Hall's WWE Smackdown Review 10.7.22

Hall’s WWE Smackdown Review 10.7.22

Date: October 7, 2022
Location: DCU Center, Worcester, Massachusetts
Commentators: Michael Cole, Wade Barrett

It is the premiere of the season to show its seasons in the most accurate sense of the world. This week features a confrontation between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul, as well as a rematch from Clash At The Castle with Gunther defending the Intercontinental title against Sheamus. One of those things must be cool, so let’s get to it.

HHH is in the ring to make things say there will be a time when you think it’s all over but it’s just the beginning. Welcome to Smackdown, where there is another QR code on the mic cube.

Wade Barrett was introduced as a new member of the commentary teams. I’ve heard worse thoughts.

With HHH gone, here’s Bloodline to chat. Roman Reigns collides with the logo badge, but Logan Paul cuts it off, staying in the bib. Reigns invites him in and fans don’t like Paul. Reigns: “Don’t worry, they did that to me years ago, too.” Paul Heyman is asked to cheer Paul up, as Heyman says Logan (a lot of Paul here) is Mr. T and Cyndi Lauper of his day.

The good thing is that Logan brings in more eyes that can recognize Reigns, so it’s a good thing. Heyman goes to some other online celebrity like Ben Shapiro who wouldn’t have the guts to fight Roman Reigns. He can’t be Logan in the hospital bed, where he can get to know Reigns. Logan asks if Ji Uso is the tribal leader, which doesn’t get along well with Reigns. Sami Zayn plays the peacemaker and hustles around Logan before promising that Reigns will crush him. Zayn hits the Logo Slogan as Logan leaves. Not sure what they would have gone for here but if the idea was to get Logan, they might want to try again.

Solo Sequa vs Recoil

Sequoia jumps Ricochet after his entrance is flipped but is sent outside to dive, Ricochet still wearing his jacket. Triangular kick puts Sequoia on the ground and Ricochet flips into superhero pose. Ricochet starts to fight but his springboard is broken, Ricochet drops on the back of his head on the apron (OUCH) and we take a break. Return with Ricochet fighting to get out of the chinlock and batting away. A super jumper’s knee kick drops Sikoa until Ricochet rises, only to face the pressure of his descending star in the Spinning Solo pin at 8:40.

evaluation: C. Well, thank God Ricochet’s head didn’t break after that landing. Other than that, the match was another win for Sikoa, which is exactly how you get someone. Sikoa is brand new to the main menu and has cleanly installed the former Intercontinental Champion. What else can you do to get it?

The Bloodline is pleased with what happened, with Sami Zayn taking some credit for Sikoa’s success. Jey Uso doesn’t like it, so Roman Reigns called him reckless. Now Sami is dealing with Jie’s problem.

Usos and Sami Zayn start a new day. Insults are thrown and six men are subsequently appointed.

Hit Row goes out for a match but three masked men jump on them. Zelina Vega joins in and the men reveal the mask to reveal Legado del Fantasma. Yes believe it or not, the three masked men who wear Legado del Fantasma masks, look like Legado del Fantasma and move like Legado del Fantasma are actually Legado del Fantasma. Team Vega delivers in case you’re slow to absorb.

We get the White Rabbit’s vignette, which says the date of 10.8.22, or Extreme Rules. Feed your hero.

Sonia Deville / Chia Lee vs. Schutzi / Raquel Rodriguez

Deville Deville turns to the corner to begin, and comes to me to photograph it herself. This doesn’t last long as the hot tag brings Rodriguez to clean the house. Vader Bomb’s elbow connects and everything collapses. Sliced ​​bread drops with the help of a stand-up to me and Tigana’s bombshell ends in Deville at 2:14.

Video about Ronda Rousey vs. Liv Morgan.

Carrion Cross and Scarlett come to the ring but Drew McIntyre jumps him from behind. The tape is tied, but McIntyre has to beat the security. This is enough to allow Kross to drag McIntyre into position several times before giving him the skin completely. Drew appears completely spoiled, but stands on his own two feet and shines as the bad guys leave. This will always work and it has happened here.

Viking raiders talk about waiting and healing. A woman’s voice says Valhalla is waiting.

Asus / Sami Zayn vs. a new day /???

The mysterious partner…..Braun Strowman, who should do just fine. Sammy Woods started things off but let’s go with Kofi instead. Jey comes in, stares at Zayn, and is dropped. A new day hits the double dive to get the Usos out and we take a breather. He came back with Kofi in trouble and Sami gave Jey a rather rough mark.

That’s fine with Jey, who chokes Kofi on the ropes to release some steam. Kofi fights and knocks Jimmy away, allowing the hot tag to be taken to Strowman to clean the house. Sammy and J get into an argument on the floor, leaving Jimmy to corner with UpUpDownDown for the pin at 10:28.

evaluation: C +. Usos vs. New Day is another great program, as well as another example where I can’t care to see them fight again. I know they are probably the two best WWE teams of their generation, but this is up to Bockwinkel levels versus Gagne in FIND SOMEONE NEW. Strowman was the perfect choice as a mystery partner here because he’s great at getting on the hot tag. It’s a great sign that WWE is dealing with him and that will serve him well in the future.

Max and Maxine Dorby arguing in the back, with Max proclaiming himself the Los Angeles Night. Barrett: “I knew it was night the whole time!”

The caption shows the main event and behind him is a man in a white rabbit suit.

Video about Gunther vs. Sheamus.

Intercontinental title: Sheamus vs. Gunther

Gunther Defends and We Get Big Match Intros, complete with Cole’s WXW and PWG references. They fight straight to the ground to begin leading Sheamus into the barrier as we take an early break. Again with Sheamus hitting the forearms to the chest but the chest is sent first to the buckle to break them. Gunther holds the choke tight, but Sheamus fights back, earning himself a German suplex firing while we take a break.

Again with Sheamus pushing him into the corner to break another throttle. Sheamus hits ten arms on the bib, then hits ten more forearms on the other two ropes to change speed. White Noise calls for two but Gunther is right back with a powerbomb for himself. Top rope spray in the back gives Gunther two but Sheamus catches the white noise.

Cloverleaf continues and Gunther clicks…. But that doesn’t count because he was reaching for the rope? This is either a single mistake or a bad plot point because that was a click. As Sheamus looks confused, Imperium and Brawling Brutes descend to fight. Brogue Kick is loaded but the distracted referee allows Gunther to get a shillelagh shot to hold at 18:17.

evaluation: B. It was a good fight but that tap was a really bad optic and it damaged all the thrust they had. I suppose they were going to get to the rope and it looked like something from a tap but if that was the case then the execution was terrible. Gunther’s retention is good, but there was no way they could reach their first match level (which is hardly a fair request in the first place) and this flick hurt them a lot.

The quarrel continues to end the show.

Solo Sequah b. Bounce – Single Yarn
Schotze / Raquel Rodriguez B. Sonya Deville / Xia Li
A New Day / Braun Strowman B. Usos / Sami Zayn – UpUpDown for Jimmy
Gunther b. Sheamus – Shot Shillelagh

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