How to lighten a dark apartment according to a stylist

How to lighten a dark apartment according to a stylist

In an ideal world, we would all live in homes with tons of natural light, but sometimes, we find ourselves in spaces that aren’t in this department. When my husband and I moved into our custom home over a decade ago, we couldn’t change the placement of the windows in the house, which doesn’t do much to bring in light. And while I once loved a darker sand color I decided to paint my walls, now the darker color makes my space look small and dark. Fortunately, while there’s absolutely nothing quite like natural lighting, there are plenty of tried-and-true interior design tricks to help make dimly lit rooms airy and bright.

First order of business: Make sure the walls are white – and if they aren’t, paint them. Then, get creative with the decor. In general, reflective surfaces such as mirrors and polished metal are your friends; Dark materials, unfortunately, probably not. We spoke to interior designer Megan Hirsch, co-founder and chief operating officer of room, for more expert guidance. Ahead, she shares her tips and tricks for brightening even the darkest interiors.

Essentials for making dark spaces look bright and airy

Modern mirror reflects light

Designers have an age-old trick to making spaces appear brighter and larger: well-groomed mirrors, which help reflect natural light into dark corners. “If you can comment [a mirror] Against a window, even better,” says Hirsch. “It will reflect the outside light into your space all day.” Currently, her favorite pick is this mirror set from Roar & Rabbit. “I like to hang three of them together in the dining room or over the console,” she says. in entering for a lot of reflection in space.”

Artwork showing a sunny design

Sometimes you don’t even need real lighting to make a space feel more airy – all you need is artwork of the sun to brighten up your space. “A photo of light can provide some of the same mood-lifting energy as actual light,” says Hirsch. “A picture of the sun, like this triptych from Etsy, may be the quickest way to feel lightweight without having to call an electrician or painter.” And the reward? The artwork is printable, which means you can hang it up right away (as long as you have a quality home printer, of course).

Mirrored glass coffee table

Reflective surfaces, such as glass, also help “light bounce around,” Hirsch says. And while the reflective properties of mirrors can be hard to beat, you can also achieve the same effect with accessories, light fixtures, and furniture, like this mid-century modern glass coffee table from Crate & Barrel. Another benefit of decorating with glass pieces? They lend a “floating” feel to the piece, making the room appear larger.

Inverted bowl for displaying things

Another reflective surface that can cause light to bounce around a room, according to Hirsch, is metal. If you feel like going this route, consider adding high-gloss stainless steel to your space, which creates a look that’s not only light-enhancing, but cool and modern as well. This hammered metal bowl will do the trick too Polished Vanity Tray.

Pluggable wall sconce to light up dark corners

“Electric sconces are my new favorite thing,” gushes Hirsch, and understandably, they’re guaranteed to light up dark spaces. “There are plenty of nice looking sconces that can be plugged in, which means you don’t have to rewire so the lights are on your walls,” she continues. “Pair two over your sofa or on either side of the mirror hanging above your console and run the wire down the wall, either using rope hidden Or staple it to the wall (just don’t staple the wire), so it’s securely attached to the wall. While there are plenty of excellent candlestick options online, this one from Crate & Barrel, which features an on-trend pleated shade, stands out.

Neon sign to add some cool light

If you want to add some fun lighting that will look its best at night, consider a neon sign, preferably one with a classy or cheeky phrase that will fit your decor scheme. “I’m in trend with neon signs in more casual and fun spaces, like kids’ rooms, TV rooms, and family rooms,” says Hirsch. “Urban Outfitters sells some great products.”

Glossy, gold ceiling paint

If your space is low on light, the best wall color is white—down. “If you can, paint your walls white or a very light color,” says Hirsch. But this directive does not necessarily apply to ceilings. If you are able and want to paint there, the color you can’t beat is gold. “My favorite tip is to paint the ceiling,” says the designer. “I love the Sydney Harbor reflective gold paint To bounce light, especially if you also have a metal chandelier hanging from it.”

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