Huskies remain undefeated, and wolves and loggers advance far away

Huskies remain undefeated, and wolves and loggers advance far away

Cloud State University men’s hockey team kept their undefeated streak alive, while Granite City Lumberjacks suffered their first loss of the youth season, and the Minnesota Timberwolves finished in the pre-season final on Friday. On Saturday, the University of Minnesota, North Dakota State University, and St. John’s University football teams will return to the field, while the Wild look for their first win, the College of St. John’s Hockey Team will play. season against Bethel.


– Husky kept their streak alive with a 5-1 win over Wisconsin on the road on Friday. Dylan Anhorn, Spencer Meyer, Grant Ahkan, Grant Cruikshank and Cooper Willie lit the lamp for St. Cloud. The Husky is improving to 3-0 and will wrap up the series with the Badgers on Saturday. The drop of the puck is set at 7:00 p.m.

The Lumberjacks lost their first game of the season 4-3 in a penalty shootout to Mason City. Joe Greniuk, Finnigan Greeley and Brett Robinson scored one from Granite City. The Lumberjacks fell 7-0-0-1 and will play their second game against Toros on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

– The Timberwolves fell to Brooklyn 112-102 at Target Center on Friday. Nets opened the lead by 16 points in the first half. Minnesota has not been able to close the gap of late, despite outperforming visitors in each of the last two quarters. Keri Irving leads all scorers with 26 points for Brooklyn. D’Angelo Russell led Minnesota with 17 points and six assists. Wolves finished the preparatory season 4-1. They open the regular season on Wednesday when they host Oklahoma City at 7:00 p.m.


– The Wild (0-1) team will achieve its first win of the regular season when it hosts the Kings (0-2) on Saturday. This is the first match between the two teams this season. Pre-match coverage begins at 6:45pm on AM 1390 and 93.9 FM Granite City Sports.

Gopher (4-1) will try to recover from his homecoming loss to Purdue when he visits Illinois (5-1) on Saturday. Minnesota should be well rested from their farewell week when they face the Illini. The Gophers leads the series 40-31-1 but lost last season’s game 14-6. Pre-match coverage begins at 9:00 AM on AM 1240 and 95.3 FM WJON.

The Bison (5-1) will return home to host SDSU (5-1) on Saturday. Bison leads the 63-44-5 series. The Jackrabbits won the last game 27-19. Pre-match coverage begins at 2:00 PM on AM 1390 and 93.9 FM Granite City Sports.

– Johnny (4-1) will try to survive when they visit St. Olaf (3-2) on Saturday. St. John leads the overall series 39-8-1. Last season, SJU beat Oles to win 56-0. Kick-off is set for 1:00 p.m. in Northfield.

– Penny will open the season with a brawl against Bethel on Saturday. St. Ben’s trails in the 15-26-5 series in general. Work starts at 1:00 PM

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