes wood paneling that creates a sense of comfort. In eclectic contrast, patterned wallpaper that “would be perfect at home in your grandmother’s house,” is covered in sheer curtains that create a sense of theater and contrast. Music is played from huge speakers, and sound flows throughout the building, through speakers in the catwalk garden and on the rooftop, as well as indoors. In other lobbiesAnd the Fossey Arora fringed pendant lamps, colorful wallpaper, and concrete benches with bright cushions add to the warmth of the wood paneling. Meanwhile, the walkways offer Caribbean patterned carpeting and individually painted front doors in a variety of colors, “all with granny-style wired lampshades perched above.”

The apartments at The Robinson combine classic and minimalist design features with raw materials and splashes of colour. The ceilings are of exposed concrete with galvanized pipes, and the lights are of colored metal or bamboo. Wardrobes have industrial-style curtains instead of doors, and kitchens are lively with a range of colors, from turquoise to chili red. A simple black and white “Yin and Yang” design has been used in the bathrooms, complemented by subtle elemental touches, from handcrafted, hinged Liberty lampshades to plus and minus signs on the faucets.

Fossey Arora stirs up British satire and grotesqueness in a London apartment complex
Business cabins and private phone booths

Satire and British eccentricity take center stage in Robinson's in nothing but traditional homes 11
20 knockers scattered through the huge metal doors from the interior to the grand foyer

Fossey Arora stirs up British satire and grotesqueness in a London apartment complex
A large mirror ball rotates and refracts the light above the reception desk

Fossey Arora stirs up British satire and grotesqueness in a London apartment complex
Kitchen colors range from turquoise to hot red

Fossey Arora stirs up British satire and grotesqueness in a London apartment complex
The rooftop terrace is home to a row of sun loungers rumored to be the tallest in London at 50 metres.

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