The Grand Bohemian Lodge Greenville is Richard Kessler's newest hotel property in Savannah.

Grand Bohemian Lodge Grenville Richard Kessler competes with Planet Riverside

Greenville, South Carolina – to 99% of hoteliers, Riverside Factory It would be classed as definitive property, be everything.

no Richard Kessler.

Effingham County Native and One-Time Business Partner Cecil Day, of Days Inn fame, has opened a 200-mile Savannah destination that rivals Planet Riverside. The Grand Bohemian Lodge Greenville It’s as aesthetically stunning as the River Street property without the kitsch – no chrome-plated, disco-lit dinosaur skeletons hanging from the lobby ceiling.

And as much as I’m fascinated by Savannah’s waterfront, the look of Greenville lodge is like something found inside a national park.

The Grand Bohemian, which opened in August, It is located above the Reedy Falls In downtown Greenville. Known as Falls Park, the urban green space is about a mile away, with scattered waterfalls, a curving suspension bridge and an outdoor amphitheater like the centerpieces.

The Grand Bohemian Lodge Greenville is located on the banks of the Reedy River.

Guests can watch and listen to the waterfalls from the inn’s balcony. The foot of the suspension bridge is just steps away from the entrance. As real estate websites go, the inn is on the edge of paradise.

For the decor, Kessler focused on Native American art and heritage. He’s a recognized collector of fine objects, and the paintings, statues, and hundreds of arrowheads – displayed in cans along two walls outside the lobby – are as captivating as the outdoor landscape.

Hundreds of arrowheads are on display at Grand Bohemian Lodge Greenville.

The inn also underscores Kessler’s love of geodes – many mineral rocks are on display, although not quite as many as the Plant Riverside features.

Geodes are on display at the Grand Bohemian Lodge in Greenville, South Carolina.
Geodes on display at the Grand Bohemian Lodge in Greenville, South Carolina, including the front entrance.

Many Savannahs visited the Grand Bohemian Inn over the weekend. They were easy to spot in the green Savannah Ghost Pirates—the team played the first game in franchise history against the Greenville Swamp Rabbits on Saturday night.

Ghost Pirates plays eight more Rabbits games between now and the end of the regular season in April. If you’re looking for an excuse to take a vacation, Ghost Pirates and Grand Bohemian Lodge are just that.

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