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How to complete the chaos room in Tiny Tina’s wonderland

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Just because you were defeated Wonders of Tiny Tina The campaign doesn’t mean the fun is over yet. Quite the contrary, the end of the campaign is only the beginning of what some might consider the real adventure: Mess room.

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The Dragon Lord himself describes the Chaos Chamber as containing, “All the unfair fights and looting lopsided” That Tiny Tina dreamed of. Although Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a shorter experience than previous Borderlands games, Chaos Chamber does experience Wonderlands in a big way. Face these toughest challenges for Unlock more loot you beat than you can imagine.

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How to open the mess room

The first step to entering the chaos room is Beat the campaign. After defeating the Dragon Lord, return to Brighthoof to Complete the mission “Fatebreaker” Finally, she is knighted by the resurrected Pat Stallion. Once all of this is said and done, it’s time to start the conclusion. Follow the goals of the ‘Conclusion’ quest to finish The gates of Sparkleweathers Castle have openedand let into the mess room.

Here you will find the Dragon Lord, who explains that while this is now a prison of some sort, it is also an opportunity for you. Inside the Chaos Room lies all the best (and worst) things Tiny Tina has ever cooked as Bunker Master. Complete your first chaos room Finish the Dragon Lord Tutorial.

What is a mess room?

On its surface, the operation of Chaos Chamber is somewhat similar to the enhanced versions of Dungeon Doors. start with Three waves of encounterswith the Fourth is an ancient obelisk-style encounter which ends with a small head. then there Three more encounters before you enter a final boss battle. What is important is that you Only three people While running the mess room.

Operating types
natural a random Run a mess room.
Featured Run a mess room Sponsored by Gearbox, which ends with the same boss fight every time. Complete these runs Puts you in the leaderboard with other players.
extended a longer random A copy of the operation of Normal Chaos Chamber, which can continue Anywhere from 40 to 50 minutes.
Chaos Trial more the challenge Chaos room manages that Increases your chaos level and rewards more crystals.

Your clutter level is applied not only to the clutter room but to the outside world as well. A higher level of chaos means a better chance of landing Chaotic and fickle loot.


Besides the typical gear drops, there are three main types of loot you’ll get during Chaos Chamber rounds.

you have He wentwhich is primarily used for Buy new weapons and other equipment from vending machines, which can be found at the beginning of the mess room. There is, too crystalsa unique coin in the chaos room Buy buffs, elite encounters, and Barf Builder’s loot while running.

Finally, you have celestial bodies moona type of currency introduced at the end of the game Use to recycle or add magic to your gear In mourning in Brightov.

You can also find Enchantment Re-Roller Station Inside the Chaos Room itself, along the wall next to the Lost Loot Machine.


After the first encounter of the tutorial, the Dragon Lord . will give you Option to choose two insults. These are basically modifiers that provide new challenges while granting better loot. The curses are coming Easy, medium and hard difficulties. Easier curses give you more improvements while running, but medium and hard curses have a higher loot drop percentage.

For example:

Curse Break It (Medium) Enemies’ damage and fire rate increases by 30% while near other enemies, but 60% extra crystals and 25% chance of crystal dropping when enemy dies.


During the encounters, you can find Altars that bestow blessings in exchange for crystals. These blessings grant buffs for things like health, ward, damage, etc., but every time you buy a blessing, The cost of the next stage increases.

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types of encounters

At the end of each encounter, a crystal dice will appear that gives more crystals when broken. If you complete the side objective during the confrontation, You will get smaller crystal dice. Usually the side targets Quests that you have to complete while fighting waves of enemiessuch as protecting the stallion statue or destroying the dragon lord statues.

after smashing your death, Two portals will appear. Depending on the icon that appears on the portal, choosing that portal will start a specific type of confrontation.

Types of confrontation gates
Mr. Dragon These encounters end with the appearance of the Dragon Lord with New curses to modify your run.
stallion butt These encounters end with a Butt Stallion appearing to give you A blessing for one of your negative skills.
Crystal die at the end of the meeting, Additional crystal mold Will appear.
gear die At the end of the meeting, you will find Die gear instead of frosted mold.

The Crystal Die portal will appear red if this is your boss’s last encounter in the Chaos Chamber Round.

You can also Make an elite meeting By spending additional crystals on a portal at the end of your encounter. All enemies in this next showdown will be elite now Drop more crystals when killed. Occasionally in random runs, You can also find private encounters Like simulated encounters, with enemies dropping extra gold.

Rabbit Barf

Upon completion of each run, you enter into the Loot of Chaos. This room is lined with Statues commonly referred to as “Barf rabbits”And the Huge box in the middle. Here, you can spend the crystals you have accumulated while running on Barf rabbits to deploy weapons of a certain type.

Barf’s rabbits are a crucial tool in looting legendary, chaotic and volatile weapons, as their use reduces the chances of Pick up rare weapons of a specific weapon type. In fact, some legendary weapons can Only looted during Chaos Chamber’s rounds. You can spend as many (or as few) crystals as you want on Barf Bunnies, but if you Spend max 500 crystals to get the best loot.

Crystals don’t move from one path to another, so make sure of that Spend all your crystals on Barf Bunnies At the end of each run.

Tips and Strategies

Here are some general tips to keep in mind during the Chaos Chamber tours:

  • If you see a file quartz during a meeting, Breaking it will generate an elite enemy Who drops better loot and more crystals when killed.
  • Simply get started on your first few rounds Work on your clutter level And upgrade from there to get better loot and crystals.
  • Once you have the best equipment and stats, make sure of it Enter the elite encounter once you have a few curses stacked already For truly maximum crystal drops.
  • Don’t forget to increase your Loot Luck by finding as many Lucky Dice as possible before entering Chaos Chamber with the goal of grinding the legendary gear. This will Increased odds of getting legendary drops Enemies of Chaos Room and Barf rabbits.

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