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How to beat Manta in Mario + Rapids: Sparks of Hope

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Mario + Rapids: Sparks of Hope It is an adventure RPG that sees everyone’s favorite plumber plumbing the depths of intergalactic space alongside his trusty companions. With turn-based combat sequences, you will have to anticipate your enemies’ next moves and embark on missions to release Spark’s comrades, who have been imprisoned by the evil Cursa.

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Your first task is to take on a group of misfit heroes against Manta, a Manta Ray flying high above Peach Castle. If you’re really struggling with the controls, here’s how to beat this devious opponent and get those feet back to the ground.

Manta Fight: Choose Your Heroes

Before you encounter a manta – or rather, Enemies that live on the back of a manta – You’ll need Make sure you are properly equipped by Recruit two heroes to fight.

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Fighting in the world of Mario + Rapids tabletop styleAnd the Rely on movements and turns between you and your opponent To defend yourselves and cover the battlefield.

Your Manta fights act as a tutorial, but that doesn’t mean they’re all smooth sailing. Open the Hero selection menu and make sure you know the various heroes, and they are armsand theirs special ability attacks, Which can be used once per several cycles:

a hero a weapon capacity
Mario Double shoots two enemies. Sight Hero deals 100 damage to enemies who come into your field of view.
Luigi sniper. Bow and arrow attack that deals the most damage in the long run. Stare Brilliantly Targets in range that move in your line of sight deal 120 damage.
Peache Boom perilla. Hunting rifle-style blast attack that deals the most damage at close range. Team Barrier protects heroes within its radius from incoming attacks.
Rapid Mario Dukes hit the enemy with three waves of attacks and damage those around them. Counter strike deals 100 damage to enemies who attack you with weapon attacks.
Luigi Rapid Spoiler hits up to three enemies. exhaust; Reduces enemy attack power.
rabid peach Triple Troll fires three missiles at enemies, and regenerates 20 health points if the enemy dies. heal – heal; Heals all heroes within a range of up to 20 percent HP.

Good The starter group we found for this beginner quest are Rabbid Peach and Princess Peachwho work together to provide a strong balance between attacks And the defense against your enemies.

Once you defeat all the enemies on the back of the manta, the battle will be over.

Manta Fighting: Top Battle Tips

The main villains you will see during this battle are Boom ompsAnd the gumbasAnd the rabbits. Push in a boom ump to activate itand quickly Throw them at other enemies To get rid of multiple enemies at the same time!

looks like gumbas Evil angry mushroom. They tend to come Crowds of at least threeso make sure of it Angle yourself correctly and dash towards them To hit them all with a fly, which could eliminate all three.

Rabbits attack with long range weapons, so you probably won’t get too close to them before they start decreasing your Health Points. Uses Luigi or Mario To get them out from a safe distance.

Make sure to use cover before attacking, as you won’t be able to move once you fire your weapon!

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