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How to play Bugs Bunny MultiVersus

Bugs Bunny MultiVersus is a fighter that has to be one of the most famous fighters on the list. Who among us has not heard of this deceptive rabbit who has turned the laws of physics in his favor more than once? He’s now on MultiVersus and he’s about to show why he’s the best dog. This guide will teach you all about how to play Bugs Bunny MultiVersus.

Bugs Bunny MultiVersus Guide

Bugs Bunny is faithful to its essence, even in its adaptation of MultiVersus. His fighting style is that of a trickster who manipulates enemies to do whatever he wants. He makes good preparations for his teammates to get the enemies out of the ring. Watch how Bugs uses Toon Physics to discover and punish enemies.

Unfortunately, Bugs Bunny is not a free to play character. You will either have to spend 2000 gold to unlock it or spend the premium currency, 700 Glemium, if you want to play like it. So you either have to grind an amount of gold coins or fork out some real world money.

MultiVersus Bugs Bunny Specials

  • Dynamite, doctor? (special negative): When Bugs Bunny is crouched, he pulls out a chest with an item and launches it toward the nearest ally. There will be a slowdown period for this special offer.
  • Safe Paint (Private Neutral): Bugs Bunny drops a target only to drop a safe projectile seconds later. This safe can be hit to throw at enemies. When destroyed, the safe leaves nothing behind. There will be a slowdown period for this special offer.
  • Am I not a magician? (special side): Bugs Bunny sends a kiss that makes enemies follow him without being able to attack. If he blows this kiss in the air, he stuns enemies instead. This kiss strengthens allies by giving them wrath and making their next attack a shield break.
  • Special Delive missile (special above): Bugs Bunny fires a rocket-propelled grenade into the sky. The rocket will later fall to the ground. His teammates can hold the rocket as if it were a wall. There will be a slowdown period for this special offer.
  • Bani Boro (Dawn Special)Bugs are made like rabbits and burrow into the ground. He is invincible on the move. After a while, he jumps and attacks. This special feature can be activated early by pressing Jump while Bugs are digging. A tunnel will be left at your entrance and exit that allies can use for instant navigation.

Bugs Bunny Multiverse is a fighter that will take some time to master. He has a lot of tricks up his sleeve that confuse enemies and can unravel them. This makes Bugs a great choice for team battles as he can set up punitive attacks for his teammates to take advantage of.

Bugs Bunny MultiVersus Perks

Bugs Bunny will gain perks as you play with and upgrade him. Here are all the benefits of Bugs Bunny MultiVersus:

  • Covezela (level 2): Bugs Bunny and his team get a 10% ability slowdown reduction.
  • Collateral damage (level 4): Bugs Bunny and his team deal 1 extra damage when enemies fall into the wall or the ground.
  • Equip Ally Perks (Level 6): bugs can borrow the advantages of their allies.
  • Speed ​​Force Assist (Level 7): Bugs Bunny and his team get a 4% increase in movement speed.
  • Comin’ through Doc (Level 8): Bugs Bunny and his team release shock waves after leaving an existing tunnel thanks to their special feature.
  • Lasting Love (Level 10): Will leave Bugs Bunny’s private side a kiss that enemies can walk through. They will be charmed but for a reduced duration.
  • Aerial Acrobat (Level 11): Bugs Bunny and his allies get a 10% increase in air acceleration.
  • Strong Dodger (Level 13): Bugs and his allies gain a shield for 1 second after successfully dodge a neutral projectile.

You can equip these perks before the battle begins when choosing a character.

Tips for playing Bugs Bunny MultiVersus

Bugs Bunny is a great support player for his team. He is a trickster with a lot up his sleeve who can deceive and manipulate enemies to his advantage. However, preparing his moves can take some time, so you should master them first before heading to the ring.

an insect Am I not a magician? Great special for driving enemies to the edge of the ring. Ask your teammates to set up Ringouts this way. You can even use Bug Bunny’s burr rabbit Creating shortcuts around the ring and navigating is much easier making it easier to set up and avoid attacks.

A lot of Bug’s specials are based on distance. It is therefore advisable to stay away from opponents rather than involve them closely all the time. The Loony Tunes token can still efficiently fight a man to a rabbit, so you don’t have to worry about constantly running away.

Bugs Bunny MultiVersus Separator

This is our guide for how to play Bugs Bunny MultiVersus. We hope you found this article helpful. For more MultiVersus content, stay tuned!

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