How to feed and recruit Disney Dreamlight Valley animals

How to feed and recruit Disney Dreamlight Valley animals

If you want to feed Disney Dreamlight Valley AnimalsYou don’t have to have a singing voice like Snow White. Just give them food and the hungry little creatures will be wandering around your feet in no time. In fact, feed them enough times, and you’ll be able to turn them into companions, your followers all over your Disney game perpetually as you go about your everyday life sim tasks.

Like pets in the MMO, friends are an option to customize your avatar, so you can choose the adorable animals you’d like to keep company with on your quests. In order to turn wild creatures into companions, in addition to earning daily loot and Dreamlight, you’ll need to know how to approach them and what food they like.

How to Feed Dreamlight Valley Animals

Each of the eight Dreamlight Valley animals can be found in its corresponding biome, but only two of each will spawn each day. You can also feed each creature once every 24 hours, so make sure you put in the effort to feed your little friends well – and reap the rewards.

When feeding animals, they have the opportunity to drop seeds and other useful things, including cosmetics and Dreamlight fragments. There are also a number of achievements to feed the creatures that will reward you with Dreamlight.

How to make animals companions

All you have to do to recruit animals to be your companion is to feed each species twice. – and not necessarily their favorite food, which is useful for the rarer snacks mentioned above. Keep in mind that each creature of different colors is a unique variant. For example, feed the white rabbit twice until the white rabbit appears in your group.

To set your companion creature, go to your wardrobe and select the companion section. Choose any of the ones you unlocked, and it will follow you for as long as you want – no feeding required. To see the full list of available creatures, go to the collection menu.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals: Creatures Collection

All animals and their favorite food

With Oblivion ravaging the valley, it’s no surprise that these little creatures are a bit fickle, so some require a more considerate approach. The information below will help you if you’re struggling to stop them from escaping, and lists their favorite snacks.


  • Site: Plaza
  • food group: Fruit and nuts
  • Favorite food: Peanuts
  • Variables: Black, classic (tan), grey, red, and white.

Squirrels are very easy to find, as they are clearly hungry little things. You’ll notice them running around the arena, and you should be able to walk right up to them and interact with them. If not, you may have already fed them for the day.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals: Rabbit


  • Site: peaceful meadow
  • food group: vegetables
  • Favorite food: Carrots
  • Variables: Black, brown, calico, classic, and white

Rabbits are more playful than squirrels, and they will have fun with you before you eat your food. When you approach the rabbit for the first time, it will jump up and down before it escapes. Don’t get upset, simply chase it down. She’ll do this a few times, before she finally settles down long enough to interact with you.

sea ‚Äč‚Äčturtle

  • Site: Dazzle Beach
  • food group: Oysters and seaweed
  • Favorite food: seaweed
  • Variables: Black, brown, classic (green and brown), purple, white

Incredibly cute sea turtles are shy and won’t let you get close right away. When she begins to approach a sea turtle, she pulls her head back into her shell and shakes nervously. Wait for her quietly and not moving, she will eventually stick her head out, impatiently prop herself up on her front legs, ready for some seafood.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals: Raccoon


  • Locations: Forest of Courage
  • food group: fruit
  • Favorite food: blueberry
  • Variables: Black, blue, classic (gray), red, white

If possible, a raccoon will be more difficult to approach than a sea turtle, and it will give you an escape. You will have to tread very carefully, and keep your distance to begin with. Wait for the raccoon to stop and look around eagerly, slowly beginning to crawl toward it, stopping every two steps. It’s boring, but you’ll eventually get close enough to feed it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals: Crocodile


  • Site: joy of confidence
  • food group: oysters
  • Favorite food: crab
  • Variables: Blue, classic (green), gold, pink, red, and white

An alligator works in much the same way as a raccoon. Again, when you spot a distant alligator standing still, you can start to get close. Wait for his head to drop and stop moving each time he looks up. When she gets close and interacts, she will tenderly put her head on the ground, accepting her delicious treat.

sun birds

  • Site: sunlit plateau
  • food group: flowers
  • Favorite food: Bromeliad
  • Variables: Emerald, gold, orchid (purple), red and turquoise

Amazing birds fly around the sunlit plateau at a certain speed, but you can still catch up and interact with them fairly easily.


  • Site: Frosted Heights
  • food group: fish
  • Favorite food: white sturgeon
  • Variables: Black, blue, classic (brown), red, white

Foxes, like rabbits, have a playful nature, and will encourage you to chase them before feeding them.


  • Site: Forgotten Lands
  • food group: Unknown
  • Favorite food: Unknown
  • Variables: Blue, brown, classic (black), red, and white

Disney Dreamlight Valley Squirrel Companion

Sadly, we’re still waiting to get to the Forgotten Lands, but we’ll update you as soon as we know more about the mysterious crows out there, and how to feed them.

Now that you know how to feed each creature in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to unlock their individual biomes. Take a look at our beginner’s guide, which includes some tips for earning Dreamlight and unlocking villages. We also have Dreamlight Valley recipes and fish sandwich recipes, as well as Remy’s famous ratatouille recipe, so don’t forget to feed your fellow Valley residents, too.

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