Tiffany Button

He is the co-director of Real Food Media. Tiffany was a lifelong “foodie” and became an activist, writing and researching changing the diet for more than seven years. Particularly motivated by the relationship between race and food, Tiffani is only an advocate of food systems and can be found talking about them with anyone who will listen. A talented writer and storyteller, she leads several areas of educational programming, communications strategy, engagement, and internal operations at Real Food Media, and co-produces and hosts Real Food Reads and Foodtopias with Tanya Kersen. Tiffani brings years of active participation in food policy discussions, organizing events, telling stories for change, facilitating important discussions about the transformation of the food system, and linking art, music and culture to food in the Bay Area and beyond. Tiffany serves on the Steering Board of the HEAL Food Alliance, the Auckland Food Policy Council, and the Urban Education Center on Education in Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA). She holds an MBA and an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School of Education based in Oakland, California.