Jumping on bad UNI calls from trying to resent vs. the FCS first team

Jumping on bad UNI calls from trying to resent vs. the FCS first team


With a chance to defeat the nation’s top team in South Dakota (9-1), Northern Iowa (5-5) lost to the final second at the hands of Jakrapitts, 31-28.

It started for SDSU as well. Isaiah Davis netted 37 yards out of 65 yards with the first push before Hunter Dustman fired a 28-yard kick to take the lead in the game, 3-0 with 6:27 left in the first quarter.

The Panthers bounced back though, making their way to SDSU 34 before senior quarterback Vance McShane bounced a third and short out and rushed for 34 yards to make it 7-3, just 48 seconds into the second.

Jacks scored on their next drive with a tight end, Tucker Kraft grabbed a 57-yard grenade, and Davis hit it off the one-yard line to make it 10-7. Then Gronovsky found Jadon Yankee wide open for a 22-yard score in the next possession to extend Jackrabbit’s lead to 17-7.

Then Theo Day made an offer.

Day led a methodical campaign, putting the ball where only his receivers could catch it, finding Deion McShane for a 14-yard pass, Sam Schnee for 24, and Desmond Hutson for a capture and acrobatic scoring 22 yards. Landing put the Panthers back in three, 17-14. At the point that was then established, Matthew Cook alone held the record for most consecutive PATs in UNI history with 115.

Here’s what Farley had to say about the quarterback play:

Theo is one of the best quarterbacks around that I’ve seen. …he collapsed, took a lot of hits, and was still throwing throws.

Leaving UNI at 1:32 on the board for SDSU to travel 58 yards, Dustman fired his second field goal in the half with time up. Jackrabbits #1 took a 20-14 lead in the first half.

SDSU moved down the field easily after taking the kick to start the third quarter, and Amar Johnson finished their 16-yard lead for a touchdown. Gronovsky threw a screen to Davis who entered the two-point conversion, taking South Dakota State’s lead to 28-14 at just 5:07 in the third quarter.

Even after a hot start to the second half, Jack couldn’t stop Dai’s tournaments.

The Michigan State transfer fired a 53-yard bomb to sophomore wide Sergio Morancy and followed it up with a 21-yard scoring hit to Logan Wolfe in the next possession. UNI took it straight back, trimming the difference to 28-21 with 8:33 left in third.

It wasn’t just Yum who put in a great performance.

Although Panther’s attack couldn’t go ahead in their next two drives, UNI’s defense looked like previous iterations of itself, bringing Jackrabbit’s massive attack to zero points over the next 26 minutes of play.

Chief Safety Corby Sander said this about the second-half defense game:

There are a lot of seniors on this team who have given so much to this program and to themselves. We were playing on a different level because we knew there was a lot at stake.

Part of the defensive stance came from First-Team All-MVFC Safety Benny Sapp III, who created a massively athletic interception with a 9:59 left in fourth that returned the ball to Northern Iowa.

Sander added this one of SAP’s choice:

That was huge. Benny has been playing really well all year. It’s one of the best safety I’ve ever played and I’ve played a lot of football here.

It’s time to shine again.

With the help of 24 yards off the ground by Dom Williams, a 13-yard catch by Logan Wolfe, and a 14-yard downhill finish by Deion McShane, the Panthers made their way to the two-yard SDSU line. Day then walked a two-yard touchdown that complicated the score 28-28 with 4:41 left to play.

Somehow, UNI’s defense held strong again, forcing the Jackrabbits to get rid of it. Dai and the Tiger team had the chance to beat the first team in the country at home with 2:17 remaining.

missed opportunity.

Six yards after logging in to Hutson on the 2 and 10, Day was sacked for a ten-yard loss, moving the punt to the 17-yard UNI line. Rookie Noah Pettinger took a penalty on the payline to 42 after a low kick, and all hope looked lost after Gronovsky and Company moved the ball to Tiger 18 four seconds from the end and kicked the 11-year-old. -14 inside the 40-yard line all season.

In a last-ditch effort to send the competition into overtime, coach Farley Morancy sent in the skinny to try and block the kick two seconds early.

It worked. So it didn’t.

Dustman missed a 35-yard attempt, but a penalty kick was called on Morancy for ‘jump“.

Dustman’s second attempt passed from 26 yards with zeros on the clock, sending the Jackrabbits home from the dome with a 31-28 victory.

Here’s what Farley had to say about the final play and the penalty call:

it is what it is. It ended the way it did, nothing will change it. … (we have to) bite the bullet on it.

The Panthers have a farewell week ahead before facing South Dakota at Vermillion for their final game of the season on November 19.

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