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Invisible Fence® Brand Announces Winners of 4th Annual Nationwide Home Donation Contest From Shelter Forever

Donate Invisible Fence® Brand $10,000 To help keep pets indoors forever as part of Forever Shelter’s 4th annual donation competition

Knoxville, Tenn.And the October 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Invisible Fence® Brand hosted the 4th annual nationwide home donation contest from Shelter Forever. The mission of this competition was to educate lost pets. The contest kicked off on July 1, in honor of National Lost Pets Prevention Month. As a leading pet containment industry, invisible fence He asked the community to unite on this issue.

Raising awareness of lost pets

According to the American Humane Society, approximately ten million dogs and cats are lost in the United States each year (American Animal Welfare).

through From Shelter to Forever Home Donation ContestInvisible Fence Brand’s goal was to raise awareness of how to reduce the number of lost pets and help increase the shelter’s return rates to the owner. During July and August, the public is invited to nominate their local animal shelters for a chance to win a grand prize $10,000, donated on behalf of Invisible Fence. The shelter or rescue that receives the most nominations will win the financial donation. This year included a prize draw for second place, allowing more shelters to help lost pets in their communities.

“We are delighted to be able to host the 4th Annual Shelter Forever Home Donation Contest again this year,” he said. Ed Hoytand Vice President and General Manager, Invisible Fence® Brand. “We have been able to connect and handle over 2,000 shelters across the country. Their hard work to support local pets is well recognized and greatly appreciated.

Thousands of shelter and rescue organizations across the United States mobilized for nominations and the votes finally got in! With over 30,000 nominations and shelters from 50 different states, this race has not been easy. After two months of nominating shelters and raising awareness for lost pets, the winners have finally been named.

Coming in second place, the shelter that will receive 3000 Dollars The donation is the Berkeley Animal Center in Monks Corner, SC. Their mission is to ensure that all animals in their care are treated with dignity and respect while finding safe, loving homes for life. In 2020 alone, more than 5,600 animals – from dogs and cats to rabbits, horses, goats, chickens and more – were brought to the animal center to receive needed shelter and care.

Finally, the grand prize winner who will get $10,000 It’s The Animal Pad in San Diego, California. The Animal Pad is a non-profit dog rescue operation focused on rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters and from the streets of Southern California And the Mexico. Their goal is to build, operate and maintain a no-kill animal sanctuary that provides animals with essential veterinary care, nurseries, rehabilitation, and adoptions in loving homes.

Prevent lost pets before they are lost

In addition to hosting this contest to raise awareness of lost pets, Invisible Fence is also a resource for pet owners to learn about tips, products, and solutions that help prevent their pets from escaping. Since 1973, Invisible Fence has protected more than 3,000,000 cats and dogs with outdoor containment solutions, including conventional containment systems, Boundary Plus® technology, and GPS satellite technology.

“Our 50 years of experience and exclusive technology are just part of what makes the Invisible Fence the safest and most secure wireless dog fence on the market,” Hoyt said. “It is our Perfect Start™ Plus approved animal behavior training protocol that ensures safe and stress-free adjustment for your pets to learn their limits and be confident in the yard.”

Preventive measures such as installing the Invisible Fence system and recovery measures such as microchip cards and identification tags are the best ways to keep your pet within safe confines and living happily at home.

Invisible Fence is asking the community to keep spreading the word about what you can do to prevent missing dogs and cats in your community. visit invisible fence Blog for tips to help keep your pets from getting lost. For additional information about the Invisible Fence, call (800) 578-3647 or visit Follow the Invisible Fence on Facebook.

About the hidden fence® Brand

Invisible Fence pioneered the pet containment industry in 1973, making it their mission to provide safe borders both inside and outside the home. Radio Systems Corporation® owned company mostly sells pet containment, avoidance, and access solutions throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to offering award-winning products such as Boundary Plus® technology, authorized dealers provide professional installation, training, and integrated solutions that have protected more than three million pets to date. He also founded the Invisible Fence Project Breathe™ In 2006, he donated more than 32,000 pet oxygen masks to fire departments and first responders. For more information on the Invisible Fence or to find a local dealer, visit Or follow the company on Facebook.

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