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How to feed the creatures in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an adventure game together life sim elements. It offers a vibrant world full of unique missions and immersion activities for players to explore. One such activity is feeding a creature.

Creatures love the little animals that roam the world of Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. Creatures include rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and many other adorable little creatures.

Each of them loves different types of food and lives in different biomes. They also have different color variations, but they are only cosmetic and do not affect their diet.

Once you give food to a creature, it returns the favor with a gift of its own.

How to feed and use the creatures in Disney Dreamlight Valley

to me Add a creature to your collectionYou have to give him the food he loves. Keep in mind that not all creatures behave the same way. Some may accept your reward for example, but some may only run away if you try to get close to them.

One way to find a file The creature’s favorite food It is to give him all kinds of foods that you have so that he takes the food he loves. But don’t worry, because we have done all the hard work for you but we provide the favorite foods of all the creatures within the game.

Once you add it to your group, Creatures become your companions. It can be selected from the wardrobe in the companion section. They will follow up as soon as you are equipped.

Favorite locations and food of all creatures

Below is a comprehensive list of all the known creatures of Disney Dreamlight Valley along with their favorite food and biome.

Location: Plaza Bium
Favorite food: Peanuts

It can easily be found standing on the grass in the lively Plaza area. Nor will they give up any chance of getting free treatment. Thus, they can be easily added as companions. A squirrel can be fed only 24 hours after it has been fed once.

Location: peaceful meadow
Favorite food: carrots

These creatures are rather shy and will try to escape from you the first three times they are approached. Then, they will allow you to come close and offer treatment.

sun birds
Location: Sunlit Plaza
Favorite food: Peanuts

Sunbirds are very friendly and will let you approach them the first time. Thus, it is very easy to tame them, just like squirrels.

sea ‚Äč‚Äčturtle
Location: Dazzle Beach
Favorite food: seaweed

These amphibious creatures are very shy. When they first approach they will go into their shell. Here, you have to be patient and wait. Eventually, his head will pop out, and then you can interact.

Location: Valor Forest
Favorite food: blueberries

They are the most shy creatures in the game. Approaching them quickly is not an option. You need to keep your distance and let the raccoon walk towards you. He may stop after a few steps several times to look around but sooner or later he will approach you.

Location: Frosted Heights
Favorite food: fish

They will start running as soon as they try to get close. You need to chase them until they stop. Then you can give them a treat.

Location: Glade of Trust
Favorite food: oysters

The way to add crocodiles to your collection is the same as adding crocodiles. Just remember to be patient and let the crocodile approach you by itself.

Location: Forgotten Lands
Favorite food: Unknown

Since the Modernization of the Forgotten Lands is new, we don’t know anything about the diet of crows or how to make friends with them.

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