How the Targaryens and Kardashians are exactly the same

How the Targaryens and Kardashians are exactly the same

From Calabasas to King’s Landing, there are two families. Both are united in a lavish fortune. Both united in brutal effect. Both sides of the same coin.

While both families continue to dominate our screens, our attention, and our Instagram feed, there’s a rabbit hole that’s still off limits. A rabbit hole we pretend not to be. Rabbit hole we’re finally going up together.

It’s time to admit it James Corden was right (I know), and the really rude revelation comes out – the Targaryens and the Kardashians are actually the same family. Before you pick up that pitchfork, give me a minute to view my case.

How do the Kardashians and Targaryen compare…

Both Targaryens and Kardashians know the timeless value of a strong, impenetrable pair. For the Targaryens, this entails arranging marriages between powerful families to build strong alliances or inheritance claims on the Iron Throne. For the Kardashian family, it’s the seamless release of new relationships that tells the cultural zeitgeist. Whether it’s Kourtney and Travis’ announcement last summer about the return of their tattooed sweetheart and glamorous girlfriend, or Kim and Kanye dictating what it means to be a “couple” at the heart of fashion, both families realize that sometimes marriage isn’t just about love, but about building something closely related to each other. forever. It is an extravagant connection through a deadly strain.

Raynor vs. Kimi in a battle of the best fiancés
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While the Targaryens have a unique way of doing things, the Kardashians aren’t necessarily your typical family either. Despite the separation or divorce from their partners, the Kardashians are adamant about it Keep children coming from the same father (Thanks to the embryo transfers and all the science jazz), which I get at 98% because the kids will be closer in age, you know, there’s less trauma. but why? Why would you like to have a new baby with your ex? Why can’t you wait a bit? Freezing an egg? why do they You have That would be the same recipe if you know what I mean?

Because not only are they Kim Kardashian’s kids, but they’re also Kanye West’s kids. Kim even inadvertently said it herself episode of keeping up with the Kardashians As she admitted, “When I got pregnant in North, I had no idea if I would end up together. One more, until I had siblings.”

New relationships don’t pose obstacles, Kim explains (in the same episode) that even though Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian had relationships of their own (at the time), “they don’t have to have sex, it could be IVF… If she’s going to have another baby, why not just have one together, even if Weren’t you together?”

We see? Kim said having a baby with your ex is really cool. Now are these guys just sperm donors at this point? It’s entirely up to you to decide, but one thing is for sure: No matter what they’re bragging about, the Kardashian family has an exclusive group of fathers of kids who keep coming back to them, and having kids with your famous ex is a surefire way to keep the legacy going. looks familiar?

Kids and friends aside, the Targaryens and Kardashians are also the culmination of “do it for family” sentiments, with lines straddling strength and family values. Both families, dispossessed, are their own version of royalty and support a similar position that maintains their stronghold. The value of their families he is Power, and while the Targaryens are a much more vivid depiction of a powerful monarchy, from titles to politics, the Kardashians are arguably the closest thing we have to an American monarchy. Partly because of their wealth, but mainly because of their influence. They are not just part of the zeitgeist. that they be Zeitgeist.

Side by side Rhaenyra is still in

Mother and baby are kept together.
Credit: Left: Olly Upton/HBO. Right: Hulu.

From constantly leading the news cycle to announcing the latest trends, the Kardashians know they are all over the place, and it’s not a spontaneous phenomenon; It’s a carefully crafted media stunt, much like Targaryen’s political machinations, that keeps them that way. Whether it’s going to great lengths to debunk reputation-damaging rumors (at this point, Viserys and Kris Jenner have the same PR team), building the right connections to bolster more power (Kimye vs. Rhaenor), or making sure the family name isn’t passed on Just to anyone (Blac Chyna and Corlys Velaryon have a lot in common), the Kardashians and Targaryens know what it means to have power, what it takes to hold it, and what it takes to validate it. As seen in both TMZ and Dragon HouseThere is no such thing as overstepping boundaries when it comes to protecting the family.

Do you believe me? Do you see it now? Do you finally see how these two families function almost the same way? Both are dangerously astonishing fusions of what they become in the face of immense wealth and power. And the cool truth is that, sarcastic demeanor aside, the Kardashians would blend in very well in Westeros. Just see what they can do Pull off the silver blonde locks!

How did Kardashian perform in Westeros?

Imagine it: Kris Jenner as a tyrannical mother reminiscent of Daenerys or Rhaenyra, leads the Red Keep, attends all small council meetings, and plots gods know what to kill Lord knows who. She will be very good at that. Very good at that, I’m afraid. The political girl constantly whispers in the ears of all those who listen to the agitation the right amount of chaos to continue climbing the ladder she has built herself.

Imagine all the scandals. We know the Targaryens love a good scandal, a few laughs in the dark, a few quiet whispers and stolen kisses. Well, so do the Kardashians. And you’d think that Kim (despite being engaged to a king) would look up to Daemon all the time, and it’s pretty silly to assume he’s never going to look up to her again. Anarchic good versus legitimate evil? It’s a match made in heaven.

We also can’t forget Kylie and her daughter, Stormborn, I mean Stormi, who not only wore matching gowns, but also had matching dragons to feast on for Kylie Air. “Stormbourne!” Riding a Vhagar in King’s Landing sunset, cried Kylie, with her little one in the back, she travels in style on a brisk five-minute downtown ride with 1,682.7 tons of carbon emissions, oops, I meant dragon fire!

Side by side shots of Daemon in . format

Here looking at you boy.
Credit: Left: Olly Upton/HBO. Right: Hulu.

It’s just that, if there’s a big Finn scheme that pins the Kardashians and Targaryens against each other, I’m afraid it’s just one giant circle. The similarities between them are very great. And while some of these similarities naturally stem from the thematic trappings that come with being a powerful family, others differ down to the weirdest of subtleties like reproductive preferences, unnecessary royal names, and the epidemic of common phrases (what “Okurr” is to” Dracarys” if not a twin sister?).

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So there you have it. I finally finished making my case. You may not be completely convinced, but I’m sure a part of you is starting to see what I see. Either way, next time you watch Dragon House or Kardashians Make sure to look between the lines whenever Kim or Rainera mentions marriage, whenever Kris or Viserys deny an accusation, or whenever families get together for a nice big dinner. They may also be in the same view.

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