Is there a rest period for pets?

Is there a rest period for pets?

Can you give me tips on manually raising cats? We have a colony of feral cats near us and have seen many cat litter that are abandoned and then die. I find it very annoying and would like to try to save the little creatures if this happens again.

Manually raising cats is time consuming and difficult, and the best answer is to work with a local cat rescue group so that the cat colony can be managed to reduce cat production rather than dealing with just one litter. If you rescue kittens to be raised by hand, the rule is to use a special powdered cat milk substitute powder instead of cow’s milk.

Follow the instructions on the package to make sure you use it correctly. Feed them little and often, because their stomachs are small, and weigh them daily to make sure they gain 10-15 grams each day. you need to wipe under their tails after each feeding to take them to the toilet; They don’t do it themselves and can end up in problems if you don’t help them in this way. They can be gradually weaned onto semi-solid food from three to four weeks of age. For more on feral cats, see

He’s 17, and she’s gradually declining, but I don’t think I can face her euthanasia by the vet. I felt like I chose to kill her which I wouldn’t be able to face. I’d rather let her die naturally, in peace, just as humans are allowed to do. Is there such a thing as a pet grooming?

– LM, Dublin

Pet grooming homes are located in the United States but have not yet arrived in Ireland. Instead, pet owners need to work with veterinarians to ensure pets receive optimal palliative care as they approach the end of their lives. The big difference between humans and pets is that humans can usually express their pain or discomfort; There is a serious concern that if pets are left to be killed on their own, they may endure great suffering without being able to tell us. In addition, a dying pet may experience a sudden period of distress, such as difficulty breathing or seizures, which would be impossible to manage well in a home environment.

For these reasons, most veterinarians prefer to intervene to help an elderly pet die calmly, painlessly and peacefully by injection when it becomes apparent that they do not have much longer (eg when they stop eating and become inactive). Of course, this will be very difficult for you, but when compared to the risk that your pet will eventually become very sad, it is possible to see it as a better option. Euthanasia means “a good death,” and that’s the goal. Please discuss this in more detail with your vet, so that plans can be made before you experience an immediate crisis.

My dog ​​Millie accidentally ate a small wrapper of aluminum foil (with no sweet inside). Two days later, it still hasn’t worked. She behaves quite normally – she eats, drinks, does not vomit, does not have any visible signs of discomfort. Should I be concerned about this? How long will it take for this to pass through her system?

– ND, Cork

As long as Mielle remains shining and healthy, with no signs of illness, there is no need to worry. First, the sweet aluminum foil wrapper is less likely to get stuck in the intestine, because it is so small and pliable. Second, if she starts to cause any trouble at all, Millie will become dull, start vomiting, and stop looking “normal.” It can take up to five days for a small object to pass through the digestive system, so it is very likely that one will pass soon.

Things like sweet wraps can be significantly altered when passing through their digestive system, making them easy to miss if they pass this in their droppings. Don’t bother checking their droppings for evidence: if ingestion of an object causes a blockage, it is very clear that your dog will be fine, and as long as he is unwell, there is unlikely to be any kind of problem.

I’m thinking about getting a pet rabbit for my eight year old son, but the pet store told me I should get two instead of one. I’m worried that they might just try to double their sales! I know many people who only have one rabbit: is there really a problem with this? And do you have any other tips for a novice rabbit owner?

– WL, Portlaoise

The Pet Shop tells you the truth – rabbits are social creatures born to enjoy the company of other rabbits. Studies have shown that rabbits value companionship as much as food, and it is now seen as cruel to keep a rabbit alone. You will need to spay (female) or neuter (male) rabbits, so factor these costs into your budget. You also need to set up the right accommodation: Rabbits need a large, secure enclosure that gives them space to exercise and display their natural behaviors (running, jumping, digging, etc.).

You will need to vaccinate rabbits at your local vet, for myxomatosis and viral hemorrhagic disease. People sometimes think rabbits are inexpensive pets, but if you’re going to do things right, there are inevitable costs that can add up to a lot.

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